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Roswell Witness : “My father tortured and killed witnesses to the Roswell incident”

UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia is known for his thorough investigations and searches.And he managed to get away a lot of witnesses of various episodes connected with UFOs. But most of them are witnesses of events directly related to the collapse of the UFO inRoswell. Then, in July 1947, not far from the inconspicuous town in the middle of the American desert, an unknown flying object collapsed to the ground, which at first even the US military recognized as “a flying saucer and a flying saucer that had been wrecked from the scene of the disaster by the US Air Force.” But within a few days the object was declared an incorrectly identified meteorological probe. And now Bragalia has published, perhaps, one of the most bizarre stories of eyewitnesses of those events. The daughter of a veteran of the Second World War claims that her father after the end of the war oppressed and pursued, on behalf of military witnesses of the UFO disaster, and at the same time presumably, even indirectly, caused their death or killed them directly. This story deserves attention, since such cases were also remembered in the testimony of other witnessesincident in Roswell.(Roswell Witness)

Roswell Witness

Photo from open sources

So, the source of this information was the daughter of a former officer – participant in the Second World War, which was part of the notorious group “hell’s Angels“(Hell’s Angels) 303 bomber compound US Air Force. Subsequently, he worked at the airbase “Wright-Patterson Air Force Base” (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base). It was here, along with other officers, that he received orders to silence witnesses who had seen and experienced something that they were not supposed to see or know. To such witnesses, the daughter of a veteran of Bragalia told, the persons who witnessed the collapse of a UFO inRoswell and the collection of debris at the scene of the accident, especially those who took for themselves something of those debris.(Roswell Witness)

As a result of many years of searching on the Internet, Bragalia drew attention to the woman he calls Michelle Penn. In this case, the real name of the researchers hide. And Bragalia himself turned to her, and not vice versa, as some would like to imagine.

Her father, whom she calls Lieutenant Hunter Glenn Penn, and at home was a rude and cruel man who had problems with alcohol. Therefore, when choosing the means by which he compelled witnesses to silence and the issuance of information and evidence, he did not shun anything. In war, due to injury, he lost his hand, but instead of a classical prosthesis he ordered a prosthesis, which was a mechanical arm with iron claws. The witnesses whom Penn took into circulation recalled that he had threatened them with a pickaxe that served also to destroy their property during compulsory testimony and the issuance of evidence.(Roswell Witness)

Thus, he managed to inspire some of his victims with such fear and panic that he later began to fear for his family and admitted that one or several people died as a result of a heart attack immediately after such repression. “Later, he confessed with tears to me what he had done. From his story it followed that he was given an unlimited choice, what means can be used to achieve the goal. Most likely, the goal was nervous breakdowns and suicides, “the woman said.

The father, who died in 1993, she said, was a soldier who did not question orders and was completely dependent on the authority of his superiors. Since he himself with the city Roswell was not bound by anything, in this case he turned out to be an ideal “mouth-stopper.” Prior to him, this function was assigned to local military personnel who warned of the need to remain silent as “good cops”, strongly recommending submitting. But those who did not hurry to heed these insistent requests was the “bad cop” – Lieutenant Hunter Penn.(Roswell Witness)

Michelle Penn’s amazing memories were confirmed by her cousin Bragalie – Jane Penn Lane, the niece of Hunter Penn, who, alas, died last December.

Bragaliya wants an emphasis on the plausibility of the evidence of the new witness. Not least because she did not contact him with this information, and he himself had to search for it for a very long time before she told him this story in detail. He himself came across stories about her father as a result of long searches “in the depths of the Internet”, and these were the lines she herself (daughter of Hunter) wrote about her father’s role in the Roswell incident. “Michelle’s words sound very balanced, even, honest, clear and believable. Now she is a mother, a spouse and a woman with high intelligence who is aware of her responsibility. “(Roswell Witness)

