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Russian and Chinese pilots were killed chasing UFOs

Russian and Chinese pilots were killed chasing UFOs 3

Tom Rogan, columnist for the Washington Examiner, who recently penned the piece, “The real reasons the US government is so secretive about UFOs” caught the eye of Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson, who, to his credit visits the UFO topic regularly via his platform. 

Russian and Chinese pilots were killed chasing UFOs, says reporter Tom Rogan
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Rogan appeared on Carlson’s show on December 19 and added a bit more clarity to his article.

In his article, he wrote in part: “… UFOs seem to be quite friendly, UFOs seem to be quite friendly, except when badly advised Russian crews try to attack them.

Within that sentence there were a link to the UK government archive page, which contained a few pages of the Ministry of Defense investigation and reports the UAP / UFO phenomenon. Rogan’s description was rather tame compared to what the actual document states, as those who followed the link would discover.

The report not only revealed that Russia and China worked together investigating the UFO phenomenon, but also stated:

Several aircraft were destroyed and at least four pilots were killed “chasing UFOs”.

Conversely, in the interview, Rogan cites the document specifically, stating that the pilots were lost and Carlson interrupts, saying: “were killed” and Rogan answers in the affirmative. (Watch the interview below).

Here is the excerpt from the UK report confirming the “death of at least four pilots”.

Russian and Chinese pilots were killed chasing UFOs 4
The Russian, former Soviet Union, and Chinese authorities have made a coordinated effort to understand the UAP (UFO) phenomenon. Several aircraft were destroyed and at least four pilots were killed “chasing UFOs”. The importance of the topic resulted in the appointment of senior astronauts and pilots, as well as senior scientists to conduct investigations.

At the end of the interview, Rogan drew attention to the UFO / nuclear connection and cited the research by Robert Hastings along with his book UFOs and Nukes –  Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapon Sites.


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