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Doctors called popular drugs with toxic “side effects”: they can cause liver damage 5

Science & Technology

More than 2 billion people in the world, according to WHO, suffer from some form of liver disease. This unique organ filters all harmful substances,...

A revolution in energy, aviation and ecology. A simple experiment showed that the future may well be in the transfer of energy from space 6

Science & Technology

Everyone is concerned about the most efficient way of obtaining cheap and environmentally friendly energy. Instead of endlessly trying to create an “artificial Sun” on...

Are humans really smarter than animals ? 7 Are humans really smarter than animals ? 8

Science & Technology

Evolutionary biologists claim some animals may actually have superior cognitive abilities than those possessed by humans  For many years, humans have believed we are...

Inside PS4 (Disassembly) 30 Inside PS4 (Disassembly) 31

Science & Technology

TOKYO — You can’t have a PlayStation 4 until the middle of November. But you can take a peek inside. In the video above,...

The Case Against Microwaves 36 The Case Against Microwaves 37

Science & Technology

Did the Russians ban microwave ovens following extensive research into their health hazards? Read about that and a host of other reasons why you...