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Revelation of the Method: Real predictive programming for 2022 and beyond

Revelation of the Method: Real predictive programming for 2022 and beyond 1

When major events affect millions and even billions of people, a wide range of opinions will inevitably emerge to explain the crisis. From political explanations to religious testimonials, thinkers from all walks of life seek to deconstruct events that change the lives of the masses.

When it comes to what is called the “conspiracy research community,” one theory often offered as an explanation for the chaos of our world is known as predictive programming. 

According to one Ohio University researcher:

“Predictive programming is the theory that the government or other high-profile individuals are using movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more receptive to planned future events. This has been described by researcher Alan Watt, who defines predictive programming as follows: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological training provided by the media to educate the public about the planned social changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes will be implemented , the public will already be familiar with them and accept them as a natural development, thereby reducing possible public resistance and unrest.”

Basically, the idea is that the operations carried out by the hidden elite are shown to the public in advance through popular media, books and films. These hints are meant to “soften” the public to the ideas presented. By introducing concepts that seem unreal, and then constantly reintroducing them, they seem more likely, or at least acceptable.

It is believed that “predictive programming” in the media can appeal to the subconscious in such a way that the public passively accepts events as they unfold in real life, rather than resisting or objecting.

More often than not, people believe that the government is causing the problem, so the public will look to the government for solutions. However, as the government planned for the crisis, the government will come up with a solution that was planned long before the crisis happened. What they describe is often referred to as “problem-reaction-solution”.

Another theory, more plausible, is that these so-called elites, who have undergone such initiation rites that it is simply impossible to jump out of their club, should one reason or another to show the public their plans.

There is such a theory as “Revelation of the Method”. The person who popularized the use of the term was explorer James Shelby Downard. Downard wrote the essay King-Kill 33, which accuses the Masonic network of involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In Magic, Sex, Murder and the Science of Symbolism, he writes:

“Deeds relating to murder are frozen and will be revealed in the future in the so-called “Revelation of the method.” This method and the process of Masonic machinations are summarized in the principle “The manifestation of all that is hidden” .”.

Michael A. Hoffman II was a student and friend of Downard and continued to write about the concept. In the Apocalypse Culture, Hoffman says,

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“We come to the current development in ‘Must be’, an alchemical term which Mr. Downard translates as ‘Revelation of Method’. This alludes to a process in which bloody deeds and chill-inducing conspiracies involving wars, revolutions, beheadings and all kinds of horror performances are first buried under the cloak of secrecy and the silent finger of Harpocrates, and then, when they are finally committed and consolidated, are slowly revealed. To an unsuspecting populace that watches in deep frozen apathy as the hidden history unfolds.”

Some scholars of the so-called “Revelations of the Method” believe that there is a spiritual or religious element to this practice. They believe that by sharing clues or revealing their plans, the elite somehow free themselves from wrongdoing in the eyes of their Creator. Your humble servant adheres to this particular theory, and more than once or twice he was convinced of its truth. 

“… the truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or something else. The main thing is what they believe in and whom they worship. They always tell and warn. The participation of a person in the affairs of Evil must be conscious and voluntary. His will is free and to force it means to bring upon himself all the laws of the universe. The fact that their warnings are often made implicitly, in the form of reservations, in the form of plots, cartoon scripts, or in some other way, only confirms the relevance and importance of the saying of the Apostle ” He who has ears – let him hear, having eyes – let him see, having a mind – yes he realizes. “You need to listen, look and understand with care,” your obedient servant described his vision of prognostics, “True in the cinema, but lies in the news are theirs way of doing things. They always tell us what they are doing and why, we see it, we do nothing, which means that we agree with their plan and follow them to Hell voluntarily. We are in an existential, spiritual war, where you need to have intellect.

The law of consent is their most precious universal law. They tell us about their plans, and if we do nothing, then, therefore, we agree. Thus, they circumvent our God-given free will.”

Sometimes, prognostication happens by itself, so to speak. Rather, if they, who are subject to evil and serve it, possessed by demons (in the literal sense), for some reason do not ask permission from the plebs and do not warn him, but do what they should have warned about, then the Universe takes over, Reality, Universe. If She does not punish them and does not destroy their evil plans, then She warns us.

This all brings us back to #COVID19 and statements in various media that foreshadowed statements about a worldwide pandemic and subsequent authoritarian measures.

For example, Dean Koontz’s 1981 novel Eyes of Darkness features a deadly bioweapon virus called Wuhan-400. 

Revelation of the Method: Real predictive programming for 2022 and beyond 2

The 1973 Soylent Green movie has predictive programming, showing the world in turmoil, all wearing masks, with the year 2022 flashing on the screen. It’s about overpopulation, but they recorded the date almost perfectly.

Revelation of the Method: Real predictive programming for 2022 and beyond 3

The brief description says:

“2022. The earth is overpopulated, more than 40 million people live in New York alone. Environmental pollution has led to a greenhouse effect, as a result of which most of the water resources, animals and vegetation have disappeared. In order to somehow to feed people, the Soylent Corporation produces a certain nutritious product in the form of multi-colored briquettes.”

In this society, the middle class has been destroyed and people are divided into rich and poor. The former have everything, the latter have nothing. The theme of anthropogenic global warming is the main one (although then scientists predicted a cooling). The movie even has a curfew and they need them to leave and go to stores to buy food. The poor have to be content with exclusively artificial products (after all, Bill Gates suggests eating fake meat, and the WEF eat bugs)

There is much more to remember here but we would like to touch on such a thing as fear. Fear destroys everything – our life, soul and gives us into their power. 

Whether predictive programming is right or just randomness and confirmation bias is up to everyone to decide for themselves, but one thing is certain – we should not allow ourselves to live in fear of what is happening and what is being shown to us. We must do everything in our power to prevent these surreal worlds from becoming our reality, so that their evil plans are destroyed. Then, at the end of our Path, a crown awaits us, and our children will have a good, kind childhood and a spiritualized future.

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