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Revelation of the “economic killer” of the CIA John Perkins on bribery and murder of foreign leaders

Since the Second World War, the United States has become a global world power. This is manifested not only in the fact that the United States, with approximately 1,000 strong points, serves about 95% of foreign military bases. The United States also dominates economic policies around the world.

But not only the US government, but also the financial elite created a global empire in the last century. However, this is not visible to the general public , although the power of this elite far exceeds the power of the United States . This financial empire, working in the background, is based on three main pillars:

– The first pillar is the global central banking system. Central banks are responsible for monetary policy in a country or currency zone.

It is important to bear in mind that almost all central banks existing around the world are not government agencies, but private banks.

In the program “Rothschild Control” it was reported that almost all central banks existing around the world are controlled by the Rothschild family.

This allows the financial elite to provoke economic crises in any country or even around the world.

So far, only four countries have been able to escape their control. These are Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria!

As reported in the Bankruptcy – Financial Elite Strategy program , financial crises such as the US bankruptcy of 1920, the Great Depression of 1929, and the global economic crisis of 2008 were artificially created by the US Central Bank.

Thus, both Russia in 1998 and Argentina in 2001 found themselves in a financial abyss – and this is the result of the financial policies of their own central banks. In all these crises, only the financial elite won, thereby significantly increasing their power and wealth. The population was plunged into poverty and calamity.

– The second pillar is the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Currently, all countries of the world, with the exception of seven (including Cuba and North Korea), are members of the IMF. Due to the extremely increased debt of state budgets around the world, almost all countries are currently dependent on IMF loans.

He is the only possible lender for countries in financial difficulty. However, in order to receive such loans, the IMF forces states to take the most stringent austerity measures to ensure payment of debts for themselves and international banks. To this end, the IMF significantly violates the sovereignty of states, as a result of which they lose their financial, economic and political independence. Economics expert Ernst Wolf compares IMF demands with a predatory raid “in order to satisfy the interests of the super-rich.” The consequences are unprecedented: disaster and poverty at high incomes for international investors.

– The third pillar of this empire is the US government. According to the disclosures of John Perkins, a former US foreign intelligence agent for the NSA, US policy serves international interests.

As a study by Zurich’s Higher Technical School shows, these concerns are closely related, as they own each other’s shares and are also controlled by the financial sector. Thus, the US government is actually an agent of the financial elite. Due to the economic and military leadership of the United States, the rest of the world was systematically forced to submit to the interests of the financial elite. Presidents who, for example, wanted to limit the power of corporations for the benefit of their people, to protect their country from exploitation or to maintain the independence of their central bank, were either killed during secret operations by US intelligence agencies, or were removed from office as a result of a coup, or completely overthrown as a result of US military intervention.

Here, the United States left a long and bloody trace in history:

1953 – coup against Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran;

1954 – coup against President Jacobo Arben Guzmán in Guatemala;

1960 – the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Congo;

1961 – an attempt to invade Cuba with the goal of overthrowing Prime Minister Fidel Castro; 1961 – the deprivation of power by Kong Le in Laos;

1963 – military coup against Ngo Dinh Ziem in South Vietnam;

1963 – military coup against President Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic;

1964 – military coup against President Juan Goulart in Brazil;

1964 – a coup against President Victor Paz Estenssoro in Bolivia;

1965 – a coup against President Ahmed Sukarno in Indonesia;

1966 – a coup against President Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic;

1967 – military coup against Georgios Papandreou in Greece;

1973 – military coup against President Salvador Allende in Chile;

1975 – coup against President Juan Velasco Alvarado in Peru;

1981 – assassination of President Roldos Aguilera in Ecuador;

1981 – the assassination of ruler Omar Torrijos in Panama;

1983 – US invasion of Grenada after the assassination of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop;

1989 – US intervention in Panama and the removal of the ruler Manuel Noriega;

1981–1990 – US intervention in the Contras war with Sandinists in Nicaragua;

1991 – military coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti;

1991 – US-led military intervention against President Saddam Hussein in Iraq;

1999 – war in Kosovo – NATO military operation under the high command of the United States;

2001 – US-led military intervention in Afghanistan against the Taliban;

2002 – A failed coup attempt against Venezuelan State President Hugo Chavez;

2003 – the revolution of roses and the overthrow of President Eduard Shevardnadze in Georgia;