In fact, this is not the first case of reports of such forceful methods of pressure in connection with the Roswell incident. In his article, Bragaglia cites words and other witnesses about Lieutenant Hunter Penne, who previously reported on such actions by the military:

“The demonstrative destruction of property during searches and searches of materials from the crash site, which were kept by the ranchers and other local residents, was reported earlier. In the middle of the 2000s, for example, Faun Fritz, the great-granddaughter of the ranch manager William “Mac” Brezel and the granddaughter of his son Bill Brazer Jr., told a story to researchers Roswell Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. Faun then said that at that time whole parts of her great-grandfather’s house were smashed in front of the whole family, all sacks with cattle fodder were cut, and all the floorboards in the house were ripped off. “(Roswell Witness)

Summarizing all these stories, Bragalia posits the hypothesis: “All these stories represent a type of work that worked, waving to the right and left, with its metal clawed claw. And his name was Hunter Glenn Penn. “


Conspiracy Theories

David Icke Has Finally Revealed Reptilians Evidence!

First things first! You need to learn about this world known theory that reptilians are mixed with people of the elite of our planet and they are ruling it by their desires.

Secondly, you need to know that this theory doesn’t belong you David Icke but thanks to him, it has been made popular all around the world. And now, he claims that he has reptilians evidence and it is time for the world to know the truth!

We advise you to continue reading this text with an open mind and actually be amazed at how deep it really goes.

This all connects with Pope’s Audience Hall which reveals designs and discoveries that have been made upon 10 years of research of the elite and the Illuminati. This hall is located in Vatican as you may know and it partially lies in Rome, Italy. This all may sound pretty normal to you but there is a great number of things that make this building strange.

The construction of the building is strong and made to last because the architect Pier Luigi Nervi has used reinforced concrete to design it.

The simple form of the building that has a curve may not be that astonishing but what if you compare it with a head of a snake? The overall shape, the wide back, the rounded front and the curved top are exactly like the shape of a snake’s head. Just look at the photos side by side and you will need no further explanation.

If you are still not convinced by looking at the window one by one, try looking them both from inside and be amazed! You are observing the stage and there are two reptilian eyes staring at you! Once you see it, it is kind of creepy.

Also, you should be able to notice the scale and the fangs now. In the middle of the stage there is a statue and on both of the sides, there are two sharp pointed fangs.

If you are not yet convinced just look at this photos side by side. The interior of the hall and a snake’s head. The stage the eyes, you just can’t deny these reptilians evidence.

Again, if you take a closer look at the statue, in the middle you will see Christ rising and if you just focus on the shape of his head you will be astonished. It is very difficult to see this from the front so you should take a left and then a right look. You will feel goosebumps when you see that his head is actually a head of a snake!

Left Side
Right Side

Just think about this and try to figure out the reason for such metaphor of a building and a snake? The craziest thing about it is that when the Pope is speaking from the stage, it looks like the snake is speaking! Wow.


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Conspiracy Theories

Aliens, UFO bases, Nazi Bases, or Trapped Fallen Angels?

Antarctica is most likely the whitest region on earth, with a ridiculous amount of ice that is too harsh humans. Yet, this white mass might be burying some of the darkest mysteries about the world. Every day, more research is being done about this place and what secrets it holds.

Antarctica has been home to a lot of mysteries for long. For one, we have the incident of Operation Highjump.

It is believed by some that about 250,000 senior officers belonging to the Nazi Party managed to escape in U-boats from Germany towards the end of the Second World War.

Some even believed that Hitler was one of the escapees.

If those many people ran away during a war that got the whole world at attention, where would they have escaped to?

Some say it must be Argentina, but is this really feasible? 250,000 men can’t be hidden in plain sight…

Unless we are talking of the plain rarely visited by humans. Deep in Antarctica.

According to some theories, the German Nazi had been building powerful weapons here at their secret base in Antarctica. These weapons are well ahead of their time, with possible help from alien intervention.


This would seem far-fetched until you consider what happened just before the Second World War ends. The United States decided on a huge expedition to Antarctica while the war was still going on. This expedition is known as Operation Highjump.

