Sawed rocks: The mystery of an ancient stone in Saudi Arabia mysteriously cut in half

In Saudi Arabia, southeast of the city of Tambuk, you can see the Al Naslaa ancient stone, which has been causing heated debate among scientists for more than 100 years.

At first glance it would seem that this stone is like any other rock formation on our planet but this has one peculiarity: a perfectly executed vertical cut, straight, as if it was made with a laser. Scientists have put forward many hypotheses and guesses about this, but have not been able to come up to a uniformed opinion.

The rock called Al-Naslaa was discovered by Charles Heuver in 1883. As you can see, this ancient stone was cut into two parts, each being located on a small stand.

Orthodox Science Version

Proponents of orthodox science are convinced that the crack is not made by hands. Please note that both halves of the stone stand on small stone foundations. For hundreds of years, natural phenomena could play a role and displace the foundations in height, as a result of which a huge stone could not withstand the pressure and burst.

It would seem that the version sounds very plausible, but some facts raise doubts:

  • Firstly, natural faults have a relief, indented surface, and the crack in the Al Naslaa stone is perfectly flat.
  • Secondly, the stone turned out to be split across, which is contrary to the laws of geology.
  • Thirdly, after the appearance of the “break” there was no displacement of the halves relative to each other. The supports are capable of shifting in height, but something went wrong here.
  • Fourthly, for such a heavy load, the supports are too fragile, so the halves of the stone would have to fall apart in different directions.

Alternative version

Some scientists, having examined All Naslaa, suggested that the stone was cut with a laser. Several centuries ago, there was no desert in this place, people lived here, raised livestock and even conducted agriculture. 

Perhaps it was they who managed to cut the stone so evenly but history is silent about why this was done. The secret of the technology used also remains unsolved.


If you come closer to the stone, you can find petroglyphs on its surface. Scientists believe that the drawings were applied to the stone several centuries before the beginning of our era. For archaeologists, they are a very valuable find. 

Could the representatives of this civilization possess technologies that would allow cutting a stone in half for some hitherto unknown purpose? 

Over time, this civilization disappeared for inexplicable reasons. 

According to archaeologists, the earliest records of the Tamya oasis date back to the 8th century BC, when it was called Tiamat. Hieroglyphs dating back to the 6th century BC are also found in this city.

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Perhaps, there was a civilization here, which then knew how to make such an accurate cut? If so, what technique did they use? Why is this stone cut in half? Is the Al-Naslaa stone a single object, or is it the ruins of a large building? What happened to this civilization?

While scientists are struggling with the mysteries of Al Naslaa, travel companies increasingly include it in the list of recommended places to visit in Saudi Arabia. The stone is gradually transforming from an ordinary natural object into an outlandish attraction, next to which thousands of travelers dream of taking pictures.

Who sawed ancient stones and why?

Although the ancient stone of Al-Naslaa has become one of the most famous finds, it is not the most unique in terms of size or cutting quality. There are stones made from a harder material such as granite.

For example, in Egypt, many ancient stones were discovered, cut both at an angle or simply in half. Or, for example, in Australia, and it is very far from Saudi Arabia.

Sawed Ancient Stone, Flinders Island, Australia

It should be said that there are hundreds of such ancient stones with smooth and even cuts on our planet. Some, according to scientists, are several thousand years old.

Such ancient stones and megaliths are found almost everywhere on Earth, even where it would seem they should not be at all – on flat surfaces of fields or in swamps, in forests and mountains.

Who and why, and most importantly how, and with what sawed / cut these ancient stones in dense forests or swamps, on high mountains or in uninhabited spaces and wild places, this is a real historical and archaeological mystery.

We are no longer surprised by the high-tech megalithic buildings of antiquity. It is not clear how and with what they were sawn, but at least it is clear why – in order to build something out of them.

Geologists say these are all quirks and results from natural fracturing. But is it really so?

Sawed Ancient Stone, Japan

The only plus in these ancient stones is that they are available to everyone who can get to them, and science is still stubbornly silent about the finds, since it needs to find a more or less truthful explanation for them. The forces of nature and the earth somehow do not fit here.

Whatever it the really reason for sawed rocks, the fact remains – ancient stones with even cuts are there as evidence of something, but what is not yet clear, putting science in a stupor.

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