2003 – the Iraq war, which in 2006 led to the execution of State President Saddam Hussein;

2005 – Tulip revolution and the overthrow of President Askar Akayev in Kyrgyzstan;

2011 – US-led military intervention against Libya and the assassination of State President Muammar Gaddafi;

since 2011, the war in Syria and the failed attempt to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad;

2014 The coup in Ukraine against President Viktor Yanukovych /

Exactly the same patterns can be observed in current crises between the United States and Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. This is because these governments do not provide international corporations access to the resources of their countries. The central banks of North Korea, Cuba and Iran are also not under the control of the Rothschilds. Therefore, these conflicts – just like the US conflicts with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, whose banks were independent before the US intervention – are unlikely to calm down until the existing governments are overthrown and replaced by puppet governments.

Based on these relationships, it can be assumed that many future conflicts, the overthrow of governments, and also every economic or financial crisis will bear the imprint of the international financial elite. They act as a criminal syndicate, which has neither conscience nor morality, and which plunges entire nations into ruin for the sake of power and money. The time has come to put an end to these criminal frauds and bring the guilty puppeteers to justice.

In the appendix, we offer to see the evidence and assessment of the former agent of the American foreign intelligence of the NSA, John Perkins:

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave the country. The first is with a sword. The second is through debt. ” (John Adams, 1735 – 1826).

John Perkins: (Former chief economist at Chas. T. Maine Incorporated, author of Confessions of an Economic Killer).

We, the economic killers , were responsible for creating the first truly global empire. And we worked by various methods. But perhaps the most common way to take possession of a country with resources such as oil is to mediate a major loan from the World Bank or one of its subsidiaries. But the country, in fact, does not receive money. On the contrary, our companies in this country receive money for the construction of infrastructure projects.

Power plants, industrial zones, ports are what benefit the few wealthy people in this country. In addition to our business. In fact, these services are not beneficial to most people. However, debts remain on these people, throughout the country. This is such a big debt that they are not able to pay it off. This is part of the plan – they cannot repay the debt. And therefore, we, economic killers, return to them at the appropriate time and say: “You owe us a lot of money, you cannot pay off your debts, so sell your oil very cheaply to our oil companies”, “Let us build military bases in your country “, Or:” Support our military somewhere in the world, for example, in Iraq with your troops “, or:” Vote for us at the next elections to the UN “…. This is to privatize their energy companies,

All of this is getting out of hand, and this is so typical of the IMF and the World Bank. They plunge countries into debt, and these debts are so high that countries cannot repay them. And then countries are offered to refinance these debts and pay extra interest. They require “Quid pro quo”, that is, “service for service”, these are the so-called imposed conditions or “effective management” – which, in fact, means that they have to sell their resources, many social services, utilities, and sometimes and school systems, including the penal system, insurance system – and, of course, all this is sold to foreign corporations. Here the attack appears more powerful in two, three, four and no matter how many times!

Iran 1953. The precedent for the economic killer began in the early 1950s. When, on a democratic basis, in Iran, Prime Minister Mossadyk was elected. He is a bastion of democracy in the Middle East and around the world. In Time magazine, he was called “Man of the Year.” But the one thing that he set in motion was the idea that foreign oil companies should pay the Iranian people much more money for the oil they export from Iran, and the Iranian people should benefit from oil. Strange politics. Of course, we didn’t like it.

But we were afraid to do what we usually do: send an army to the country. Instead, we sent one CIA agent. Kermit Roosevelt is a relative of Teddy Roosevelt. Kermit came in with a couple of millions of dollars and was extremely successful in a very short time. He managed to achieve the overthrow of Mossadyk and attract the Shah to his place. A person who has a positive attitude to the issue of oil. And it was very effective.

After returning to the United States and Washington, people appreciated such a thing, saying “Super, it was pretty simple and cheap.” Thus, a completely new path was laid: the manipulation of countries, the creation of an empire. The only problem with Roosevelt was that he was a certified CIA agent. If he were caught, it would have rather serious consequences. At this point, it was very quickly decided to use private consultants. To send money to the World Bank or the IMF or to one of these agencies, send people like me who work for private companies. So that there are no consequences for the government if we are caught. ( * Recall our 90s)

Guatemala, 1954 When Arbens became president of Guatemala, the United Fruit Company and major international companies dominated the country. His campaign promise was to return the country to the people. And when Arbens came to power, he put in place the mechanisms that were supposed to fulfill this promise – to return the right to land to citizens. United Fruit did not like this. Therefore, they hired an advertising agency and launched a huge campaign in the United States to convince the U.S. population, the American press, the U.S. Congress that Arbenz is a Soviet puppet, and if we allow him to remain in power, the Soviets will be one foot at the door of the Western world.

