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Satanic religion of the New World Order – AI Net, the higher beings and humanity’s new control centre

Satanic religion of the New World Order - AI Net, the higher beings and humanity's new control centre 1
Photo: Midjourney

The general pandemic performed an important function – to frighten its audience as much as possible as in this case could the masters of the New World Order count on people agreeing to live by the new rules. Therefore, through the media, everyone is urgently ordered to be afraid.

Today, every thinking person faces two pressing questions. How will we continue to exist on Earth? As free individuals or as biological impersonal mechanisms?

Digitization of personality

Whether the state is in your pocket or in your smartphone, the essence does not change. Because the users of this product will be managed by whoever owns the software. The digitization of our personality began, in fact, not today or yesterday. For at least a generation and a half, a certain part of their consciousness has been living in the digital world. Their minds are firmly attached to the screens of gadgets and computers, without which they can no longer feel like full-fledged people.

A generation is coming with an altered consciousness, whose brain works on the platform of a machine algorithm. Such a brain will harmoniously coexist with the new software that can interact with the psycho-emotional component of their personality.

The transformation of education on the online learning platform is also an integral part of this program, which is being successfully implemented through quarantine. It will become more complicated, called an individual digital learning path, etc. Education plays a vital role in the formation of a digitalized personality. It forms each nation’s cultural code, transferring the thinking of schoolchildren to the field of digital technologies.

The AI Net Religion

In this way, the biological elements of the AI Net are grown, which will replace the old Internet. A person will become an AI element, whose brain will interact with a computer using software that will be integrated into the human body using a microchip. The neuroenvironment will become a new human community, which will be subordinated to a single control center.

It all sounds like a script from a fantasy novel, a figment of a fevered imagination, but it is not so. There is enough factual and scientifically based material that indicates plans for the implementation of new technologies that will be introduced into our lives over the next decades. What follows is essentially a roadmap for the global technology outlook. It consists of several stages.

Implementation stages

The first stage that we are going through now is biometrics: biometric data is collected, this information is read and stored, and a unified database of all the planet’s inhabitants is created. At the same time, work is underway to improve the hardware of the AI Net – reading facial expressions, gestures, movements, biological manifestations of emotions, personal identification through remote access, etc. Active work is also underway to create information systems that will process not only biometric data, but also psycho-informational data, i.e. our thoughts, emotions and sensations. The problems of transmitting neuroinformation from brain to brain using a computer have already been successfully solved.

The second stage is the creation of neural interfaces that will work inside the body, controlling the life support system of the human body, and recreating the human mental states needed by the control center. The AI network will allow people to exchange not only thoughts, but also mental states. The need to know foreign languages ​​for communication will disappear. This will solve the problem created by God after the fall of the Tower of Babel, when people began to speak different languages. Humanity will be able to freely communicate with each other in a AI network.

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In general, in its advertising packaging, AI Net promises people the fruit of knowledge that can make their life “heavenly” without leaving home.

The third stage is an improved AI Net, which will be able to artificially construct different states of consciousness, mental sensations, sharpen memory, and increase the activity of the nervous system. A person’s personality will become an independent component of the general social consciousness. People will become a single neurocommunity. Man, as an independent thinking free person, will cease to exist.

While people are under the hypnotic fear of quarantine, 5G communication towers are being actively installed all over the world, because the speed of information transmission for new technologies requires new standards. This is despite the fact that a huge number of scientists have testified to the mortal danger of electromagnetic radiation in the “fifth generation” standard. At the same time, in parallel with the AI Net project, an artificial intelligence project is being developed, into which huge amounts of money are being invested. Today we are talking about building 6G.

Who needs this and why?

The strategic idea of ​​the possibility of managing humanity from a single center was born a long time ago. Long before German fascism, this idea was carried in Kabbalah, Freemasonry and various kinds of occult movements. The key task of the Gnostics was the idea of ​​​​dividing humanity into the chosen ones and into the gray mass of faceless slaves.

