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Scientists claim to have found evidence of the existence of Nibiru in medieval tapestries

For decades, scientists and researchers have debated the existence of a huge planet orbiting our Sun just outside the outer limits of our solar system. But what until recently was considered a hoax on the Internet, last October became a reality. NASA admitted through an official statement that there was enough evidence to support the existence of a new and massive planet, 10 times the mass of Earth.

Conspiracy theorists and independent astronomers have long been denouncing that this planet is Nibiru and is heading dangerously towards our planet to destroy humanity. But the controversy even reached the heart of the scientific community, as there are scientists who believe in Nibiru’s theory.

As we already published in MEP, Dr. Claudia Albers, physicist at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, in March of this year said that NASA is hiding the existence of a dead star system that is draining the energy of Our Sun. And in case there is enough controversy in this matter, now scientists from the Queen’s University of Belfast claim to have discovered evidence of the existence of the“Planet Nine” in medieval tapestries.

The discovery of Nibiru in medieval tapestries

Academics from the Queen’s University of Belfast claim that traces of dust and gas in the night sky recorded by Anglo-Saxon astronomers can provide evidence of the mysterious Planet Nine. Experts believe that the representations of comets detected in the Middle Ages will provide more clues as to the whereabouts of the hypothetical celestial body. The researchers believe that Anglo-Saxon stories, combined with modern scientific techniques, could be used to investigate the effects of Planet Nine.

Experts, including a medieval historian and an astronomer at the Queen’s University of Belfast, have made surprising claims during an exhibition that explores the Anglo-Saxon understanding of the cosmos. As part of their study, they have combined records of comets from Anglo-Saxon sources with contemporary images of frozen space objects.

By combining historical and scientific approaches, researchers hope to reveal new findings about Planet Nine. However, experts have wanted to make it clear that Planet Nine represented in medieval tapestries is not Nibiru.

“This research project renegotiates the meaning and importance of medieval science and demonstrates how the medieval records of comets can help prove the theory of the existence of the elusive ‘Planet Nine,’” the study says. “Looking at the records of comets in texts of Old English, Latin, Old Irish and Russian, our aim is to show that the early medieval peoples actually recorded genuine astronomical observations, reflecting their interest in cosmology and the understanding of the heavens. . The idea of ​​this study arose from the strong desire to challenge the assumption and the apparent lack of scientific research at the beginning of the Middle Ages, commonly known as the ‘Dark Ages’. “

The earliest description of a comet in England occurred in the year 891 AD, during the reign of Alfred the Great. A well-known comet of 1066 AD, represented in the famous Bayeux Tapestry of the eleventh century, was described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as “a sign in the sky as it had never been seen before” . It came to be understood as an omen that announced the end of the English dynasty at the hands of the Normans.

Proposed for the first time by a team from the California Institute of Technology or Caltech, Planet Nine could explain the distorted paths seen in distant icy bodies. And apparently it would be about four times the size of the Earth and ten times its mass.

The researchers say that a body of this size and mass would explain the clustered routes of several smaller icy planets beyond Neptune. Its large orbit would mean that it would take between 10,000 and 20,000 years to pass close to the Sun. The theoretical Planet Nine is based on the gravitational pull it exerts over these bodies, and astronomers hope to find it in the coming years.

“It’s great to be able to use data that is around a thousand years old to investigate a current theory,” explained Dr. Pedro Lacerda, an astrophysicist and comet expert and the solar system at the Queen’s University of Belfast. “For me, this is one of the most fascinating aspects of our project. Any strong indication that a ‘Planet Nine’ is needed to adapt to kite sightings recorded in the Middle Ages will be a unique result and will undoubtedly have a remarkable impact on our understanding of the solar system. “

Are they preparing us?

But for conspiracy theorists, medieval tapestries clearly show the existence of Nibiru , a supposed planet on the edge of our solar system. For them, the also known as Planet X, is undoubtedly Planet Nine. Experts in the field claim that the gravitational influence of Nibiru interrupted the orbits of other planets hundreds of years ago.

What’s more, the next step in our inner solar system could happen at any time, sending us directly ‘plasma energy particles’. This energy flow will interrupt Earth’s power plants and trigger catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate.

Although the reality is that since 1996, we are already feeling the dangerous effects of Planet X, which would explain the unusual increase of natural disasters and abnormal weather patterns throughout our planet. And it seems that scientists are already preparing us for the revelation, although it could be too late.



Mystery Boom Heard, Felt Across Four Western Illinois Counties Remains Unsolved

What’s certain is that dozens of people across at least four counties heard a loud boom or felt a shaking Thursday afternoon.

What’s a mystery is where it originated.

Emergency and law enforcement agencies in Greene, Morgan, Scott and Pike counties received numerous reports of a loud, explosion-like sound that shook the ground and buildings about 1 p.m. Thursday.

Some who felt it quickly took to social media looking for clues. Although there were a few erroneous reports of explosions, most people were left scratching their heads.

“It sounded like a jet or something that blew up,” Joe Harwick of White Hall said. “It echoed for some time.”

Greene County Chief Deputy Cale Hoesman said there were reports about the sound, but the source could not be verified.

“I heard what I thought was thunder, but further north in White Hall there were reports of a loud boom,” Hoesman said. “So far the cause is unknown.”

The boom was heard throughout Greene County and along the edge of Pike County. It was heard as far east as Jacksonville and as north as Naples.

Mary Jane Steelman of White Hall said the boom shook her house.

“I wasn’t sure what it was, though. It was a loud boom — an explosion,” Steelman said. “Then my grandson texted me, he thought it was a [sonic boom].”

Angie Heberling of White Hall said it felt as though something hit her house.

Pike County Sheriff David Greenwood said his agency received calls but no one had reported any damage or fires.

