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Scientists develop ‘tattoo’ nanotechnology – It will control vital functions and soon be connected with a wireless microchip

South Korean citizens will soon be able to carry a special “device” in the form of a “tattoo” that will warn them of possible health problems.

A team of scientists in the country is working on an ambitious project since the “device” is in the form of a tattoo.

This is another technology that is being developed for our benefit and quite by chance, seeks to “get close” to our body and integrate.

Always for our health and convenience, the fact that user freedom will automatically be abolished is absolutely irrelevant and no media even bothers to mention it so as not to awaken disturbing thoughts in the social unconscious.

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in the city of Daejeon, southwest of the capital Seoul, have developed an “electronic tattoo” with ink made of liquefied metal and carbon nanotubes that acts as an electrode.

Connected to a cardiograph or other devices that record vital signs, it can analyze the pulse and other functions of the human body and send it to a screen.

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The researchers hope to soon develop the project to the point where it can warn of potential health problems.

“In the future what we hope to be able to do is to connect to a wireless chip that will be embedded in the ink so that we can ‘communicate’ or send and receive messages from an external device,” said project manager Steve Park, professor of material science and engineering for the ambitious project he and his team have, which he believes could change the lives of many people.

Such devices could be any wearable or other type that those who have tattooed could have at home.

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The ink, meanwhile, does not cause problems, the project managers claim, and promise that it is durable and does not fade. 

It is made from particles based on gallium, a soft, silvery metal that is also used in semiconductors or thermometers. Carbon nanotubes that also contain platinum help transport electricity while providing durability.

“When the ink is placed on the skin it doesn’t come off if you rub it off, which is not the case if it’s just liquefied metal,” Park added.


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