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Scott Waring: “Aliens have long been in the solar system”

Scott Waring: “Aliens have long been in the solar system” 1

Among the many ufologists, one of the most striking figures is Scott Waring, a virtual archaeologist from Taiwan.

Scott Waring began his activities in 2010, after which he actively published various articles, notes and detailed reviews on his own website and not only. Waring stood up for UFO eyewitnesses and claimed that the aliens were already among us. The ufologist really attracted attention, because such major media sources as CNN, NBC, Time, Fox News and not only, mentioned him.

Evidence is everywhere

Waring is convinced that UFOs have long been no longer paranormal and unscientific. Scientists from around the world should be serious about the possibility of an alien stay in the solar system and begin to study anomalies in satellite images. Hidden “clues” are located in many places.

One of them is our companion. For example, in images of the surface in the Taicho lunar crater, the archaeologist discovered strange structures that, in his opinion, are clearly of artificial origin. Such “abnormal” places can be found at several points on the surface of the moon. Waring believes that the government of some countries already guesses the alien origin of such structures, which is due to the active development of the lunar programs of China, India, Israel.

Photo of the object located in the crater on the moon (from open Internet sources)
Photo of the object located in the crater on the moon

No less interesting is Mars, on which Waring also found a very strange object. Its smooth surfaces and specific shape leave many questions. The archaeologist is sure that these are the remains of an ancient structure or vehicle that somehow appeared on the surface. Most interestingly, the image source was soon removed by NASA employees after publication.

Photo of the object on Mars (from open Internet sources)
Photo of the object on Mars

The ufologist did not lose sight even of Mercury, on which a suspicious circle was found . In its form, it resembles a cave that leads somewhere inland. But how can this be, if we recall the hellish conditions on the surface of Mercury?

Photo of the surface of Mercury referred to by the ufologist (from open Internet sources)
Photo of the surface of Mercury referred to by the ufologist

What is most interesting, when such objects are found somewhere on Earth, they are immediately considered to be man-made, attributing the creation to ancient civilizations. But what prevents to draw a similar conclusion for other planets?

Where did Scott Waring go?

Unfortunately, Scott’s enthusiasm ended unexpectedly when he announced the closure of his site. Waring claims that his goal was a kind of “enlightenment” of people and the protection of those who defend the opinion of the existence of UFOs. However, his project began to look more like entertaining content, which forced the archaeologist to stop working.

However, many are sure that Waring was literally silenced. In his appeal to subscribers, the ufologist wrote an interesting phrase:

“All this is serious and deep material that even I cannot fully understand”

Definitely, Scott had really truthful and valuable information, the value of which can hardly be overestimated. However, it was not beneficial for someone to make this information public.


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