Theories being looked into include that it was a sonic boom from an aircraft or some type of gas explosion, Hoesman said.

The U.S. Geological Survey did not have any reports of activity near the region that could have produced the sound. National Weather Service representatives said there was nothing atmospherically that would have caused the sound.

There have been hundreds of similar reports scattered across the U.S. over the past few months, from Block Island, Rhode Island, to Liberty, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville boom was attributed to someone legally using the explosive tannerite.

The others, like the one Thursday, remain mysteries.

Marco Cartolano contributed to this report.

Samantha McDaniel-Ogletree
My Journal-Courier

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The Mystery Surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

A great deal of mystery still surrounds the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC). At the time before the Civil War and US President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, they are a Southern loyalist group that was devoted to the defense of their supposed values such as slave ownership. However, there is much more to them than people know.

They had plans to conquer Cuba, Mexico, and Central America. The goal was to create a Confederate empire beyond what the Confederacy had accomplished. It was an ambitious goal for them, and they had many infamous members including the aforementioned Booth.

Jesse James was another well-known name. Supposedly, his robberies could have contributed to the increase of gold the KGC had. From the beginning, people have said Lincoln’s assassination may have been a KGC plot from the get-go since it was Booth who did it. This comes from the legends that have been passed on down the decades by word of mouth.

It stands to make sense that the KGC could have pulled off something like this. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and founded by George W.L. Bickley, who was an Indiana-born editor and doctor, the group started allegedly in Lexington, Kentucky by five men who came together because of Bickley’s request.

This comes from records of that KGC convention held in 1860. Bickley made his way to the east and south to push for a Mexican expedition and wanted to create a force to colonize the West Indies and Mexico.

They wanted to raise an army of 16,000 men to southernize Mexico and conquer it. The group expanded in 1859, as Confederate States Army Brigadier General Elkanah Greer started KGC castles in Louisiana and Texas.

During the spring of 1860, he became a grand commander and general of 4,000 KGC military knights in the 21 castles of the Texas division. When Lincoln was elected president, the KGC focused their support on the secession of southern states in the US from the Union. The KGC came into conflict with US Marshall Ben McCulloch, a former Texas Ranger when he began his expedition toward the San Antonio, Texas federal arsenal.

The arsenal had a force of 550 men, 150 who worked for the KGC from the six different castles there. US Army Brevet Major General David E. Twiggs chose to surrender to the cavalry force. These members also were important to the 1861 takeover of New Mexican territory by Lieutenant Colonel John Robert Baylor.

May 1861 saw the Confederate Rangers and KGC attack a building owning The Alamo Express, a pro-Union newspaper. The newspaper was owned by James Pearson Newcomb, a journalist and eventual Texas Secretary of State.

He did not have a phone transmitter at the time. Some KGC members also went with Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley on the 1862 New Mexico Campaign. Word had it that Franklin Pierce, a former US president, was also a member of the KGC

The KGC began to spread into Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio. This is where the KGC took a different turn. In 1863, the KGC became the Order of American Knights. 1864 saw it undergo another transformation into the Order of the Sons of Liberty, led by Clement Vallandigham, an Ohio politician and their supreme commander.

They allegedly went underground after The Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination without a phone transmitter. It was reported they sought to start a second confederacy against the US Government.

American Unearthed, a History Channel show, alleged the James-Younger Gang was the source of money for a second US Civil War. While there has been no further evidence out there, it definitely fits in with what the KGC has been responsible. Their greatest act appears to be the death of Lincoln.

What became of them after is left up to speculation. They might have furthered plots to overthrow the US government while others such as National Treasure: Book of Secrets allege there is KGC/Confederate gold, buried somewhere throughout the USA.

A California couple once found gold coins that are believed to have originated from the KGC. While the group’s crimes remained in secret, it is obvious there is much more this group could have possibly done beyond the killing of one of America’s greatest historical leaders.

About author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, consumer electronics, and the entertainment industry.

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Loud Boom that Shook Homes in South Texas, Remains a Mystery

Neighbors from La Vernia to Karnes City reported hearing a loud boom Wednesday afternoon on social media.

While many people are speculating as to what it may have been, right now the loud boom continues to remain a mystery.

Wilson County authorities said they began getting calls into dispatch reporting the boom around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Sisters Bailey and Molly Runty were at home in their home in Adkins when they heard it.

“We were just sitting in the room, and then we just heard it and then I started freaking out,” Bailey said.

The girls described the boom as being so huge that it shook their house.

“I was terrified,” Bailey said.

“She jumped out of her skin,” said her sister.

The family’s home video security captured the moment when the boom startled their dog, Yogi.

“He was barking a lot and ran up to our door because he got freaked out,” Bailey said.

Other people reported their houses shaking and windows fluttering.

Taylor Gault said that, the salon where she works, the floors shook.

“It was so big, it opened our door,” she said. “I thought someone hit the door and hit the wall.”

At another salon, patrons were still talking about what they heard, speculating on what it could have been.

“I was a little alarmed, but I figured, ‘Well, okay, there’s no terrorist attack,’ why would they want to blow up La Vernia?,” said a patron who only identified herself as Karen.

Neighbors in La Vernia said there are a lot of theories about the boom, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

“The officials can’t tell you what it is, I went as far as to call the city council,” Karen said.

Wilson County Emergency Management officials said they had reports of the boom from Karnes City to New Berlin, but they didn’t have any information as to what it may have been.

Some people say it may have been a sonic boom. However, officials with Joint Base San Antonio said they weren’t responsible.

There’s also a theory that a local company may have been using explosives to test materials. KENS 5 reached out to the company, Baker Risk, and company officials said the sounds were not produced by them.

So, for now, the loud boom reported by so many people, will remain a summer mystery.

Vanessa Croix

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