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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Road to Antichrist and May 14, 2022: World puppeteers-occultists show World War III has already begun  

Road to Antichrist and May 14, 2022: World puppeteers-occultists show World War III has already begun   1

The modern world powers are completely obsessed with the occult. Without understanding the occult component of their plan, it is impossible to understand what is happening now. All events of any significance are planned and produced by them strictly according to plan and on carefully calculated dates. 

Esotericists believe the calculation is based on gematria. Gematria is the basis of the foundations of the satanic cult.

What is gematria and why is it important?

Gematria is one of the methods of analyzing the meaning of words and phrases based on the numerical values ​​of the letters included in them. The “gematry of a word” is the sum of the numerical values ​​of the letters included in it.

Since the world language of our world is English, the encodings of words and numbers of world events take place in this language.

Standard English gematria (English Ordinal): A=1, B=2, C=3… X=24, Y=25, Z=26.

Reverse English gematria (Reverse Ordinal): A=26, B=25, C=24… X=3, Y=2, Z=1.

There is also abbreviated gematria, Jewish gematria and a number of others.

Words with the same gematria are assumed to have a symbolic (hidden) semantic connection. For example, the following words have the same standard English gematria 174 (English Ordinal 174): New World Order, Currency Reset, etc.

Numerologists and Kabbalah claim that World War III has already begun

Calculations by numerologists show that the sum of all the numbers in the dates of the start of both world wars coincides with the sum of the numbers of the start of the war in Ukraine.

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Any crises, and especially such large-scale and severe ones as the current one, caused by Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and the subsequent global sanctions of Western countries, sharply activate the work of thought of various kinds of conspiracy theorists, including numerologists. They have already calculated the sum of the numbers in the dates of the start of both world wars of the last century and compared it with the sum of the numbers in the start date of the attack in Ukraine. Here’s what they got:

1. World War I: 07/28/1914


2. World War II: 01 09 1939


3. Beginning of the war in Ukraine: 24 02 2022


One should not think that if the fighting is carried out only on the territory of one country – Ukraine, this is not yet a world war. Suffice it to recall that the Second World War, for example, began with the capture of Poland by Germany, and only then the whole world was gradually drawn into it. 

So far, Western countries are holding back by all means from direct participation in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, rightly fearing that in this case it could escalate into a nuclear one. However, who can vouch for tomorrow? The figures clearly prophesize – the Third World War cannot be avoided.

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The ancient Jewish method of analyzing the meaning of words and phrases based on the numerical values ​​of the letters they contain, which is widely used in Kabbalistic teachings – gematria states that one of the meanings of the number 68, the same one that numerologists have received, is the “Big Bang”. It seems that it is no longer necessary to decipher this concept.

Sacred date 22.02.2022

If people would pay more serious attention to the warnings about the date 02/22/2022 that sounded every now and then, then perhaps this would to some extent frustrate “their” grandiose plans for this date.

But people giggled. And it happened. Although few people still understand what exactly happened on February 22, 2022.

For the most part, people do not tend to think and compare, dig and explore. From school, they are taught only to “assimilate” information, remember and reproduce. This has long been used by those who imagine themselves to be higher beings who have the right to reign supreme over the minds and bodies of the rest, such brainless “cattle”.

The beginning of this whole Masonic digital religion, worshiping Lucifer and numbers, was laid around 1560.

Lucifer is their morning star. It’s half-woman, half-man. Its numerical code in gematria (numerology) of Masonic-like cults is 222.

Numbers 111, 222, 33, 666, etc. are master numbers.

Now there is a master number 222. And this is the first and only time in the history of mankind.

Lucifer teaches: “As above, so below”. The code for this phrase in English numerology is 222.

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The code for the phrase “Lucifer Morningstar” in English gematria (numerology) is also 222.

The code for Lucifer’s phrase “Order out of chaos” is also equal to 222.

Consider Tesla. He said: “If you know the secret of 369, then you will have the key to the universe”.

“The key to the universe”. The code for this phrase is also 222.

What is the importance of knowing all this?

On February 22, 2022, “they” started the creation of a new world order out of chaos (order out of chaos, gematria code 222 ). Now we are seeing chaos in Ukraine, and this is just the initiating chaos and subsequent transformation all over the world- establishment of the so-called “New World Order”.

Their main tool is the secrecy of their ultimate design. Most of their voluntary assistants: presidents, deputies, the media, “scientists-experts”, high-ranking officials are just “puppets” who were hooked – some on greed, some on meanness, some on fear, but one way or another – all on nonsense. Because almost no one knows the real intentions of the main “players”. And in the end, almost everyone will suffer.

But a limited number of people began to guess. Slowly, little by little, they begin to see clearly. So far with great difficulty, unfortunately. The worst thing is that it is already very, very late to see the light – there is almost no time left at all.

The result, according to their plan, will first be chaos everywhere, hunger, torment and death of a huge number of people. And then for survivors, a “new order” will begin – digital slavery forever.

Sooner or later you will have to understand and realize this: the ruling elites profess a kind of cult. Willingly or not is another question, the very fact of their participation is important to us. The process of transforming the world, which they launched on 03.11.2020, is going strictly according to plan, and the plan was developed on the basis of gematria.

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That is why it is necessary to understand the essence of this science and, if not to calculate the dates of important events yourself, then at least find the source of such information and listen to it.

April 26, 2022 – on this day there were 777 days since the launch of the “pandemic”, and as it was very likely, important things have been arranged. 

Another date that secret occult puppeteers are unlikely to miss – May 14, 2022. 


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