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Rothschild: COVID-19 is just the beginning of global changes. How the planet is prepared to repel new threats

Rothschild: COVID-19 is just the beginning of global changes. How the planet is prepared to repel new threats 1

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic by national governments has radically changed the lives of people around the planet. Facts that seemed simply inconceivable in the recent past have become the norm quite recently. However, the changes that have taken place may seem like a joke compared to what humanity expects in the event of a new global threat – the invasion of aliens.

This, of course, is not about the most hypothetical possibility of an invasion of Earth from Nibiru or Sirius but that such a threat will be announced to the residents of the states at the official level. Sounds science fiction?

In recent decades, the world has literally been in a fever from statements by heads of state and leaders of public opinion that almost everyone, without exception, is threatened by one or another attack. And there is always one central thought – we must forget all disagreements and unite in order to overcome together the problems that have arisen.

After the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, humanity rallied in the fight against international terrorism. Under this pretext, the military budgets of states increased, the United States adopted the so-called “patriotic act” allowing wiretapping of American conversations, the troops of various countries invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. To convince everyone of the need for such measures, the then US Secretary of State Colin Powell used white powder in a test tube, which was enough.

An obvious flaw in the idea of ​​combating terrorism was the lack of an explanation of where these terrorists came from and what they want – they were some evil people who want to destroy everyone, and the whole world must fight them.

In the formulation of subsequent global challenges, the problem was eliminated by the fact that the threats began to bear a miraculous character.

Soon after terrorism, climate change became the number one topic. And again, most states agreed to the new rules of the game. Programs were adopted to modernize the energy sector and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, albeit with obvious damage to the economy. The world, with bated breath, listened to the emotional speeches of 15-year-old Greta Thunberg as the truth given by heaven 

We are now in the covid period. In a short time, the pandemic completely destroyed many foundations, from the observance of elementary rights to the everyday worldview of people. The leaders of international organizations, such as Klaus Schwab, the head of the International Economic Forum in Davos, predict a kind of “new normalcy” for humanity. Under all these conversations, digital technologies are being introduced with leaps and bounds, the main of which is the immersion of people in virtual reality.

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And in this global trend, without exaggerating, the next step may be a general anxiety about the imminent invasion of aliens. If this is considered too unrealistic, then you can intimidate people with the impending fall of a huge asteroid. This means that all of humanity must again unite, abandon all resources to repel the threat and completely subordinate your life to a universal goal.

To some extent, a hint of such a scenario can be Hollywood films, which often turn out to be prophetic. The fight against the global terrorist threat, climate change, immersion in virtual reality, the coexistence of humans and robots – all of this has been filmed (and of very good quality) many times. A lot of what seemed like science fiction has already firmly entered our life.

“The Matrix” movie at the time of its release in 1999, seemed just a sophisticated invention of the authors. But today, people like Elon Musk openly say that we live in a matrix – a reality designed by a super computer.

During the 2021 pandemic, Hollywood released the “The Tomorrow War” movie, about the need to prepare for the invasion of aliens, which should take place in 30 years. 

At the same time, US national intelligence released a report in which UFOs were recognized as a threat to America’s national security. Soon after, Bill Nelson, the director of NASA said that astronauts constantly encounter UFOs, and it is unlikely that the technology of such unidentified objects could have been created on Earth.

In general, aliens, or an asteroid, are already close. Those who will deny this will be declared “asteroid dissidents.” Indeed, it is foolish to deny the obvious. Terrorism really exists, and the climate is changing perceptibly, and the coronavirus is dangerous to humans. 

Who will give a guarantee that we are alone in the Universe, and even more so who will deny that an asteroid can fall to Earth. 

By the way, back in 2020, Hollywood also shot the “Greenland” movie, where a comet arriving from space destroyed all cities and all living things, and only a few survived.

The need to fight aliens can become a global trend

It is noteworthy that in June 2021, NASA made a statement that aliens could be a threat to Earth’s civilization and in the spring, the publication of documents on unidentified flying objects began. NASA explained that about 10% of cases are not explained by any fakes or natural reasons.

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This topic is being actively pursued by Hollywood and we all know that “prophetic films” are often shot there. In reality, this is the preparation of public consciousness for what lies ahead.

Although there is another version. The US Congress simply stopped giving NASA as much money as it would like. And then, commissioned by NASA, Hollywood made several films about how an astroid almost destroys the Earth. These films caused anxiety among the population, and Congress immediately allocated money for space exploration.

To what extent can people be susceptible to such agitation? Many did not believe that terrorism was the main threat, did not believe in the Ebola virus, and even now even covid is not perceived as the forthcoming apocalypse.

It may be difficult to convince people on the existence of a threat from aliens. But what can be done? Two “flying saucers” will arrive, shoot at some city and fly away. Everyone then will shout that they were aliens.

Why do we need to create a panic over global threats?

An emergency WHO session took place from November 29 to December. Apparently, WHO failed to do what they wanted. The session reiterated the thesis that was announced back in May: WHO should be empowered to declare a global pandemic. Now WHO does not have such a right.

By the way, WHO has distanced itself from the current pandemic. They said that this was the informal opinion of the leaders of the organization, but ask your governments for all measures.

During the pandemic, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would cease to operate, trade unions would cease their activities, and NGOs will be equated in their importance with states. In fact, the planet should enter the regime of the emergence of a world government.

How can this happen in practice? This depends on the degree of threat.

In 2010, the famous politician and social theorist Jacques Attali said that a variety of factors, such as a pandemic, could push the emergence of a new world order.

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So a pandemic, or any other threat can create worldwide panic.

On the other hand, the covid story showed that, despite the attempt to create a worldwide mental epidemic, the resistance of the society turned out to be stronger than expected. 

Some of the elites did not like the whole story either. The Economist, owned by the Rothschild family, wrote that the epidemic would likely end in 2022. Bill Gates said the same thing.

What threat will become the main one after the coronavirus?

Climatic changes. This is a long story, but it will be probably played for a long time, they will untwist the problem.

It is possible that another, more terrible epidemic will begin. There was enough training with headquarters exercises, we were able to see who was reacting and how. Despite the fact that there were only informal statements by WHO leaders about the pandemic, nearly everyone followed orders on the path to a global reset.


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