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Scientists have discovered pyramids in Antarctica: experts said that the history of mankind may be completely different

Scientists have discovered pyramids in Antarctica: experts said that the history of mankind may be completely different 1

Researchers have recently begun to say that great secrets may be hidden in the ice of Antarctica. They reported that there are real pyramids there, like in Egypt, and presented a video. After some time, experts from different fields commented on what such buildings could mean.

It is noted that the first mention of the pyramids in Antarctica appeared around 2013. A slide show presentation of several photos and accompanying text messages was offered as evidence. It says that the discovery was made by 8 scientists from different universities in the United States, as well as Europe. Nevertheless, they did not disclose the identity, since those in power are already eyeing the aforementioned objects.

Pyramid in Antarctica
Pyramid in Antarctica. Photo –

After some time, various conspiracy experts, as well as experts in the field of history and architecture, became more active. They argue that if the authenticity of the pyramids is confirmed, there will be an important question in world history about who built these structures. After all, it is known that Antarctica was not inhabited by people in the past. Moreover, some argue that it could not do without UFO intervention.

However, there were also skeptics who said that the so-called “pyramids” are just rocky formations in Antarctica. According to them, people simply want to believe that everything is happening for a reason, and there is some kind of “supreme conspiracy.”

The mystery of the origin of the materials used for the underwater pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle

Scientists fail to come to definitive conclusions as to what the underwater pyramid is built from, which is hidden in the very center of the Bermuda Triangle. This object was first discovered and described by Charles Berlitz in the 1970s.

The pyramid, whose walls outwardly resemble ice or glass, is located at a depth of about 400 meters. The height of the building was 150 meters. For the first time, a search group led by Charles Berlitz stumbled upon it in the 70s of the XX century. This researcher is known for his work on the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists have discovered pyramids in Antarctica: experts said that the history of mankind may be completely different 2

The structure outwardly bears a resemblance to those that the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt erected for their rulers. In those years, the pyramid was thoroughly studied, but even after 50 years, scientists cannot give an unambiguous answer about the material from which it is made. Analogs of this building material have not yet been identified in nature, as well as among those that were created artificially with the participation of humans.

At the same time, for hundreds of years, matter has not become thinner under the influence of the ocean, which indicates its amazing properties. Moreover, the pyramid was not covered with algae. Experts, confident in the existence of Atlantis, believe that this structure became evidence of the existence of representatives of a highly developed civilization in the past.

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