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Scientist discovers Jupiter could be dangerous to Earth

One astronomer believes that Jupiter, instead of protecting the earth from dangerous comets and asteroids, is actively launching objects toward the internal solar system. New research now demonstrates this complex process in action.

Jupiter may not act as a shield to the earth against comets and asteroids, but rather as a slingshot, sending these objects against us.

A popular theory suggests that Jupiter, with its tremendous mass, acts as a gigantic shield in space, sucking in or diverting dangerous debris left over from the formation of the solar system. But Jupiter’s Shield theory, as it is known, has been undermined for the past two decades.

A key critic of this theory, Kevin Grazier, a former member of the US West Point Military Academy and NASA, has been trying to debunk this idea for years. He has published several studies on the subject, including a 2008 article entitled “Jupiter as a Sniper Rather Than a Shield(Jupiter as a Sniper Instead of a Shield. ‘In fact, with each successive article, Grazier has increasingly demonstrated the ways in which Jupiter, instead of being our protector, is actually – albeit indirectly – a pernicious threat. .

Grazier’s last foray into the subject involves a couple of complementary articles, one published in Astronomical Journal in 2018 and another in Monthly Notices from Royal Astronomical Journal in 2019.

The first article looks at the complex ways in which objects in the outer solar system are affected by the Jovian planets, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, while the second article looks at a specific family of frozen bodies and how they are transformed by Jupiter into potentially comets. mortal. Looking at the conclusions of both works, it seems that Jupiter’s Shield theory is at serious risk.

Grazier told the Gizmodo in an email:

Actually, I wouldn’t say you’re at risk – I’d say you were put to rest. Our simulations show that Jupiter is as likely to send comets on Earth as it is to deflect them, and we have seen it in the real solar system.

To be clear, this was a very good thing when the earth was young, as comets and asteroids provided the essential ingredients needed for life. Today, however, these impacts are certainly not good, as they could trigger mass extinctions similar to those that extinguished non-avian dinosaurs about 66 million years ago.

Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

Grazier’s work presents new models that demonstrate the complex astrophysical processes required to convert distant celestial bodies into local threats. Working with collaborators from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of Southern Queensland, Grazier showed how objects on the scattered disk, a ring within the Kuiper Belt that contains many planetsimates approaching Neptune, are influenced by the Jovian planets. . They also show how Centaurs, a group of frozen orbiting bodies beyond Jupiter and Neptune, are transformed by Jupiter into potentially threatening Earth comets, specifically a collection of objects known as the Jupiter Family Comets…


Bizzare & Odd

A meteorite that fell in Germany turned out to be a “mini-planet”

Scientists at the University of Münster in Germany identified a celestial body that fell near Flensburg in September 2019. It turned out that this is not just a meteorite, but the “germ” of the planet – planetesimal, the University of Muenster reports.

The space “guest” was discovered by a local resident in his garden. The weight of the fragment covered with a black melted crust was only 24.7 grams.

The find was studied by representatives of one and a half dozen universities and research centers. Analyzes showed that the rock contains minerals, including silicates and carbonates.

It is known that such substances arose at the very beginning of the history of the solar system on small protoplanets, where water was also present. Many scientists believe that it was the planetesimals that once brought moisture to our Earth.

The authors of the study said that this is the first case of the fall of such a cosmic body in Germany. Its age can be 4.56 billion years or more – that is, it is the same age as the Earth. In the past, it really contained liquid water – this confirms the theory of moisture saturated planetesimals.

Scientists intend to continue to study the object. In their opinion, it may reveal unknown details of the history of the formation of planets in the solar system.

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Bizzare & Odd

A pair of huge herring kings were filmed in a Japanese port

In Fukui, one of the ports of the Japanese prefecture, two five-meter herring kings were filmed. 

This fish usually lives at depths of 500-1000 meters. in addition they have never been seen in pairs. What caused the deep sea inhabitants to surface, is unknown.

The herring king is also known by the name of a oar fish or ribbon fish. Its length can reach 11 meters.

Fish is often found in shoals of herring in the moderately warm waters of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. In August 2019, the grouse was first caught in Russia – in Pallas Bay in Primorye.

This fish is considered a harbinger of tsunamis and earthquakes.

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Bizzare & Odd

Ghost Detecting Gadget on sale

Online stores began to offer a “magic crystal”, which serves as a ghost detector. According to sellers, the gadget is able not only to recognize the presence of otherworldly forces, but also to read their intentions. 

The device worth 71 US dollars is an element in the form of a crystal on a short chain. A luminous sensor is built inside, which, according to the manufacturers, signals the presence of a ghost nearby.

So, in normal mode, the “magic crystal” emits green light. However, if the ghost is nearby, the sensor changes it to blue or red. If the first means benevolence or neutrality of the ghost, then the red color indicates the presence of an aggressive poltergeist or banshee. It is clarified that the principle of the gadget is not disclosed. However, despite this, the device will definitely be able to increase the fear of otherworldly forces.

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