Revelations of the Awakened: space changes coming closer to March 2023

More and more often we hear that humanity needs to wake up. This is vital for our further spiritual development. More and more are awakened among us and this is already an indisputable fact.

People who are at a higher level of spiritual development have special abilities. Some of them can heal, someone can see the future, someone can communicate with higher energy structures that bring people information about what most of us do not know about.

In this article, the knowledge is received from the Higher powers. Let sceptics and critics remain silent, because this information echoes the feelings of many. Maybe this is not the ultimate truth, but it is very close to it.

Earth is a transit point

There are quite a lot of beings on our planet who have incarnated in human bodies. They are here in transit on their way to their location, where there is a completely different dimension, a different life, a different way of survival. In their worlds, the question of survival is more valued.

In terms of their inner content, they represent a more simplified form of life and exist on other vibrations. They have very little Life-Giving Light, which works miracles. But they don’t need it. It is important for them to survive and live their lives with maximum prosperity. They do not value their own experience, or their loved ones, or someone else’s. In our world they are called soulless. And, mind you, they are most often in power.

Now on Earth there are a large number of souls from different forms of being. It would be more correct to call them living organisms. Our planet is like a big station, a transit point for them.

Human souls are now experiencing serious upheavals. Therefore, those entities who do not need the experience of other people, but want to control them, establish their own ruling line. Since their assemblage point is displaced, human souls have entered the experience of “harvesting.”

This is not to say that many of us did this unconsciously. Many consciously went to this experience. Incarnated souls will have to go through hardships, wars, famines, cataclysms. For many, this will be the final experience, and many are just entering a period of massive harvest.

The one who will not be inactive, but create will successfully pass this experience. We have a fairly developed religion that makes us remember our souls. Volunteers join together to help others.

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There are, of course, money-grubbers who try to cash in on others, but the future will not be built on them, but on those who help, unite in their mercy and compassion. The ability of people to unite will create a miracle that will go down in history, because the strength of the spirit and willpower, as well as the need for life, will stop the enmity machine.

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Dark forces viciously oppress us

Now there is not only a battle between people, this is the final stage of the struggle between Light and Darkness. The dark forces will weaken for a long time, and when this happens, many countries will experience severe shocks. People cannot cancel the karma of the country, they worked it out together.

Too many life laws have been violated, and the universal laws are built from them brick by brick. Universal laws are not made by people. Those of the soulless who now rule on Earth have decided that they can go against the Higher Forces. This decision is fundamentally wrong and absurd in its content.

For the implementation of their plans, they spent more than a dozen years, strength and material wealth. And it would be appreciated if it was directed to the good. But a huge amount of effort and money was spent on distorting the laws of life.

There was not a single soul that went through the distortion of the laws of life, and was not punished. And it’s not the Supreme Court. The punishment is so simple and crushing that neither the highest in rank, nor the most inconspicuous peasant will be able to escape from it.

Many innocent victims were brought, who could use their skills and strength for good deeds. For our time and level of development, this is shameful. Light forces have done a lot to avoid this development of events, but stubbornness, greed and informational distortion have made their unprecedented dirty events and deeds.

At all times, people have been taught to be afraid of something. Fear is a basic setting, it helps to survive and not get into trouble when danger really threatens. But there is also artificial fear. People lower their vibrations through fear, aggression and weakness. As much as we allow fears into our lives, so strongly they will be embodied in our lives.

Self-sufficient and wise souls know where to move even in the most difficult situations. But even a self-sufficient soul needs faith and work with its will, fortitude. A person must feel himself both as a physical body, a soul, an energy, and as a part of something great.

Chaos will dissipate. When the program enters, the energy of justice is activated and stabilized, then everything will fall into place. The true value of life program will be launched.

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We are lucky, we will witness this, we will see an amazing phenomenon. Many secrets will be revealed that are documented and hidden behind seven seals.

We will feel changes in space already at the beginning of 2023, closer to March. It is then that everything will actively fall into place. And, by the way, many will not like their reality. But, as they say, what you sow, you will reap.


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