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Russia Confirmed: UFO’s Are Real!

Russia Confirmed: UFO’s Are Real! 1

UFO conspiracy theories discuss that the proof of the existence UFO’s and extraterrestrial creatures is being concealed by powerful governments, especially the officials in Washington DC. The same theories claim that many governments, notably the government of the US, are making a regular contact with aliens although they claim the opposite.

Numerous radio amateurs listened cautiously to every word the astronauts said to the Command Center. For instance, they heard that Apollo 11 was pursued by two mysterious UFOs.

Vladimir Azaza, a Russian doctor of philosophy, claims that the astronauts Edwin Aldrin took footage on a 16 mm color film strip. One of the footage’s fragments contains two UFOs with distinct diameter. They released some gas or fluid as going one to each other like they want to unite.

Evgeny Arsohin, a Russian astronaut, says he doesn’t understand where is the need of hiding this astonishing UFO phenomenon when we all know it exists in real life and it is not associated with the defense system or with aliens.

The incident started to resolve after 20 years when the International UFO organization – ICUFON sent a memorandum to the leaders of the most powerful countries in the world.

The memorandum included citation of the assistant of the well-known commander of the first mission to the Moon – Neil Armstrong:

“When the lunar module started landing, three UFO’s, 15-30 mm in diameter have landed on the edge of the crater.”

If all this is true, then the conversations between the astronauts and the Command Center become understandable too.

Ten years after, one of the creators of the radio apparatus for an expedition to the Moon, Maurice Chatelain, confessed that he was a witness to the previously mentioned radio conference.

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He said that the radio session Armstrong was talking about mysterious cosmic ships which have come to rest on the crater’s periphery.

The transmission was heard by many radio amateurs because somehow, Edwin Aldrin managed to lead the transfer.

The commander of Apollo 11, in a way, confessed that they have seen something weird. However, he dodged to give a proper answer.

The truth is that almost every astronaut on the mission was part of the Military Air Forces and they were aware of the Ministry of Defence’s rule:

“The military members spreading any UFO information are subjected to The Espionage Act”.

Violation of the rule brings with up to ten years in prison and $10,000 fine. And that is why they didn’t speak.

In the fall of 1973, NASA Chief Information Officer received a formal notice: “During the cosmic flights in the Apollo program, astronauts noticed the objects whose origin is hard to explain.”

In 1968, during their flight, the Apollo 8’s crew who first flew around the Moon, saw two unknown different objects in the shape of a disk and caught a radio transmission in an unknown language.

Two dazzling UFO’s followed Apollo 12 too. With the help of telescopes, it was observed they were flying in the front and in the back. The astronauts informed the Command Center as soon as they noticed them, but they said: “Good, we will consider them as friendly objects.”

There is an impression that the whole terrestrial cosmic program was under control of unknown reasonable force, and the Heads of the states likely knew about it, state the Russians.

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