Rungis: Massive food market disaster not the first – US was hit with 90 such cases in just 2 years

Yesterday’s fire that broke out in in Rungis, France, in the largest fresh food market in the world. The fire is impressive in terms of its extent and especially in terms of the causes that caused it. In a time of severe food shortages such a disaster cannot go unnoticed.

The Rungis wholesale market was built in 1969 and covers an area of ​​232 hectares an area larger than Monaco – and employs 13,000 people. An estimated three million tons of food products are traded annually to feed 18 million people. The market has its own railway station, bus station, numerous market halls, cold stores, offices, hotels. There are also dozens of restaurants, banks, a post office and even a police station. 

Thus, we see a fire in the largest wholesale food market in the world, from which all of Paris, a large part of France and Europe are fed.

Considering the general problems in the world with food – a reduction in the assortment on store shelves, rising prices, the complete absence of certain types of goods – the Rungis fire will respond to the system very quickly and for a few weeks, at least, deliveries to French stores will be severely disrupted. 

If it was an isolated disaster, perhaps no one would worry. But in the last two years, only in the USA and until the summer of 2022, 90 such incidents took place in corresponding food markets.

We cannot say that the market was deliberately set on fire by some evil forces, but the fact is that lately enterprises that produce and pack food, have been burning suspiciously often, more so than forests in California.

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Specifically, in the states of Georgia, Illinois, etc. millions of chickens and turkeys were destroyed on dozens of farms. Within a week, two planes crashed into food processing plants!

The incidents are too numerous to be considered random. It looks like a global orchestrated plan to seek price increases and nutritional shortages.

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Let’s not forget that there is also an issue with grain from Ukraine and Russia, which are not guaranteed as long as the war lasts.

For many, food on this decade will be the “new gold” because you can live without gold, but without food you don’t.

Health and food are the two things for which people are willing to sell even themselves for fear of losing them.


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