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A revolution in energy, aviation and ecology. A simple experiment showed that the future may well be in the transfer of energy from space 5

Science & Technology

Everyone is concerned about the most efficient way of obtaining cheap and environmentally friendly energy. Instead of endlessly trying to create an “artificial Sun” on...

The end of electric cars? There are insufficient reserves of lithium and cobalt on the planet 6

Science & Technology

Alternative energy research carried out for a Finnish government agency by Associate Professor Simon Michaux says it is very difficult to unlikely to find the necessary lithium...

First interview with a dead man 16 First interview with a dead man 17

Science & Technology

Name: Graham Condition: Cotard’s syndrome “When I was in hospital I kept on telling them that the tablets weren’t going to do me any...

Immortality by 2045 MAD SCIENCE! 23 Immortality by 2045 MAD SCIENCE! 24

Science & Technology

Ray Kurzweil — Singularitarian Immortalist, Director of Engineering at Google, famous inventor, author of How to Create a Mind A world-class prolific inventor...

IQ Is A Myth - Scientists Say 29 IQ Is A Myth - Scientists Say 30

Metaphysics & Psychology

If you are thinking taking an IQ test to see how smart you are you might want to reconsider. According to to scientists there...