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Scientists have found out the true origin of the Pharaohs. Egyptian authorities do not agree to rewriting history

Scientists have found out the true origin of the Pharaohs. Egyptian authorities do not agree to rewriting history 1
Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Probably no other civilization can compare with Ancient Egypt in the number of all kinds of secrets: pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, etc. And more recently, in the sands of Egypt, archaeologists received a gift that again makes people doubt history.

Pharaohs have long become objects for the study of modern people. This can be seen by opening almost any book, song, film, or game – everywhere you can find references to the pharaohs or ancient Egypt.

Recent research by German scientists has allowed to slightly open the veil of the secrets of the pharaohs. In general, the purpose of their research was an attempt to find out how the genetics of the indigenous people of Egypt developed, and how they were influenced by the inhabitants of neighboring states. They also tried to find out the origin of the pharaohs, and whether it was accurate that they were the indigenous inhabitants.

Taken from open source.

How did the study go?

Scientists until recently, could not extract DNA from mummies, because they believed that embalming destroyed deoxyribonucleic acid. At the same time, the embalming well preserved traces on the human body, and from them one can tell his story (traces of tattoos, infections, wounds, etc.).

But more recently, scientists have developed a new method to extract DNA.

First, the method was tested on Neanderthals, and then passed on to mummies. As a result, they received the genes of more than 80 mummies, including the pharaohs. A detailed study of genes shocked the scientific world, because as it turned out, the pharaohs had nothing to do with the Egyptians at all. Moreover, all the rulers of ancient Egypt were Caucasians.

Taken from open source.

And this information smoothly transfers us to Atlantis. The fact is that many ancient historians (including Plato) wrote that the pharaohs descended from other people. And the same Plato wrote in plain text that the pharaohs came from Atlantis. In his story, the first pharaoh is described as an Atlas named Hermes. This Atlas was the ruler of Atlantis, but left it for the journey. One day he arrived in Egypt and fell in love with these lands. He took up the development of the local population, which led to the creation of the first kingdom in these lands.

The modern government of Egypt reacted negatively to information about the skin color of the pharaohs. They believe that the “whites” deliberately change the history and heritage of Egypt in order to appropriate it for themselves.


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