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The end of electric cars? There are insufficient reserves of lithium and cobalt on the planet 5

Science & Technology

Alternative energy research carried out for a Finnish government agency by Associate Professor Simon Michaux says it is very difficult to unlikely to find the necessary lithium...

Demon abode and M-Theory. Is there a way to find a way to the "otherworldly" through modern science? 6

Science & Technology

How do you find your way to a place where no known path leads? How to open the doors to the unknown, if there is...

Sony names PlayStation 4 launch dates 7 Sony names PlayStation 4 launch dates 8

Science & Technology

Sony has announced the launch dates for its PlayStation 4 console. The next-generation games machine will become available in North America on 15 November...

When robots rule the world 14 When robots rule the world 15

Science & Technology

#1 SWORDS SWORDS may look like a toy, but it’s anything but. This robot is all weapons and wheels. Each unit comes equipped with...

This is What Wi-Fi Looks Like 46 This is What Wi-Fi Looks Like 47

Science & Technology

Wireless internet. This wonderful hidden energy all around all of us that connects us to people and then websites around the world. But what...