And at that time everyone had a great fear of the Red Communist Terror. Then, in order to shorten the story a bit, the CIA and military operation to destroy Arbens came out of this PR campaign. And actually, we did it. We sent planes, soldiers and terrorists there. We hooked everything up to destroy it. And we destroyed it. As soon as he was removed from his post, the new man who came to power after him again transferred almost everything to international companies, including the United Fruit Company.

Ecuador, 1981. In Ecuador, dictators ruled for many years, and often very cruel, but maintaining friendship with the United States. Then it was decided to hold real democratic elections.

Jaime Roldos ran for president and said his main goal as president is to ensure that Ecuador’s resources are used to help the people. And he won with an overwhelming majority – with more votes than anyone ever elected in Ecuador. He began to introduce guidelines according to which oil revenues were directed to help people. Good, but we didn’t like it in the USA. I was sent there, as one of many economic killers, to change Roldos, bribe and convince him: “Jaime, everything is clear, you know what to do. You can become rich, you and your family, if you stay with us … However, if you continue the policy that you promised, then you will disappear … ”

He did not want to hear anything. He was killed. After the plane crashed, the entire area was cordoned off. The only people who were allowed to be there were people from a nearby US military base and some Ecuadorian military. When the investigation began, two main witnesses died in a car accident before they could testify. Many very strange things happened in connection with the assassination of Jaime Roldos. I, like most other people who were deeply involved in this matter, had absolutely no doubt that it was a murder.

And, of course, in my position as an Economic Hit Man, I always knew that something would happen to Jaime. It will be either a coup or a murder, I was not sure – in any case, it will be eliminated. It was impossible to bribe him. He did not give in to pressure as we wanted it.

Panama, 1981. Omar Torrijos, president of Panama, was, as you know, one of my favorite politicians. I really liked him. He was very charismatic. He really wanted to help the country. And when I tried to bribe him or give a bribe, he said: “Listen, Juanito, I do not need money. What I really need is a fair attitude towards my country. I want the United States to pay the debt that they owe to my people for all the damage that happened here. I need to be in a position in which I can help other Latin American countries regain their independence and free themselves from this terrible influence from the north. You gutted us too much. I want to return the Panama Canal to the Panamanians. This is what I want. So leave me alone. You know that, so don’t try to bribe me. ” That was in 1981, in May Jaime Roldos was killed, and Omar understood this perfectly. Torrijos told his family: “Perhaps I will be next, that’s understandable, because I did what I came for.”

I again negotiated the channel. The channel will now be ours, and we just negotiated a contract with Jimmy Carter. In June of that year, just a few months later, Torrijos also died in a plane crash, which, no doubt, was organized by mercenaries paid by the CIA. Much indicates that one of Torrijos’s bodyguards at the last moment when he got on the plane handed him a tape recorder, a small tape recorder in which there was explosive. I’m curious that this system continued to operate in much the same way – for years, unless the “economic killer” was getting better and better. Then we were aimed at fighting what happened recently in Venezuela. In 1998, Hugo Chavez became president-elect after a series of very corrupt presidents who, in principle, destroyed the country’s economy. And Chavez was elected at that time. Chavez opposed the United States. He did this by demanding that Venezuelan oil be used in the interests of the Venezuelan people. Well, yes, we did not like it in the United States. Therefore, in 2002, a coup d’etat was committed, which, in my opinion – and in the opinion of many others – was undoubtedly carried out not without the participation of the CIA.

The way in which this coup d’etat is fomented reflects well what Kermit Roosevelt did in Iran. He paid people to take to the streets, row, protest, and say that Chavez is unpopular. But if you attract several thousand people for this, then television can create the impression that the whole country is on the streets, and actions are beginning to spread. Except in the case of Chavez: he was smart enough, and people stood behind him so confidently that they overcame all this. It was an amazing moment in the history of Latin America.

