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Robert Monroe and his travels in the astral plane. Encounters with intelligent reptilians

Robert Monroe and his travels in the astral plane. Encounters with intelligent reptilians 1

Robert Allen Monroe (1915-1995) became famous as the author of a series of books about his strange out-of-body experience, during which he met reptilian creatures.

In 1958, 43-year-old US broadcast engineer Robert Monroe experienced a series of strange events. At first he began to feel a strong vibration somewhere deep in his chest. This feeling at some point became so strong that he was forced to lie down.

While leaning back in his chair, he found himself floating outside his body. It is worth saying that until that moment he was a very rationally thinking person who believed in business, science, and did not believe in any magic and “devilry”.

Monroe immediately panicked, thinking he was dead, but a crippling fear suddenly brought him back to his “physical form.” And this was only the beginning, similar episodes soon followed in which he left his body and floated weightlessly around the room.

A worried Monroe visited several doctors and psychologists, but every medical professional determined that he was perfectly healthy. Delighted by the positive diagnosis, he decided to hone his newly acquired out-of-body skills.

He soon became so engrossed that he left his comfortable corporate career and devoted his life to the study of consciousness.

Robert Monroe and his travels in the astral plane. Encounters with intelligent reptilians 2

Synchronization of the hemispheres

Over the next three decades, Robert Monroe carefully studied out-of-body experiences, his main goal was to collect scientific data proving the existence of alternative realities.

In hopes of making interdimensional “travel” more accessible, he developed a technology called Hemispheric Synchronization. This system, also known as Hemi-Sync, uses sound patterns containing binaural beats (3D sound waves) to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Further, at his request, some independent clinical neurologists conducted extensive testing of volunteers using this experimental technique. To their surprise, the results were clearly visible on every EEG (Electroencephalogram) scan they took.

Monroe’s work pioneered the path to tangible altered states. The Monroe Institute was founded in 1974 and continues to this day. Monroe has developed a range of audio stimulation techniques designed to focus attention, relieve stress, improve sleep, and more.

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Portals to other dimensions

The US government closely followed the pioneering discoveries of the researcher, and in 1978 Monroe was contacted by representatives of the CIA.

High-ranking officials invited him to join a highly classified military project. They wanted to use his mind-expanding practice to work on the mind control of soldiers during military operations. This would give a huge advantage over the enemies (USSR).

Hoping to gain even more authority in the study of out-of-body experiences and other paranormal phenomena, Robert Monroe agreed to work with them.

Since the participants in the experiments were supposed to open “portals to other dimensions” during the sessions, the researchers aptly called this work the “Gateway Process”.

Robert Monroe and his travels in the astral plane. Encounters with intelligent reptilians 3

According to the declassified files, the program was “a training system designed to increase the strength, concentration and coherence of the amplitude and frequency of brain waves between the left and right hemispheres in order to change consciousness, moving it beyond the physical realm, in order to eventually escape even the limitations of time and space. The participant then had access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge that the universe has to offer.”

The discoveries listed in Commander Wayne M. McDonnell’s final analysis include detailed information about the nature of our reality. 

Researchers have established that we live in a holographic universe, and waking life is a projected electromagnetic matrix.

The appearance of reptilians

In order to enter the “extraterrestrial realms”, the participants, wearing headphones, sat in an isolated dark room, listening to different sound tones at specific frequencies. Participants did not contact or communicate with each other.

After their “astral journey” was completed, the volunteers told staff about what they had experienced.

According to Robert Monroe, the subjects often encountered interdimensional entities. Reptilian humanoids were the most common. Participants called these supernatural creatures “alligators” because of their toothy crocodile snouts.

Robert Monroe and his travels in the astral plane. Encounters with intelligent reptilians 4

It is curious that by that time Monroe was already well acquainted with these creatures. During his countless out-of-body expeditions, he observed similar lizard-like entities.

Monroe and his assistants have been collecting information about these amazing creatures for more than thirty-five years and this is what they found:

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1) These vile lizards have controlled and enslaved humanity for millennia.

2) They exist and operate in the 4th dimension and are only visible to those people who can see beyond our extremely limited spectrum of visible light.

3) Reptilians feed on our spiritual life force, which Monroe called “loosh”.

4) Negative/low vibrational energy is essential for their survival.

5) These parasitic beings see the Earth as a huge farm where they collect human fear, hatred, anxiety, anger and depression and feed on it.

6) Their intellect is equal to or exceeds human.

7) This elusive reptilian-like race considers itself the true and supreme ruler of humanity.

Research Results

Robert Monroe spent the rest of his days studying out-of-body experiences until he passed away in 1995. His beliefs throughout his research never changed, and he often warned other people about the existence of sinister energy predators around us.

The revolutionary experiments of the Gateway Process project continued throughout the 1980s and they recorded hundreds of successful “flights to other worlds”. Separate documents about this project were made public in 2003, but they received unexpectedly little public attention.

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Some informants claim that in fact this experiment was classified and in one form or another continues to this day.


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