Expeditions are not a new thing, but why then?

Maybe more surprising is the number of U.S. personnel and machinery on this expedition. Over 4,000 U.S. personnel led by Adm. Richard Byrd on dozens of aircraft and ships went on this expedition.

No other U.S. expedition to Antarctica had been so massive.

Even if there is a hurry to dominate this place, is there something in particular to dominate?

Wait for it.

This expedition was supposed to last for 6 – 9 months. After just one month, the expedition was ended abruptly, and it had nothing to do with the cold.

According to a report by the Chilean Press, there is a high probability that there were other more powerful people waiting.

Many conspiracy theorists today believe they had been bombarded by artillery, forcing them to retreat after sustaining heavy casualties.

From what must have happened there, the personnel on the expedition couldn’t have had a chance. It was a massacre.

From left, Harold June, Byrd, and Ashley McKinley, 1929, Richard E. Byrd Papers, #7773_14.

Even though the U.S. would not confirm this, Adm. Richard Byrd was quoted in the Chilean Press talking about how they were confronted by a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”

This could only have been or at least inspired by alien technology. As at that time, it was basically impossible to travel at such speed.

But this was not just about Byrd. There are several other reports of pilots who saw flat disc-shaped UFOs chasing them, even though they were not shot at.

These pilots also reported how their planes were being followed by balls of light. Yet, even though these UFOs, which the pilots called “foo fighters,” didn’t attack them, it somehow was able to disable the pilots’ plane’ bombing capabilities.

According to the United States, all these didn’t happen. Only one plane crashed, killing 3 pilots. If this were true, was that why the expedition was canceled?

And, let’s say it wasn’t true. Who was behind those UFOs?

Could it have been the German or were those extraterrestrial?

There seemed to be more to Antartica, any way you look at it.

Speaking of extraterrestrials, the more Antarctica is examined, the more the mysteries that crop up.

An example is the huge electromagnetic anomaly that was detected by NASA satellites in 2006. This anomaly wasn’t lying on the surface either. It was buried deep underneath 151 miles of ice. What a beautiful way to confuse researchers. Over a decade later, they are still left with questions.

But then, turning to an ancient scroll dated millennia ago, the Book of Enoch, some interesting passages seemed to have something to say about this.

Enoch was the man who was reported to have escaped death. He was the great great grandfather of Noah.

He wrote about how he was taken to the place where the corrupted angels who disobeyed God and came to earth were imprisoned.

In his book, he had talked about the 200 fallen angels who had lived among men, teaching men advanced technologies for their time and sleeping with the women and fathering the Nephilim, thereby genetically modifying men and leading mankind astray.

The book talked about where they were imprisoned, until the appointed day. This place was supposed to be lit by the sun both during the day and at night.

In his words, [the Sky] was burning day and night.

As it turns out, this fits perfectly with the Southern Hemisphere during the summer season in Antarctica. At this time, there is daylight for 24 hours.

This phenomenon, known as Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, can be visible from high southern latitudes in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Argentine.

Let’s say that was a coincidence. Enoch went further in his book by mentioning “seven mountains of precious stones, three towards the east and three towards the south.” This is where it gets more interesting. Mt Vinson fits the description of the central mountain. After all, it is the highest mountain in Antarctica.

As for the other six, there were there, just not aligning as specified. This could signify that there had been a shift in the Earth’s axis of rotation.

This is not uncommon. These shifts are known to cause such calamities as floods and tectonic events.

Then, it gets even more interesting.

If we consider the research conducted by Sir Charles Hapgood, in which he proposes that the last pole shift could have happened about 11,000 years ago, just at the end of the last ice age, we can begin to question if this has any relevance to the biblical flood.

This would perfectly explain why these angels would be moved at this time and imprisoned. It would place their whereabouts firmly somewhere in Antarctica.

