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Sea in the Gobi Desert: the ancient home of the Sons of God

Sea in the Gobi Desert: the ancient home of the Sons of God 1

There was a time in the distant past, before the disaster struck, when the Gobi Desert, covering parts of China and Mongolia. It was full of with water – a large sea with a wonderful island, according to ancient legend, as well as from a scientific point of view.

President Roosevelt himself proposed the expedition because he believed that trees once grew in the Gobi Desert and that when the trees were cut down, the climate changed.

If trees could be grown there again, he thought, it would improve the climate.

White people with blue eyes and blond hair

When the desert was the sea
When the desert was a sea

According to theosophical teaching,

“The island, where the Gobi Desert is now, was inhabited by the last remnant of the race that preceded ours. A handful of Adepts – the” Sons of God “, now called the Brahman Pitri, are called another synonym in the Chaldean Kabbalah. Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain that Long before the days of Ad-am and his inquisitive wife Hewa, where we now find salt lakes and barren desert wastelands, there was a vast inland area, the sea that stretched over Central Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range and its western extensions. The sea existed until the last great ice age, when a local cataclysm, which swept the waters to the south and west, formed a real huge deserted desert and left only a certain oasis …”

An ancient Indian text describes the actual landing of a mysterious and sentient being named Sunatkumara, which means “Eternal youth.”

He arrived in his chariot and landed on an island located in the Gobi Sea.

He came with the same people. They were friendly to people. They educated people in different ways to help improve their lives.

The text describes their arrival as follows:

“The chariot of the Sons of Fire and the Lords of Flame flew in from the unsearchable heights, engulfed in flames that filled the heavens with tongues of fire, from the Shining Star. It landed on the White Island in the Gobi Sea. A green, wonderful expanse of fragrant flowers.”

In addition, the sacred Chinese scriptures and the Tibetan book of Dzyan  confirm that in ancient times, long before the biblical Adam and Eve, there was a vast land inhabited by the real Sons of God, “white people with blue eyes and blond hair.” who “came down from heaven”.

War between the 4th and 5th races

Heavenly wars between races
Heavenly wars between races

These heavenly beings, banished to Earth after the war in heaven. just like the fallen angels described in the Bible were the divine guides of mankind who passed on to people the art of civilization and taught them many valuable things that made everyday life easier.

It is said that these creatures knew everything about heaven and earth. They completely controlled the elements of Earth, water, fire and air.

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In the esoteric doctrine, the “third war” is referred to as taking place at the end of the 4th race between its adepts and adepts of the 5th race, that is, between the initiates of the sacred island and the sorcerers of Atlantis. Tradition states that the “Sons of God” or the great Initiates of the sacred island used the Flood to rid the earth of all the Atlantean sorcerers.

In the Vedic literature relating to the earliest texts found in India, it is written:

“… people with a large white star settled on an island in the Gobi Sea in 18 617 841 BC”

It is said that they built a fortress, then a city, and then built underwater tunnels connecting their beautiful island to the mainland.

All this was a very long time ago, and it is difficult to imagine such a distant past on Earth. But our planet has a very long history.

The ghastly sand of the desert will reveal its long-buried secrets


We also learn from theosophical teachings that:

“… in no other place, even in Peru, there are as many traditions as around the Gobi Desert. This howling desert of quicksand was once, if we are rightly judging, the seat of one of the richest empires in the world. It is said that such wealth lurks beneath the surface, in gold, jewelry, sculptures, weapons, utensils and anything that indicates civilization, luxury and fine arts, which no existing capitals of Christendom today can show.”

The Gobi sand regularly moves from east to west in front of incessant terrible storms. Sometimes some of the hidden treasures are discovered, but the natives dare not touch them, because the entire area is under the prohibition of a powerful spell.

The Bakhti – hideous but loyal gnomes – guard the hidden treasures of these prehistoric people, awaiting the day when the revolution of cyclical periods will again make their history known for the edification of mankind. The Gobi Desert region and virtually the entire territory of Tibet are jealously guarded from foreign invasion.

Those who are allowed to cross it are under the special care and pilot of certain agents of the main power and are obliged not to transmit to the outside world any data about places and people. Sooner or later the time will come when the terrible sand of the desert will reveal its long-buried secrets …”


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