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Saviors or Harvesters? ‘Buddhist aliens’ from Pluto predicted nuclear war two years ago

Saviors or Harvesters? 'Buddhist aliens' from Pluto predicted nuclear war two years ago 1

In general, the prospect for world peace in 2022 is not bright, so the potential use of WMD is being discussed not only by conspiracy theorists, but also by the military, political scientists, and in general by many. 

And although no one knows whether or not there will be a nuclear war, non-humans warned about everything a few years ago.

Pluto alien nation theories

Ever since Pluto was stripped of its planetary status in 2006, many conspiracy theorists have seen it as a NASA ruse. Astronomers from 75 countries officially voted for deleting the planet from the list of the solar system during a conference. 

Later on, NASA’s New Horizons automatic interplanetary station, which visited distant Pluto in 2015, delighted us with many interesting pictures in excellent quality, which, of course, were not missed by ufologists.

So, they believe that the images show several fenced off abandoned bases, in an area called the Sputnik Plain (its dimensions are 1050 by 800 km). 

On enlarged images of the Sputnik Plain, ufologists consider traces of the so-called “alien base”, roads and even light areas that look like runways in this area. 

They also insist that there are real pyramids on Pluto, which may even have a connection with the earth’s pyramids.

Ufologists suggest that NASA, as the most advanced structure in space exploration, has been cooperating with aliens for a long time. Most likely, Pluto became part of an interplanetary, and maybe even an intergalactic agreement.

The latest research by scientists related to the life cycle of Pluto shows that in ten years the planet’s atmosphere will be destroyed. Data from high-precision equipment made it possible to see the relationship between the size of the planet, its orbit and temperature. However, ufologists think otherwise: the planet is inhabited. And in order to survive, they are forced to use the energy of their home.

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Being far from sun and almost not receiving warm light from it, the alien race brought Pluto to the state of a “glass ball”. Ultra-low temperatures are getting lower every year, the core of the planet is cooling down, and gravity is compressing the lifeless icy land more and more. In less than 10 years, Pluto will completely lose all heat and the planet will turn into a huge space ice block.

According to some ufologists, planet earth, which is full of vital energy and warmth, is a tasty morsel for alien invaders.

The invasion from Pluto will put an end to both the history of people and the history of the entire planet. Experts report two main options for the development of events: in the first, all life on the planet will be destroyed so as not to interfere with the invaders to pump energy out of the planet, in the second, all the flora and fauna of the Earth will become something like a “battery”.

It is noted that the technological advancement of people after a decade will be able to repulse the invasion, and this will be the first space war in history, unless another event will precede, speeding up the process for the alien invasion.

‘Buddhist aliens’ from Pluto predicted World War 3 in 2022

Visitors to one of the temples in Thailand are sure that they know exactly when the coming battle will begin. According to them, this was once told by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. A fresh prediction, which, by the way, is hardly something really new for Thai monks, is currently being discussed again in the media and social networks.

For more than twenty years, people have been coming to the remote Buddhist temple, located on a hill called Khao Kala. And there are more and more of them every year. But it is not the worship of Buddhism that draws parishioners there. They are captivated by the opportunity to communicate with representatives of an alien civilization.

Saviors or Harvesters? 'Buddhist aliens' from Pluto predicted nuclear war two years ago 2

This story began back in 1997, when a man named Cherd Chuensamnuan arrived at this temple to pray and meditate at the Buddha statue in the courtyard. At some point, quite unexpectedly, during meditation, a local resident began to telepathically contact aliens who told him that they live on other planets. After the shocking incident, the Buddhist hurried to his relatives. He told them everything, but no one believed him. A year later, crowds of people witnessed how an unidentified saucer-shaped object was flying nearby in the airspace.

Some time later, one of the parishioners even said that she had seen several aliens on the Khao Kala hill, after which other people also ran towards the temple, who also wanted to communicate with the humanoids. It may seem strange, but many of them eventually actually encountered aliens, which they later told their relatives and friends about more than once. 

Cherd passed away in 2000, but his daughters formed a collective of believers in “Buddhist aliens.” With the help of a meditative state, they managed to learn a lot of interesting things about aliens.

“Two races of representatives of a different mind contacted humans on Khao Kala, one group from Pluto, and the other from a planet called Loku. Plutonians do not have a physical body and are made up of energy. The Loku inhabitants have a physical body and they have very advanced technologies,” one of the daughters of Cherd Vassan told researchers.

“Plutonians are worried about how much destructive things are happening on Earth – wars, and various environmental problems. All this greatly affects the Blue Planet. Among other things, they really want to give some people the opportunity to chat with them to get to know them better. And if people ever destroy themselves in a nuclear war, aliens can help them restore human civilization,” the girl added.

The girl also added that some messages from these creatures greatly frightened her, for example, the prophecy according to which the Third World War will begin as early as 2022.

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It is noteworthy that such unpleasant predictions was the reason for Khao Kala to attract as many people with the desire to meet aliens. 

And so, it just happened that 2022 is here and with its beginning a war began, which has the prospect of developing into the Third World War and a nuclear one, therefore, one must think that these contactees were not so wrong.

The global media, retelling this story in 2019, hinted that the Thai contactees were either schizophrenics or scammers, but it seems that these dudes turned out to be real guys. Is it even possible that we will be able to guess the exact time of the global nuclear exchange? And if so, what are the real plans of the Pluto aliens, to help us recover or set the stage for harvest on a decimated civilization?


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