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The Rothschilds have substantial investment in Israel

The Rothschilds have substantial investment in Israel 1


Rothschild has a long history in Israel and the Rothschild family has played a significant role in the development of the country.

The connection with the region began as early as 1855 with the creation of a hospital and, later, the Rothschild family helped to fund the building of the Knesset and the Supreme Court. Rothschild also helped establish Israel’s agricultural industry, mineral extraction industries, and the production of glass and wine.

Today, Rothschild has a fully staffed local office in Israel and our activities are supported by the expertise and contact network of our Head of Israel Office, Doron Gurevitz, and our Vice Chairman of Rothschild Israel, Oded Gera.

We provide advice to international clients on their transactions in Israel, and advice to Israeli clients on both domestic and cross-border deals. Our services focus on M&A and equity advisory, as well as debt financing advisory and restructuring. Clients benefit from our local knowledge and contacts, as well as from Rothschild’s unrivalled network of industry sector and product expertise and our exposure to global markets.

Our notable recent assignments include advising Kamada on its US$59 million IPO on the Nasdaq, Tene Capital on its US$196 million follow-on offering of Caesarstone stock on the Nasdaq,  the State of Israel and the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) on the creation of a national Fiber To The Home company, Comverse Inc. on its US$1.9 billion merger with Verint Systems, and the US$134 million disposal of Solbar Industries to CHS Inc.

Previous deals include Cool Holding’s acquisition of a 45% stake in Hot Telecommunications, Altice Acquisition Ltd’s acquisition of Mirs Communication Ltd, the acquisition of Psagot Investment House Ltd. by Apax Partners, and the disposal of Enerco Enterprises Ltd. by Electra Ltd.

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