This plan has been incubated for centuries, and maybe even millennia. The passage of mankind through various socio-economic formations was small steps towards this ultimate goal. The introduction of a single monetary equivalent, the departure from subsistence farming, the destruction of the centuries-old tradition of family labor production and much more are also milestones on the path to full-fledged, unlimited, absolute, from the point of view of World Evil, power over everything and everyone.

The pandemic has made it possible to conduct large-scale exercises to control the movement of large masses of people, isolate them and regulate their mental state. Special services are working on methods for detecting (via cell phones) the accumulation of a large number of people in a small space, etc. These are all small training exercises aimed at implementing future big projects. For example, a program already announced for the near future called “Smart City” will make it possible to turn any large metropolis into a prison concentration camp with strict rules for global control over each resident.

Today we are also on the verge of introducing massive human-independent technologies, which will be given enormous powers to govern the state.

What is the goal of the AI Net owners

This entire system will become possible under one condition – the transformation of the consciousness of the person himself. The AI Net does not need those who are able to think independently; it is dangerous for people with critical thinking and, even more so, with religious beliefs. AI Net is a system of dehumanization of a person who should not have moral principles or conscience, just as any machine cannot have it. The ultimate goal of the New World Order is to turn man into a neurohybrid with elements of artificial technology, with collective thinking based on artificial intelligence, and with some residual elements of human biology.

We see how the mass zombification of people by the media works in the example of various small-town revolutions, when “the collective popular consciousness began to boil with an indignant mind” immediately after pressing the “play” button with an invisible hand. We see only the external part of the picture, in which a mass of people thirst for the blood of another enemy of their well-being. But we do not see either technology or those puppet masters who skillfully control people, ordering them to hate those whom they have marked.

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AI Net technologies make it possible to penetrate not only into the consciousness, but also into the subconscious of a person. Whatever such a person does, he will always be sure that he is doing it of his own free will, and not because it was imposed on him by external technologists. Thus, today it is possible to control any state from the outside without conquering it with tanks. Those who own the media will have power. Further, this power will move to a deeper, individually oriented level, with the help of new technologies.

Today, for the same purpose, traditional family ties are being broken all over the world and new models of family relationships are being promoted. All these are links of one chain, the ultimate goal of which is the New World Order, which will rule with the help of the AI.

At the present time, it is not so much the virus that is scary as the war that has been declared on all of humanity and of which it is a harbinger. The purpose of this war is the destruction of our freedom, the dignity of our personality, our likeness to God. It is for this purpose that the social atmosphere that accompanies the current quarantine measures is created: fear, maximum escalation of panic, instilling a chilling sense of horror. 

All this, in essence, is both a development of new consciousness control technologies and a tool for changing the individual consciousness of those who fall within the range of action of these technologies.

Satanic religion of the New World Order - AI Net, the higher beings and humanity's new control centre 2

Everything evolves into something else over time – including humanity. If an ancient man, who most likely considered himself a finite and unchangeable species in the future, had been shown what he was transforming into and how his life would proceed in the future, he would have been horrified. The same thing is happening now. It is difficult for a modern person to imagine something very different from modern realities. 

Meanwhile, science fiction writers, who, as we know, often run ahead of the locomotive and predict the future quite well, have long ago, in general, described the further path of development of any intelligent species – if, of course, it has enough intelligence not to self-destruct. Over time, there will be more and more developments in the field of cybernetics and the replacement of human organs with mechanical parts. As well as managing the processes of the human body – including to increase life expectancy. 

Further increase in computing power will finally make it possible to create a full-fledged artificial intelligence, as well as create digital copies of the human personality – including for transplantation into new bodies when the original one wears out. 

Then, perhaps, a complete rejection of the body will begin to occur. And, as the final product of evolution, it is a completely immaterial mind that does not need any carriers. Naturally, these will no longer be entirely human in our current understanding – just as we are not entirely human from the point of view of primitive apes. But these will be our direct evolutionary descendants, the result of development. 

Moreover, while human relations are still determined by the global struggle for resources – and, as a result, there are plans for some kind of global control of the majority by a minority who want to derive various benefits from this. 

But when (and if) with the development of technology the need for competition and exploitation disappears (and there are many such scenarios described in science fiction), any threat to humanity in the possession of such technologies may disappear.

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