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Revelations of a contactee: who restarted the world several times and why?

Revelations of a contactee: who restarted the world several times and why? 1
Photo: The Northman movie

According to many historical maps, the Arctic regions were free of snow and ice four centuries ago and teemed with life. As an example, consider Urbano Monte’s 1587 map and you will see that our idea of ​​those times is false.

How could this be, if modern science claims that the Arctic ice has existed for millions of years?

Monte Map Mysteries

The Arctic regions, then free from snow and ice, were divided by rivers into four parts. Now there is an icy desert and the land bridge between Argentina-Chile-Antarctica has been destroyed. The surviving giants, strange people and creatures depicted on Monte’s map were driven underground.

The map also depicts Antarctic dragons and centaurs, Asian genies, an Asian manticore with a woman’s face, a lion’s body and a scorpion’s tail, Mongolian unicorns, Aquarius in the southern Indian Ocean with a human torso and a sea serpent’s tail.

Most of today’s deserts and snowy regions were once warm and lively only three or four centuries ago, until the “gods” came along and destroyed everything.

Rise of the Anglo-Saxons

In 1750, the Industrial Revolution began in Britain. Not just like that, but thanks to the Illuminati visitors. After that, British ships with religious fanatics armed to the teeth sailed across the seas-oceans in order to capture as many territories as possible and turn the world under the rule of their masters. Many nations and people were conquered or destroyed.

The Anglo-Saxons received unique technologies and helped their masters in exchange for world power. 

The indigenous people of Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica offered great resistance to the invaders, but could not cope with their never-before-seen weapons and firepower. And they had to either submit or be destroyed.

What happened in the colonial era is a modern version of what happened in ancient times, when Yahweh helped the chosen people conquer the pagan tribes on their way through the desert to the Promised Land.

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The invaders not only subjugated and destroyed many nations and people, but also many rare creatures and animals, which they considered to be descended “from the horned one.”

The World Before the Third Reset

Until the last Great Reset, which occurred in the early 19th century and ended with the seventh flood, the world looked very different. There were giant trees, people and mythological creatures. They were destroyed by techno gods and visitors.

Revelations of a contactee: who restarted the world several times and why? 2

They devastated the Earth, leaving behind quarries like the Grand Canyon and huge mountains of toxic chemical waste that we now call volcanoes. Some of these quarries quickly became covered with grass and much smaller trees.

Australia, the richest in diverse life, was scorched by the bombardment and turned into a desert, as were the Sahara, the Arctic and Antarctica. These are the deserts of nuclear winter.

However, many of the ancient structures created by the peoples of the earth around the world have survived. Later they were used as government buildings.

The giant humans were destroyed and a new, lower and less intelligent breed was genetically introduced into the New World. It was the main reset, the third one. What is happening today is an epilogue.

The world wars of the last century were necessary to finally destroy the traces of the Old World. After the First World War, Zeppelin airships and a significant amount of free energy remained. But World War II completely cleaned everything up and paved the way for the Orwellian nightmare.

According to many historical maps, the Arctic regions were free of snow and ice four centuries ago and teemed with life.-4

Those at the helm have changed history by making us believe in something that never happened. The truth is hidden in old fairy tales and mythology.

The person with each reset became physically smaller and dumber. Now they want to turn us into mindless and heartless machines. The new world order is subordinate to the “horned”, and they have their own agenda.

Fortunately, there are also forces of light that, like during the Great Flood, will save at least some of us. We must start with ourselves and not wait for everyone to change or the world to change, not to be a fanatic in any area but soberly, logically look, evaluate our world if everyone does good for others (at least a little) and not only for loved ones, then the world will change, and for the better. 

A person is mistaken or his values ​​​​have been changed, wealth is not in gold, diamonds and money.

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