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Russell Brand exposes the Truth – everything is Energy, Frequency, Vibration, Consciousness

Russell Brand exposes the Truth – everything is Energy, Frequency, Vibration, Consciousness 1

Russell Brand sharing true insight and wisdom into today’s society and consciousness.

“One’s reality is the result of your Intention & Attention. They want you talking about twerking, they want to shut your f*ing mouths and watch this shit you f*ing morons and I know because I’ve been part of the charade…but I’m awake now” -Words from Russell Brand & that’s how it has been on this planet, apparent stimulation of illusions and distraction. Wake Up!

Russell Brand is making an awful lot of sense lately, exposing the fraudulence around him like the sun exposes the darkness of space and illuminates the Earth. Truly inspiring to hear some sanity in a culture enriched with the passive acceptance of illusions and deceptive behaviors.

Everything underneath its appearance is really vibrations, frequency and energy, even a thought is like a radio frequency being pushed out into space. Hate is a vibration, Love is a vibration. Humanity is being bombarded with low vibrational frequencies such as our televisions, movies, games, education, religion and manufactured music/celebrities. Rise above it’s in you always has been and always will be.



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