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Scientists have identified the cause of climate change in Europe

Part of the scientific community see the reason for climate change in a change in the flow of the so-called atmospheric rivers. They are very stable streams of air that carry water over enormous distances. Something in the world has changed and the rivers have altered their direction, starting to flow in the wrong direction. 

The summer of 2022 in Europe, as well as in the world in general, faced an unpresented heat wave. Temperature records were recorded in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. As a result, the Rhine became shallow in Rotterdam.

In Spain, reservoir reserves have fallen by up to 40%, El Pais reported. The Danube, the most important artery for transporting grain, is also experiencing a drought. In France, 93 out of 96 departments have introduced water restrictions. In some regions, residents are prohibited from watering lawns and washing cars.

Wild heat is a good incentive, so French scientists were very close to an advanced scientific discovery, which is as follows. 

On the border between the cold air of the subpolar latitudes and the hot air of the tropics, there is a kind of air river well known to climatologists – constant winds blowing at altitudes of 10-15 kilometers and enveloping the Earth in a circle:

And so, as it turned out, the jet stream running over the Atlantic towards Europe for some reason began to break up over the Azores, giving rise to two stream and a hot spot of air is formed over Western Europe:

To explain the phenomenon, scientists blamed global warming for everything: it became warmer at the poles, the temperature contrast with the air of the subtropics became smaller, and therefore the wind died down, breaking up into whirlwinds. 

The explanation, of course, is not accepted by conspiracy theorists, as they have a somewhat different viewpoint. 

When we talk about atmospheric rivers, we need to imagine a global field landscape of the planet, which we cannot see with our eyes, but it definitely exists. These are depressions and bulges of gravity, unevenly distributed over the planet, deformations of the ionic arrays of the atmosphere, which are determined by changes in magnetic fields, and so on. 

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It is these structures that determine the channels of atmospheric currents. Therefore, since the Atlantic jet stream broke up, it means that some kind of field breakwater appeared in the Azores region, which divides the air stream into two.

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But what is this wave? What is its nature? With the nature of field education, it is already more difficult and so far two options seem to be the most logical. 

a) If you look at the map of the French, then the center of their heat spot is CERN. Therefore, one can think that some kind of field jet is hitting into space from CERN – just like jets are fired from a black hole in the center of the Galaxy:

Naturally, air masses try to bend around this structure, giving a splitting of the flow. 

b) The second version of the breakwater is practically the same, it only transfers a hypothetical “jet” from CERN to the Azores region, under which some kind of epic volcanic activity has been brewing for a long time. In the Azores region, a tentacle is extended from the mantle, similar to a mantle plume, but not 500 kilometers in diameter, but like a small continent:

Naturally, there are some magnetic, gravitational and other fields above this superstructure, which the air goes around. 

Which of the theories is more correct, we do not know, but what we know for sure is that scientists need to think about the field structure that splits the atmospheric river in half. 

Whatever lies in its island – CERN, a supervolcano or the machinations of aliens – if the structure continues to grow, gain density and power, it can end very sadly and, most importantly, unexpectedly. 


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