Could they be imprisoned at the summit of the gigantic Mt. Vinson or could they be hidden right under the 151 miles of ice mentioned earlier?

While these are exciting thoughts, there is really no solid proof of this, but we can continue to dig more. A journey of 151 miles has to start with a question.


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Conspiracy Theories

NASA scientist admits that aliens have already visited Earth

For all we know, we are alone in the universe. Earth is the only planet inhabited by life, and human beings are the only intelligent beings. Of course, this is what scientists tell us, however, there are many who believe that there have already been contacts with beings from other worlds. There is Area 51, the base of the Air Force in Nevada, where the US government allegedly stores extraterrestrials in freezers. And there was a mysterious incident in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and mutilated cows in Colorado.(aliens have already visited Earth)

Although it can be said that the idea that there could be other creatures in the universe has existed since, at least, the fifth century BC, when the Greek philosopher Democritus postulated “innumerable worlds of different sizes” , and not all were lifeless. Four hundred years later, the Roman poet Tito Lucrecio Caro wrote about “other worlds” with “different tribes of men and wild beasts”“.In the seventeenth century, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote of a trip to the moon in which travelers encountered creatures resembling reptiles.(aliens have already visited Earth)

At the end of that century, the Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens wrote a book that speculated about the conditions of other planets and concluded that some of them had to harbor life. Pointing his telescope to Mars in 1894, the American astronomer Percival Lowell saw a network of what he thought were channels, structures so elaborate that they could only have been built by beings with intelligence.

And it would not just be stories and theories from the past, as some researchers are taking that possibility seriously and are tracking beyond our planet for evidence of extraterrestrials. But the last thing we would expect is for a NASA scientist to reveal that it is possible that we have already been visited by civilizations from other worlds.(aliens have already visited Earth)

Extremely intelligent super-small entities

In new research , Silvano P. Colombano, a professor and scientist working in NASA’s Division of Intelligent Systems, has revealed that extraterrestrial life may already have visited Earth . He also assures that it is possible that it is very different from what humanity is used to, the carbon-based organisms that are currently found on our planet, reports MailOnline .

“I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we could find and could choose to find us (if it has not already done so) may not be produced at all by carbon-based organisms like us,” Colombano wrote in a document.(aliens have already visited Earth)

aliens have already visited Earth Nasa scientist Earth - NASA scientist admits that aliens have already visited the Earth

Colombano added that scientists should revisit the assumptions, from the life of an extraterrestrial to its height since the size of an intergalactic explorer could be that of an extremely small super intelligent entity .

“Our typical lives would no longer be a limitation (although even these could be dealt with multigenerational missions or suspended animation), and the size of the ‘explorer’ could be that of an extremely intelligent super-intelligent entity ,” Colombano added.(aliens have already visited Earth)

But Colombano goes further, assuring that the aliens may have discovered a technology that humans can not yet understand , which makes missions such as interstellar travel possible.

“If we adopt a new set of assumptions about what higher forms of intelligence and technology we could find, some of those phenomena could fit with specific hypotheses and we could start a serious investigation ,  suggested the NASA scientist.

Even so, the scientist admits that interstellar travel could be an unbreakable barrier, in a lapse of thousands of years, although he added that it could be possible depending on what we assume about various life forms.

“Taking into account also that the technological development in our civilization began about 10 thousand years ago and has seen the emergence of scientific methodologies only in the last 500 years, we can suppose that we could have a real problem to predict the technological evolution even during the next a thousand years, “he concluded.(aliens have already visited Earth)

aliens have already visited Earth Nasa Earth Extraterrestrial - NASA scientist admits that aliens have already visited Earth

And if someone thinks that Colombano, who has a doctorate in biophysical sciences, has ended his surprising study, he is very wrong. In addition, he has called on other scientists to seriously investigate UFO sightings . And this is precisely what the experts in the field of ufology have been requesting. But what is most striking is that it is a NASA scientist who makes this revelation and call to his colleagues.

Are they preparing us for extraterrestrial contact?

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