IRAQ 2003 Iraq is indeed a great example of how the whole system works. We, the “economic killers”, are the first line of defense. We go inside, we try to bribe the government and force them to take these huge loans, which we then use as a means of coercion, in principle to control them. If we fail, as I am in Panama with Omar Torrijos and in Ecuador with Jaime Roldos, people who refuse to take bribes, then our second line of defense is to send hired killers. And then the killers overthrow the government or they kill. Then a new government comes to this place. They obey, as the next president knows what will happen if he does not. In the case of Iraq, these two measures were unsuccessful. Economic killers could not get to Saddam Hussein. We tried our best to get him to accept an agreement that was very similar to what the Saudi dynasty in Saudi Arabia accepted. But he did not agree. And then the killers came to kill him.

They did not succeed, he had very good security. After all, once he himself worked for the CIA. He was hired to kill the former Iraqi president; he failed. But he knew the system. Therefore, in 1991, we sent an army and destroyed the Iraqi army. At that moment, we assumed that Saddam Hussein would come to his senses. Of course, we could kill him at that moment, but we did not want this. He belonged to those “strong people” that we like. He controlled his citizens. We thought that he would be able to control the Kurds, keep the Iranians within his borders and continue to produce oil for us. And if we destroy his army, he will change his mind.

So, the “economic killers” returned again in the nineties, but to no avail. If they were successful, he would still be on duty. We would sell him all the bomber planes he wanted. All that he would want. But they were unsuccessful. The terrorists again could not remove it. Therefore, we again sent the military, and this time we did the work ourselves and removed it. And at the same time, we concluded several very, very profitable construction contracts in order to restore the country, which we almost destroyed. Which is pretty good when you own very large construction companies. So, in Iraq all three steps are indicative.

The “economic killers” could not cope there, the terrorists too. And, as a last resort, troops were sent. And so we created a real empire, but we did it very, very secretively. It’s a secret. All empires of the past were created with the help of the army and everyone knew that they were creating it. The British knew that they were creating it. French, Germans, Romans, Greeks. And they were proud of it. They always had excuses. Such as the spread of civilization, the spread of any religion, something like that. But they knew who did it. But we are not.

Most people in the United States have no idea how we capitalize on the benefits of a secret empire that there is more slavery in the world today than ever before. Then the question arises: well, if this is an empire, then who is the emperor? Obviously, our presidents of the United States are not emperors. The emperor, who was not elected, is not limited in duration and practically does not report to anyone. Thus, our presidents cannot be included in this category. But we have something that I consider the equivalent of the emperor. And this is what I call corporatocracy (a merger of companies and politics), as it were, the dominance of corporations.

Corporatocrats are a group of people who manage our largest companies. And they really behave like rulers of this empire. They control our media. Either directly, owning them, or through advertising. They control most of our politicians, as they fund their campaigns. Either through concerns or private donations that come from concerns. They are not elected. They do not have a limited tenure. They should not report to anyone. As for the top of corporatocrats themselves, one cannot say with certainty whether a person works for a private company or for the government, because this is constantly changing.

For example, someone is currently the president of a large construction company such as Halliburton. The next moment he is vice president of the United States. Or the president of the oil industry. And this is true, anyway, whether Democrats are on the post or Republicans. Everywhere there is a constant alternation, as if passing through a revolving door. And in a sense, our government is invisible most of the time. And these strategies are implemented by our companies at one level or another. Government strategies are practically driven by concerns. They are presented to the government, and then become government laws. This is a very close relationship. This is not a conspiracy theory or anything like that. These people do not need to get together and plan what they want to do. They all work on almost general conditions, such as that they should maximize their profits. And this is independent of social and environmental costs.


Apocalypse & Armageddon

On the eve of the collapse – Bank of America assessed the US economy

Bank of America told investors on Thursday that the United States economy is already falling into recession amid the global Covid 19 pandemic.

“We officially declare that the US economy has fallen into recession, joining the rest of the world, and this is one deep descent,” wrote economist Bofa Michelle Mayer.

“Jobs will be lost, prosperity will be destroyed, and trust will be crushed,” she continued.

According to the bank, the US economy will collapse in the second quarter, when GDP is expected to decline by as much as 12%. In addition, the Bank of America notes that unemployment will double with 1 million job losses each month in the second quarter.

