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Satelite Shows Huge Pentagram In Kazakhstan

A satelite image seems to show an unusual symbol in the Denisovsky area of Kazakhstan which looks devilishly like a huge Pentagram. The area concerned is said to be an ‘Unfinished Summercamp’.
Perhaps someone could kindly post a screen shot of the image as I have no clue how to from the site.



Bizzare & Odd

Archaeologists make a shocking discovery in an ancient funeral of children

They were buried about 2,000 years ago. On their heads were tightly fitting “helmets” of human skulls, and more specifically of older children.In 2014-2016, archaeologists conducted intensive excavations in the Salango region, Ecuador. Most recently, their results have been published in Latin American Antiquity.

In total, 9 scaffolds were excavated at this site, which, according to the ceramic remains, belong to people from Guangdong who lived in Ecuador between 100 BC. and 800 AD.

One of the two children was 18 months old when she died and the other was 6-9 months old. When archaeologists discover their remains, they immediately see that their skulls are strange and too thick. It turns out that the upper skulls of older children are tightly stacked on the skulls of young children.

It seems that when they were placed on the skulls of babies, they still had remains of flesh. Otherwise, the skulls would dry up and then fall out of their heads.

Archaeologists were shocked by such a ritual. They have never encountered anything like this in Ecuador and in Central and South America before. They have not read about such customs in other countries. Still, scientists do not know whether young children and skull owners died naturally or were killed.

Most likely, all children died of malnutrition. During their study, scientists found that there were clearly visible signs of hunger on the bones. During excavations, archaeologists also discovered a layer of volcanic ash that had fallen there shortly before the funeral. The ash can explain why starvation began in these places.

In addition, a finger phalanx, also childish, was sandwiched between one of the skulls and the helmet. This part of the likely rite also puzzles archaeologists.

According to archaeologists, one version of the creation of “helmet skulls” is that it was a kind of attempt to protect babies. Ancient people may have believed that the souls of babies were still too undeveloped and “wild”, and therefore, in the afterlife, they would need a guide and protector at an older age. But, for now, these are just guesses.

In the graves, near the bodies of the babies, are also found small figures of people made of stone, probably representing a kind of “guardian”.

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Bizzare & Odd

Astronauts develop bizarre clots and blood flows


According to a shocking report by NASA scientists, blood flow can stop and even reverse in the upper bodies of astronauts.


According to a shocking report by NASA scientists, blood flow can stop and even reverse in the upper bodies of astronauts.

The study could have some major implications about prolonged trips through deep space, as we’re still trying to nail down the exact effects of spending long periods in microgravity.

The study looked at periodic ultrasound tests of 11 healthy astronauts who staffed the International Space Station.

The results were alarming: blood flow had either stagnated or reversed in the left internal jugular vein, a major blood vessel on the side of the neck, in seven crew members. The tests also found a clot and a partial clot in two of the crew members after their return to Earth.

A paper of the study was published in the journal JAMA Network Open on Wednesday.

“This was an unexpected finding,” Michael Stenger, senior author and manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, told NBC News. “We did not expect to see stasis and reverse flow. That is very abnormal. On Earth, you would immediately suspect a massive blockage or a tumor or something like that.”

And that could have some very serious effects on astronauts’ health.

“If you get a clot in the internal jugular vein, the clot could travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism — that’s very dangerous,” professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University Andrew Feinberg told NBC.


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Bizzare & Odd

People love girl’s ‘iconic’ Christmas list including laundry detergent and $4,000

One dad may be regretting asking his daughter what she wants for Christmas this year after she returned with a 26 line wish list which may require a lottery win to fulfill.

People were loving both her bravery and the phonetic spelling of the items she’s hoping to find under the tree after her dad posted the list to Twitter with the caption: ‘My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list’.

Santa will need to work closely with Apple as she begins the list with an iPhone 11, AirPods and a new MacBook Air.

There were also the usual popular requests, such as clothes, make up, a real bunny – and clothes for the bunny.

Good luck, dad

But it was choices like ‘Chanel purs’, ‘purfum’, ‘julery’ and particularly ‘asenchal oil’ which really grabbed people’s attention.

One replied “Asenchal oil lmaooooo I love her” as another wrote “That baby sounded it OUT”.

Others were simply wondering what a 10-year-old was planning to do with $4,000, with one calling it a ‘rockstar move’.

“Right like oh yea lemme ask for 4K too,” said one reply. “Right by the bunny clothes.”

“I think she’s planning to move out,” said another.

The tweet has racked up more than 85,000 likes, 16,000 retweets and 3,600 replies. Here’s a few of the best:

We’ve got a feeling someone might be a little disappointed when they wake up on Christmas morning as others pointed out that it’s pretty likely she’ll only be unwrapping clothes and make up on December 25 – but were glad to see ‘mama has her priorities in check’.

The good news for parents is that although Christmas may be a time of goodwill to all men etc, it’s also a time of bargaining with your children to get them to behave.

Advice for parents

They know the only way to get these presents is to make it on to Santa’s good list and now there’s a new app where Father Christmas will personally call your child to give them a stern warning about misbehaving.

‘Message from Santa’ will give kids a personalised call, text message or voicemail – and you can add as many little ones as you wish.

It can, of course, also be used to endorse good behaviour, with St Nick dropping your kids a line to tell them to keep up their angelic behaviour.

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