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Scientists: Yeti is a hybrid of a human and an unknown creature

American scientists have suggested that the Yeti is a hybrid of a human and an unknown animal. DNA tests are the evidence.

The version of scientists at the Texas laboratory for DNA diagnostics

Scientists do not stop trying to uncover the mystery of the Yeti’s origin. Moreover, experts from various research institutions are trying to understand whether Bigfoot really exists, and to determine its origin. Interesting results were obtained by employees of the Texas DNA laboratory. 

They studied samples collected in Canada and the United States, including blood, saliva, hair and skin of the Yeti, and came to the conclusion that this creature is a hybrid of a person and an individual unknown to science, but closer to primates. According to scientists, hybridization probably took place about 15,000 years ago.

Despite the fact that the existence of the Yeti is not 100% proven, scientists from all over the world are trying to understand what kind of animal the Bigfoot can be attributed to. 

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Experts from Texas, based on DNA data collected in Canada and the United States, said that the Yeti is an individual that is created as a result of a hybrid of a human and an unknown animal that is closer to primates. Most likely, such hybridization took place about 15 thousand years ago.

The version of scientists from St. Petersburg and the American state of Idaho

At the same time, other scientists put forward different versions of the origin of the Yeti. Experts from St. Petersburg and the American state of Idaho independently studied samples of wool, supposedly Bigfoot, found in the Azasskaya Cave. The DNA results were similar. Tests have shown that the coat does not belong to a primate, but not to humans. 

Scientists, who took part in the expedition, noted that the macromolecule of the creature differs from the human genome by no more than 1%, so there is no reason to doubt the reality of this type of Yeti.

The version of scientists from the University of Buffalo

In turn, scientists from the University of Buffalo received different results. They are researchers of the remains found in Tibet and Nepal. The results showed that this Yeti is related to bears, not humans. Scientists continue their research.

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