“Salvation will come if there is a focused and aggressive political response to compensate for the loss of economic activity and ensure a stable financial system,” Mayer concluded.

The world fell into a systemic crisis

We are talking about events much more serious than what happened in 2008. The scale of the onset of the collapse resembles the Great Depression, although history does not repeat literally. This time everything will happen a little differently than under Hoover.

What is coronavirus in this regard? Accidentally turned up a reason to start a reboot of the global financial system? Unlikely.

Rather, it is an act in a war in which literally all states and the Central Bank will lose, very many corporations, and only a very narrow group of beneficiaries can win …

it’s worth waiting until the results of the damage caused by the epidemic become clear, the results of the oil and gas war, and also see how deep the exchanges will fall during the current stage of the global systemic crisis.

After it becomes clear who exactly survived in this fascinating struggle, it will be possible to decide what it is worth talking about.

Are we heading to a new world ‘war’, acting as a “forest nurse”, rejecting non-viable political entities?

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Coca-Cola’s Mysterious Ingredient – Cochineal Insect Liquid

In 2006, for the first time in the world, a lawsuit was launched again Coca-Cola over the composition of the drink. It is usually written on the label that Coca-Cola contains sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, caramel, carbon dioxide and some kind of “extract”. This extract aroused suspicion. And Coca-Cola was forced to reveal the secret of what Cola is actually made of. It turned out to be a liquid obtained from the insect Cochineal (Cochineal).

Cochineal is an insect that lives on the Canary Islands and in Mexico. This insect is attached by a proboscis to a plant, sucks juice and never moves. These insects are collected in the fields by villagers … From the females and eggs of these insects, a pigment called carmine is removed, which turns Coca-Cola brown. The dried look of the cochineal makes them look like raisins, but in fact they are insects!

Now you know what the word “Coca” means in the name of the drink. And now you will know what is hidden behind the word “Cola”. To do this, there is a story of an employee who worked at Coca-Cola for 23 years.

Liquorice roots are the raw material for cola and main food source for various mammals, including mice which feed on these roots. Large cola companies harvest tons of these roots using excavators. When assembling these tons of roots, they are not able to pull out the mice.

Therefore, the liquorice roots are pressed along with what was among the roots.

Only after this the remnants of mice hair, paws and so on are pulled out of this mass!

Due to the fact that the drink has a dark shade, it is not noticeable that the blood and gastric fluid of mice is also present in it. Of course, the cola giants are trying to neutralize harmful substances with chemicals.

For 23 years, the employee who told this story has never drank a glass of cola.

Then judge for yourself.

Scientists from Washington analysed the components of one of the ingredients of Coca-Cola. It turned out that caramel is not melted sugar at all, but a chemical mixture of sugar, ammonia and sulfites, obtained at high pressure and temperature. It can cause cancer of the lungs, liver, thyroid gland and leukemia.

It also turned out that alcohol is included in the soda: this is the basis of the very secret supplement “7 X.” A few drops of aromatic oils, coriander and cinnamon are added to alcohol.

Additionally, the cochineal insect liquid – carmine did not pass certification at all, therefore, in some countries they do not produce cola at all.

How does the body react to cola?

  • After 10 minutes.

10 teaspoons of sugar will “hit” your system (this is the daily recommended rate).

You do not vomit, because phosphoric acid suppresses the effect of sugar.

  • In 20 minutes.

There will be a jump in insulin in the blood. The liver turns all sugar into fats.

  • In 40 minutes.

Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils will dilate.

Blood pressure will increase because the liver releases more sugar into the blood.

Adenosine receptors are blocked, thereby preventing drowsiness.

  • In 45 minutes.

Your body will increase the production of dopamine hormone, which stimulates the brain’s pleasure center.

The same principle of action in heroin.

  • After an hour.

Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your intestines, speeding up your metabolism.

Increased excretion of calcium through urine.

  • More than an hour later.

Diuretic action comes into play.

Calcium, magnesium and zinc, which are found in your bones, are excreted, as are sodium, electrolyte and water.

  • More than an hour and a half later.

You become irritable or lethargic. All water contained in Coca-Cola is excreted through urine.

The active ingredient in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. To transport Coca-Cola concentrate, the truck must be equipped with special containers designed for highly corrosive materials.

