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Secrets of blood and the telegony effect: children receive part of the DNA of their mother’s former lovers?

The term “telegony” was reintroduced by August Weismann in the 19th century, combining the Greek words tele – “far” and gennao – “generate”. The history of the idea of ​​telegony goes back to Aristotle and suggests that the characteristics of an individual are inherited not only from his parents, but also from other males with whom his mother had previous pregnancies (or intercourse; in the case of plants, crosses). 

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, belief in telegony was widespread among breeders working with various types of domestic animals. The most famous was the case of Lord Morton’s mare, described by Charles Darwin from Morton’s words and stated by F. le Dantec: She had 7/8 Arabian and 1/8 English blood and was covered (in 1815) with a quagga (a less striped variety of zebra), without the birth of offspring.

In 1817, 1818 and 1823 this mare was mated to a stallion of her breed. The foals born after this were similar (in the hardness of their coat, bay color, in the presence of dark spots and stripes along the ridge, along the shoulders and back of the legs) to a quagga to the same extent as if they had 1/16 of quagga blood.

Telegon (ancient Greek Τηλέγονος, “born far away”) is a character in Greek mythology, the son of Odysseus and Kirke and the main character of the cyclic poem “Telegony”. He killed his own father because he did not recognize him in battle, and then married his widow Penelope.

Penelope gave birth to Telegone’s son Italus, the eponym of Italy. Clinias claims that Latinus, the eponym of the Latin people, was the son of Telegonus (according to the main version, Latinus was the son of Odysseus).

The Bible (Genesis, chapter 38) talks about telegony:

The Bible (Genesis 38) says of telegony:

“Judah had three sons: Er, Onan, and Shelah. Judah married his eldest son to Tamar, but soon Er died, leaving no descendants. And what did Judah say to his middle son Onan? “Go in to your brother’s wife, marry her as a brother-in-law, and restore your brother’s seed” (Genesis 38:8) – these are the laws of telegony. That is, Er was the first man in Tamar and left in her the images of his Spirit and Blood, now only the seed is needed for her to give birth to a child by her deceased husband. But notice, “Onan knew that the seed would not be his, and therefore when he went in to his brother’s wife, he poured [the seed] on the ground, that he might not give the seed to his brother” Genesis 38:9

That is, in those distant times, telegony was known to many people, and Onan knew that the child would not be his, but the deceased elder brother.

Mesoamerican shamans took sex very seriously. They Saw the energy and they saw that after sexual intercourse, a certain energetic inclusion appears in the woman’s energy body, belonging to the man with whom she was with. It looks like a worm or some kind of hook. The shamans believed that the man then “pulls” the woman by this hook and it doesn’t matter whether they continue to live together or separately. It doesn’t matter whether a woman conceives or not. The hook is now in it. In the future, a woman will have as many “hooks” in her body as she has had partners. And each “hook” is energetically connected with its owner.

The lifespan of such a parasite is 7 years. It gradually weakens, but after each new contact it is renewed and comes to life. And this can go on for quite a long time.

In the “Braveheart” movie, King Edward Longshanks of England was constantly at war with Scotland, and as he said:

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“The trouble with Scotland is the excess of Scots. If we cannot defeat them, then we must degenerate them. Perhaps it is time to restore our old custom and give them the Primanoctis – the Right of the First Night.”

That is, if a girl on their land gets married, the governors get the right to share a bed with her on her wedding night, i.e. “if we can’t survive them, then we will degenerate them.” This was said in the Middle Ages, i.e. people knew about it long before the discovery of “telegony”.

At the height of the Second World War, a German doctor, who examined girls aged 16-20 who were kidnapped from the USSR to Germany, decided to contact Hitler with an appeal to immediately begin peace negotiations with USSR. He was surprised that 90% of the girls were virgins, and he wrote to Hitler that it was impossible to defeat a nation with such high morality.

A copy of this memo was sent to Eric Koch, Hitler’s protege in Ukraine. Eric Koch proposed solving the issue of the purity of Russian girls as follows: Teach women to drink, and this problem will be over.

Science and mixed-race children

Scientifically speaking, during the process of conception, the maternal egg and sperm merge, resulting in the formation of a zygote with a new combination of genes. But this is not the only way to exchange genetic information between people.

Sperm release extracellular fragments of their DNA, which can remain in a woman’s body after sexual intercourse. These DNA fragments can be absorbed by the cells of the mucous membrane of the vagina and uterus, and then integrated into their genome. As a result, genetic information is exchanged between partners.

