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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Ruthless justice: Prerequisites for His Majesty Hunger and the next inevitable step in the Apocalyptic pretext

Ruthless justice: Prerequisites for His Majesty Hunger and the next inevitable step in the Apocalyptic pretext 1

We already know in what order the horsemen of the Apocalypse go: first the Plague – a kind of disease that has engulfed the world, then the War, which should flare up to the world, then Famine and Death.

Now it is already clear that a group of people (or non-humans) is trying to fulfill this prophecy intentionally, artificially bringing events under the pretext. How clumsy they get, we can see on the example of the Plague, which raged for 2 years. Clumsily, but by the way, quite correctly, they gradually achieve their goal.

Why hunger? In addition to the mystical explanation, there is also a purely material one. The Secretary General of the United Nations has already announced a possible shortage of food in the near future.

Step 1. It is already evident that Ukraine will not be able to carry out the sowing campaign in its eastern part this year, and there will be problems in the western part – many people have gone abroad. In the south of Russia, problems are also expected due to a lack of seeds. Russia bought potato seeds from abroad by 80%, and sugar beet by 95%, it takes time to create its own seed fund in the right amount.

Step 2. Russia and Ukraine supply wheat to the Middle East and North Africa. And bread is the main type of food in these poor countries. Lebanon, for example, depends on Russian wheat by 80%. In these countries, local famine will begin, which will cause a new huge wave of refugees from this region to Europe.

Step 3. The influx of refugees, fighting in Europe, food shortages will cause a crisis – countries will try to keep their food supplies – which will cause a multiple rise in prices not only for wheat, but for all food. Countries from the world market will buy up all the food, otherwise what will appear there will be very expensive.

But it’s not just about Ukraine and Russia. Unfortunately, winter crops in China did not grow well, not meeting targets. Condition of winter wheat crops in China this year could be the worst in history, according to the country’s agriculture minister, Tang Renjiang. This announcement has already raised serious concerns about a possible reduction in the supply of grain in China, which is the largest consumer of grain in the world.

According to the industry association International Grains Council, in the current harvest season of 2021-2022, the reserves of large exporters of the EU, Russia, the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia and Kazakhstan will decrease to 57 million tons – the lowest figure in the last nine years. This is enough to cover the world’s demand for wheat for 27 days. If we remove Russian and Ukrainian reserves from the calculations, this period will be reduced to less than three weeks.

But wheat is not only bread and bakery products, but also several dozen popular products, like pasta, and most importantly, animal feed. And now we add to this the shortage of corn, as well as soy sprat, and we get the price of meat afforded “only by the rich”. According to a memorandum signed by Javier Preciado Patino, secretary for agricultural markets, Argentina took steps this weekend to tighten controls on local agricultural commodities by suspending exports of soybean meal and oil.

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The result has already made itself felt. Food prices are already breaking all records.

Following Argentina, Malaysia also stepped in, limiting the sale of palm oil, which, as we all know, has become a high-profile component of cheeses and not only. Prices for it fly up no worse than wheat or corn.

That’s all. His Majesty Hunger comes into its own. Then such confusion will begin – that it is not possible to conduct any analytics. But according to the biblical scenario, we imagine how it could end.


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