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Save humanity in anticipation of what? Globalists build a DNA repository on the moon so aliens can clone us?

Save humanity in anticipation of what? Globalists build a DNA repository on the moon so aliens can clone us? 1

The opening of the World Seed Vault in 2008 created a very long discussion among conspiracy theorists, as many suspected evil: the globalists are preparing either for the arrival of Nibiru, or for a nuclear war, or for another impending catastrophe, which will not be unveiled to mere mortals until the last minute. 

Back in 2021, a group of scientists proposed hiding a “lunar ark” inside lava tubes on the surface of the Earth’s satellite, which will store the biological materials of millions of terrestrial species. A kind of gene bank that will be placed in tunnels and caves created from lava more than 3 billion years ago. The Ark will be powered by solar panels.

The researchers said it will store the cryogenically stored genetic material of all 6.7 million known plant, animal and fungal species on Earth, requiring at least 250 rocket launches to transport cargo to the moon.

Scientists believe that in this way they can protect the planet’s wildlife from natural and man-made apocalyptic scenarios, such as a supervolcano eruption or nuclear war, and ensure the survival of their genes.

“We have a duty to be the custodians of biodiversity. It’s like copying photos and documents from a computer to a separate hard drive so that there is a backup copy in case something goes wrong,” said the lead head of the Space and Ground Robotics Research Laboratory (SpaceTREx) University of Arizona Jekan Thang.

Not all of the technology needed for this ambitious project is in place yet, he said, but researchers believe the ark could be built within the next 30 years.

Among the possible cataclysms that could threaten the existence of biodiversity on the planet, in addition to the eruption of a supervolcano and nuclear war, scientists also named a pandemic, a collision with an asteroid, accelerating climate change, a global solar storm and a global drought.

And now, they want to create a human repository of genetic code samples on the Moon. Is the extinction going to be that massive? 

All this is very disturbing, and when conspiracy theorists find out about it en masse, the panic will most likely be great as currently, a time bomb is being planted under humanity.

Recently, SPACEX has announced an open call for people to add their DNA to a “life from Earth” time capsule – a much cheaper way to get to the moon than buying a SpaceX ticket.

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The corresponding post was published on the “Daily Star” and the “Sun“.

The DNA is sent into space in a box so that aliens can one day bring humanity back to life if we ever face extinction.

Last week, Elon Musk’s SpaceX delivered a “time capsule” filled with DNA from over 500 species to the International Space Station.

The Crew-4 mission’s so-called “biobank” holds samples from more than 2,000 different people and is designed to help create a reserve of DNA samples on the moon.

LifeShip, the company behind these efforts, wants to preserve the genetic blueprint of species on Earth for future generations and keep it safe off the planet.

LifeShip says its mission to the ISS is a “demonstration mission” and the company’s long-term goal is to send human DNA to the moon in 2023.


On its website, the company says it doesn’t know what will eventually happen to the biobank, explaining:

“Because the genetic time capsule is destined for the far future, none of us will ever know for sure. Perhaps it will be found by a future civilization and used to recreate our planet as it is today. Our descendants could take your code to the stars to seed a whole new world. While this is all theoretical, we believe it is worth preserving our genetic blueprints for life on Earth for generations.”

LifeShip invites the public to send their DNA to the Lunar Bank. You can send your name to the moon for free or pay £100 to have your DNA sent to the lunar surface.

The LifeShip project is very similar to the Global Seed Vault, which holds 4.5 million seed samples so that future generations can grow plants in the event of extinction.

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