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Secrets of shamans: who and how created life on our Earth. An Anthropologist’s revelation

Secrets of shamans: who and how created life on our Earth. An Anthropologist's revelation 1

Shamans at all times have kept sacred knowledge inaccessible to other people. The shamans of the Peruvian territory were especially striking with their way of life and worldview.

Few dared to discover their secret. Anthropologist Michael Harner succeeded in this in 1956. It is known that shamans use a special type of drink in their practices – ‘ayahuasca’ and Michael was, perhaps, the first who dared to try it on himself.

However, one drink is not enough, “contact with the spirits” is possible only when accompanied by the chanting of the shaman, which acts as a kind of guiding path. When plunging into such a state, the deepest layers of a person’s subconscious are revealed, including fears and experiences.

Worlds of shamanism

Michael Harner surprised even experienced shamans. No one expected that such knowledge would become available to the common man. In 1980, he even wrote a book, where he described in detail many interesting things.

One of these visions still amazes and excites the minds of many esotericists and researchers.

“Now I was almost sure that I was leaving. When I tried to come to terms with my fate, the flow of visions and information intensified, memories will never be completely erased from my memory. These are giant reptiles, languidly resting in the lowest depths of the back of the human brain, where it meets the apex of the spine.

They then projected a visual scene in front of me. First, they showed me planet Earth as it was billions of years ago, before life appeared on it. I saw the ocean, the badlands, the bright blue sky. Then hundreds of blackheads fell from the skies and landed in front of me on the barren landscape.

I saw that they were actually large, shiny black creatures with short leathery wings like pterodactyls and huge cetacean bodies. I couldn’t see their heads. They plopped down on Earth, completely exhausted from the trip, and, while resting, told me in a kind of mental language that they were running away from something in space.

They came to Earth to escape from their enemy. They then showed me how they created life on our planet in order to hide in its many forms and disguise their presence in them. For me, all that splendor of the creation and speciation of plants and animals – hundreds of millions of years of activity – took place at a greatly accelerated scale and with a brightness that cannot be described.

I learned that these dragon-like creatures were inside all life forms, including humans. They told me that they are the real masters of humanity and the entire planet. We – people, were for them only receptacles and servants of these creatures.

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For this reason, they could talk from within me. Later that evening, as I returned to the tribal village in my canoe, I sought the professional opinion of the most powerful Indian shaman, a blind shaman who had made many journeys into the spirit world in his life.

Secrets of shamans: who and how created life on our Earth. An Anthropologist's revelation 2

I decided that he would suggest how to interpret my vision in that world of darkness. I went to his hut, taking a notebook with me and described everything to him, segment by segment. And I was stunned, all this was already familiar to this barefoot blind shaman. He got this during his exploration of the same hidden world that I ventured into. From that moment on, I decided to learn everything I could about shamanism.”


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