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Secret Apollo 20 Mission Found Alien Girl On The Moon In 1976

Secret Apollo 20 Mission Found Alien Girl On The Moon In 1976 1

The actual Apollo Program formally finished in 1972 together with the Apollo 17 remaining the final mission towards the Moon. But, NASA organized 3 more missions, Apollo 18, 19 as well as 20.

Based on conspiracy theorists, the actual Apollo flights had found ancient synthetic structures within the Moon as well as wanted to check them out with no public understanding.

Apollo 20 is probably the most debatable UFO cover-up of all time. In 11 years ago, someone published several video clips on YouTube. The individual who supplied them stated they were video footages from Apollo 20.

Apollo 20 Mission1

They caught the actual grainy clips upon 16-millimeter film and display the indoors of the Apollo 20 control component. Additionally, exactly what seems to be the actual intricate structures of a long-deserted lunar town.

He identified himself as the previous astronaut Bill Rutledge.

As outlined by him, the actual mission happened in 1976 as a key Soviet-American JV. He decided to be part of the team as a result of remaining an atheist, that was a rarity among astronauts in the 70s.

Why might NASA need anyone who did not trust in God for this objective? Would the believer have lost the faith?

Rutledge declared the Apollo 14 objective had handed down over the southern part of the polar area of the Moon, watching numerous forgotten space crafts and towns made up of towering constructions. The actual Apollo 20 arrived close to the Delporte Crater. Its objective was to discover a cigar-shaped mother vessel that was forgotten for 1.5 million years.

When inside it, the actual astronauts discovered two peculiar bodies. The male was lifeless but conserved so they retrieved the female, called Mona Lisa. The girl had the humanoid physique, six fingertips. Her characteristics were comparable to the ones from a human, even though she had no nostrils.

Rutledge explained her to be in a condition of revoked animation, none dead neither alive. The girl was attached with the preliminary controls from the spaceship, along with several pipes entering her body. She was coated with a wax-like material. They carried her back to Earth and they keep her someplace secret even today. They also took the male to Earth as well as carried out an autopsy.

The astronauts retrieved exactly what technology they might and began their journey home.

Bill Rutledge is actually 78 years of age and presently residing in Rwanda. Because of his age, this individual states he no longer seems threatened through the secrecy he was bound by during the time of this mission. This individual also mentioned that it is not up to NASA to keep stuff of this degree hidden from other people.

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Here’s a video of Mona Lisa:


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