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Secrets of the Andes and El Dorado which the scientific world is afraid of. Was the Earth formed only a few hundred years ago?

Secrets of the Andes and El Dorado which the scientific world is afraid of. Was the Earth formed only a few hundred years ago? 1

Many researchers of the mysteries of our planet pay attention to the strangeness of the maps of South America until the 18th century, since they do not have the northern part of the Andes mountain range (copper mountains translated from the Inca language). 

Claims for old map “inaccuracy” are not applicable in this case due to the presence of the southern Andes at that time, along with a correct imaging of the cities of present-day Peru and Ecuador, located not at all in the mountains, as they are now, but on flat terrain.

Secrets of the Andes and El Dorado which the scientific world is afraid of. Was the Earth formed only a few hundred years ago? 2

This is also evidenced by the notes of the insidious conqueror of the Incas, the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who, approaching their capital, the city of Cusco, left the jungle in 1533. Now the city is located at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level, where, of course, there can no longer be tropical and equatorial forests. The situation is even clearer with the Inca city of Potosi, which has already risen to a height of 4 km, since there is a drawing of this city from 1715 depicting palm trees that do not grow so high, and the Silver Mountain with a castle structure on top.

Moreover, according to the current photo of the city, it can be seen that immediately behind the castle hill an even larger mountain appeared, and the city is clearly elevated by this eastern part of it. In addition, the conquistadors, who admired the roads of the Incas (on which, interestingly, they allegedly had nothing to ride) wrote that four main routes came out of Cusco with the name of the part of the empire where they led. Now, on the diagram of the Inca roads given here, they are clearly interrupted in the eastern (right on the map) direction.

It goes without saying that the Incas would not have “thought of” to build the capital and the roads to it at sky-high heights, when the east of the Andes is still full of free low land. The science used explains the formation of mountains by the unilateral uplift of the continental plate due to the movement of oceanic plates. In relation to the northern part of the Andes, this interpretation clearly does not work, since the coastline of the western part of South America, directly at the ocean, is almost free of mountains. The rise of the city of Potosi was clearly due to the movement of mountain ranges from the continental, eastern side.

It is just the consideration of this movement of mountain ranges that the science used is afraid of. After all, it considers only what it sees: volcanic activity and the formation of mountains only from below, not even allowing their simultaneous formation from above. Moving mountains are indisputable proof of their upper or shell origin. Even the geographical representation of the northern (Peruvian-Bolivian) Andes on maps is in the form of a strip along the coast with peaks of more than 6 km. This indicates their formation due to the bilateral compression of continental plates.

Therefore, the Andes are squeezed on both sides by the western and eastern Cordillera (translated from Spanish as mountain ranges). This could happen only when twisting or something like “shrinking” the “globe” itself. Specialists claim the opposite, about some current expansion of the planet, based on the registration of the removal of the continents of America and Africa from each other, which does not at all contradict the compression of the planet, since it is not a perfect ball, but a geoid. And indeed, how can one admit the absurdness of huge animals living in the past on a smaller planet?

It was the bilateral convergence of continental shell plates that first made the bay of the current Peruvian-Chilean coast a lake, and then raised it to a height of 3.8 km, which is clear from a comparison of 17th century maps with the current view of the lake, in which marine fauna and and a slight salinity of water remained. In a similar way, the bay in Italy was also raised, turning into Lake Nemi, where Caligula’s sunken ships were found. The current scientific perception, which does not fit the history of the Earth from tens of thousands, and not from some millions and billions of years, seriously believes that Caligula built huge ships inside relatively small lakes.

Thus, could Lake Titicaca rose only about 300 years ago? 

The current geological science assigns this event a statute of one hundred million years and due to its paradigm of accepting as a fact only what can be felt and seen, cannot fit into the understanding of the shell evolution of the Earth, and therefore is unable to explain the formation of the Table Mountains (with Mount Auyán Tepui) on the site of a once large lake Parime. Stories about the semi-mythical land of Eldorado are also connected with this disappeared lake.

In the legends of the Inca people about Eldorado, it is said that the untold riches of the city were so great that they decorated houses with gold and laid out roads. Its inhabitants did not need anything, not being aware of hunger and poverty. The conquistadors were never able to find this city, since it was located on the then still preserved massifs of the upper Earth, hanging with their arches just above Lake Parime. The complete subsidence of the upper geological layers (supported until then by the separate gravitational field of the upper Earth) closed the lake and formed the Guiana Plateau.

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It turns out that the Table Mountains hide the secret of El Dorado. The striking effect of waterfalls from the table mountains with a height of about 3 km is explained by the flow to them of the waters of Lake Parima, displaced by the settled massif of the upper Earth and hidden under it. For the current scientific perception, the Angel Falls waterfall, the highest in the world with a continuous fall of 807 meters, is simply an inexplicable miracle.

The flat appearance of the table mountains of Tepui is explained precisely by their upper origin, as a kind of fragment of the upper continent.

The formation of the Sahara also took place around the same time, suggesting a single, very recent process of completing the formation of the Earth.


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