Sperm can also penetrate, fuse with, or absorb non-reproductive cells. As a result, chimeric cells are formed that contain DNA from both partners. Such cells can release their own new nucleic acid strand, which can affect other cells in the body.

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During pregnancy, the fetus receives nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood. However, he can also receive DNA fragments from the mother that are contained in the blood. These DNA fragments can be inserted into the fetal genome, which can lead to changes in its development.

The phenomenon that US scientists from Northwestern University observed was flashes of light that accompanied the fusion of an egg and a sperm. Just “sparks of life”. The fertilized egg emits a halo glow! 

Thus, the exchange of genetic information between people can occur not only during the process of conception, but also in other situations. This exchange can have both positive and negative consequences.

That is why it is assumed that the genes of another man can remain in a woman’s body.

The main criticism of telegony is the lack of scientific evidence for its existence. All arguments in its favor are based on indirect data that can be explained by other reasons.

In addition, telegony contradicts modern ideas about genetics. According to these ideas, hereditary traits are transmitted only through genes that are located in the cell nucleus. Sperm and eggs contain only half of the body’s genetic material, and the other half is passed down from the parents. Thus, there is no reason to believe (nor to deny) that a woman’s first sexual partners can influence the hereditary traits of her future children.

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In the old days, it was customary to marry only virgins for a number of sociocultural and religious reasons. The importance of girls’ virginity was associated with a number of social and family values ​​that supported traditions and generally accepted moral standards.

One of the main reasons was related to religion. In many religions, especially ancient and traditional ones, virginity was seen as an important element of healthy and prosperous family relationships. Virginity was considered a symbol of purity and spirituality, and marriage in violation of this purity could be considered a violation of religious precepts.

Moreover, marriage in the old days was not only a personal choice, but also a social contract between two families. The parents of a young man, when choosing a bride for their son, sought to find a girl with reliable and healthy reproductive health in order to provide guarantees about the future offspring of the family. Virginity was considered as one of the indicators of a girl’s health and purity, which gave her high status and attractiveness to the groom and his family.

Also an important factor were the social conventions of the time. In the old days, a girl’s virginity was considered a thing that could decorate her family and increase her status in society. Violating this stereotype could lead to judgment and negative attitudes from others. Therefore, for many women, virginity had to be preserved until marriage in order to avoid social discredit and maintain high status.

Although these ideas may seem outdated and conservative, it is important to remember that many people still attach importance to this. Today, some cultures no longer attach such importance to virginity when choosing a marriage partner, and it has become a matter of individual choice for each person. But nevertheless, recently the topic of telegony has begun to come up often.

Although telegony is a theory that has existed for many centuries, it has not yet received scientific confirmation. The mechanisms of telegony are still not fully established, many fear this. More research and experiments are needed to better understand this phenomenon.

Also, the issue of mixing races began to be raised more and more often. Please do not confuse races and nations! These are completely different things.

In many sources you can read that race mixing is not harmful or negative for society. Genetics demonstrates that biological diversity and the mixing of genes in a population promotes prosperity and evolution, but this does not apply across races.

Race is a sociocultural concept based on physical characteristics such as skin color, hair texture, and eye shape.

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Mixing of races only promotes cultural exchange, increases tolerance and promotes understanding and respect between different groups of people.

A child born to a couple of different races will have the opportunity to grow up in a stimulating and rich environment that allows it to understand, respect and appreciate the differences between cultures and races, which will only further his personal development and enable him to become a citizen of the world. Such children can become a bridge of solidarity and understanding between different ethical groups and contribute to the creation of a harmonious society free from prejudice.

This is exactly what is said, but for some reason they are silent about the fact that the descendants of children born of different races already have a set of congenital diseases. And after a couple of generations, the majority develop infertility. Of course, the easiest way is to blame the bad environment or something else, but not name the main reason. After all, pharma needs sick people, but globalists don’t need people at all.

Despite the fact that this can be found out in almost all open sources, those who do not want to know will not know about it. The danger and unnaturalness of mixed marriages are taught to pediatricians in all universities of the world.

It is important to recognize that every person has the right to a happy and healthy life, regardless of their race or nationality. By rejecting prejudice and discrimination, we can build a world in which all people are equal and respected. Only you can decide whether you care about your future generation.

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