Saudi Arabia wants to build the new Pyramids of the Desert: Two skyscrapers spanning 75 miles at a cost of $1 trillion dollars puzzled conspiracy theorists

Saudi Arabia plans to build the Mirror Line – two parallel skyscrapers which will be located in a complex that will occupy an area of ​​75 miles and will cost up to 1 trillion dollars, as much as the entire GDP of Indonesia.

The Wall Street Journal reported details of the project on Saturday after obtaining confidential design documents.

The skyscrapers, whose surrounding surfaces will be covered with mirror, will cover much of the rocky and desert area of ​​Saudi Arabia and will extend to the coast, while part of them will also be in the water.

The project is expected to cost up to 1 trillion dollars, according to sources. Against the background of this project, which is planned to be implemented until 2030, even the Chinese with their railways in the mountains and the great pyramid builders fade. 

The peculiarity of the city is that it will be one building, or rather, even two, as it were, standing side by side, parallel and elongated in a line:

Skyscrapers will have a height of 487 meters and stretch through the desert for a distance of 120 kilometers:

The buildings will be connected to each other by pedestrian crossings, equipped with vertical farming systems, artificial climate and other cool modern touches:

The ptoject is intended to house 5 million people, while also featuring a high-speed train that will run beneath the buildings, a vertical farming system and a sports stadium and yacht marina, according to The Journal.

The Mirror Line is part of a wider plan announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has instructed officials to build something on the scale of Egypt’s pyramids.

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This plan concerns the creation of a futuristic megalopolis called Neom, the size of Massachusetts and located in the Red Sea, which has been in the works for years.

Plans obtained by the WSJ reveal that the plan includes creating conditions for artificial rain, an artificial moon, robot domestic helpers and hologram teachers.

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The proposed project is so otherworldly and ambiguous that it caused an avalanche of controversy among architects, to which even the Flat Earth Society joined. So, the length of the skyscraper will be 75 miles, that is, 120 kilometers. If the Earth is round, then this gives a height difference of 1,500 meters – that is, an architectural problem that scientists have not yet encountered:

And now the best minds of mankind are wondering: to follow the example of pilots and gunners, assuming that the Earth is flat and not bothering with recalculations, or to assume that the Earth is round and therefore the building must also be built around. 

The second issue with this project concerns the very idea of ​​building such buildings. Skyscrapers make sense in steep climates where a lot of people live and it’s cramped. But building something in the middle of a desert with Mars like environment all around is very strange. You can build a skyscraper in a metropolis where there are a lot of businesses and commerce needs prestigious sites. But who needs an office that pilgrims have to travel to on camels to show it to?

In general, all this is very strange and many people think that the Saudi prince is just trolling antagonists: he only said a word – and all the architects around the world were already running around in anticipation. 

However, it is quite possible that the idea of ​​the project is quite serious and this mirror wall will actually be built, moreover, in a region where a nuclear war is about to break out. In this case, the Arab prince seems to know something that others do not.

The prince knows something about climate change, and about the migration of people, and even about aliens. In this case, if the project is completed before 2030, then by this time everyone will have this secret knowledge. 


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