The detailed composition of the advertised Coca-Cola Light decaffeinated product:

  • 1. Aqua carbonated, E150d, E952, E950, E951, E338, E330, Aromas, E211

Aqua carbonated – sparkling water. The presence of carbon dioxide in water excites gastric secretion, increases the acidity of gastric juice and provokes flatulence – abundant gas production. In addition, not spring water is used, but tap water passed through special filters.

  • 2. E952 (Cyclamic Acid and Na, K, Ca salts), Cyclamic acid and its sodium, potassium and calcium salts.

Sugar substitute. Cyclamate is a synthetic chemical, has a sweet taste 200 times the sweetness of sugar, and is used as an artificial sweetener. It was banned for use in human food, as it is a carcinogen that causes cancer. In 1969, by order of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was banned for use in the United States, as it has been proven that it, like saccharin and aspartame, causes bladder cancer in rats. The same year is banned in Canada. In 1975, banned in Japan, South Korea and Singapore. It is forbidden to use in the beverage industry in Indonesia. In 1979, the World Health Organization rehabilitated cyclamates, recognizing them as harmless.

  • 3. E150d (Caramel IV – Ammonia-sulphite process, dye)

– burnt sugar, obtained by processing sugar at certain temperatures, with or without the addition of chemicals. In this case, ammonium sulfate is added.

  • 4. E950 (Acesulfame Potassium, Acesulfame Potassium)

– 200 times sweeter than sucrose. It contains methyl ether, which worsens the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and aspartic acid, which has an exciting effect on the nervous system and can, over time, become addictive. Acesulfame is poorly soluble. Products with this sweetener are not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.

  • 5. E951 (Aspartame)

– sweetener for patients with diabetes. Chemically unstable: decomposes into methanol and phenylalanine with increasing temperature. Methanol (methyl alcohol) is very dangerous: 5-10 ml can lead to death of the optic nerve and irreversible blindness, 30 ml can lead to death.

  • 6. E338 (Orthophosphoric Acid, phosphoric acid) – chemical formula: H3 PO4.

Fire and explosion hazard. Causes eye and skin irritation.

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A secret business is thriving on the search for alien and paranormal technologies

Fraudulent research centers are being created across the country.

Experts from the SETI project, aimed at searching for extraterrestrial civilizations and contacting them, have already unsuccessfully scanned more than six thousand star systems, but the hope for an early meeting with their brothers in mind remains.

 It is promised that with the help of the most powerful telescope system in the Chilean Atacama Desert, the signal from an alien civilization will be detected by 2025. Now thousands of amateur astronomers are connected to this search. It is proposed to search for “techno-signatures”, which can be changes in the atmosphere of the studied planets, laser radiation. Life forms must sooner or later betray their existence.


However, “specialists” appeared in the USA who assured government officials that aliens should not be sought in the depths of outer space, but on Earth, where they supposedly have been hosting for a long time.

The command of the aircraft carrier “Nimitz”, whose pilots visually recorded an approach to the UFO in 2004, obliged the crew to ensure the safety of the vessel from unidentified flying objects whose movement on radars violates all laws of physics. The US government admits that it still has no idea what it is. But, surprisingly, every time it hires all kinds of scammers to investigate the most important phenomenon.

Today, everything related to the search for contacts with aliens in the United States falls under the highest level of secrecy, American politicians believed that they should get ahead of their competitors in contacts with advanced civilizations and be the first to receive from them means of control over the world.

Popular Mechanics Magazine attempted to study an intricate research system created in the United States for studies of obscure phenomena. It turned out that the Pentagon was heavily invested in the “Program for identifying advanced aerospace threats.” To do this, money was used from the black budget with the assistance of the Military Intelligence Agency, which avoided unnecessary debate in the Senate about the allocation of funds for such a strange program. The execution of the tasks of the military department was entrusted to one dubious private company.

Elusive ufo

With Pentagon money, this company recruited a staff of 50 employees — retired military intelligence officers, doctors of science, engineers, technicians, and managers who were entrusted with an important state task — to reveal the secret of UFOs, and at the same time to develop “breakthrough military technologies” for the Pentagon.

The program was so classified that it only became known in 2017. When it was closed, research continued under another cover.

The hunt for alien technology is based on classic American corruption, when former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, with the support of two more powerful senators, knocked out $ 22 million from the military budget for an aerospace threat program.

Senator Ted Stevens stood out among a group of UFO search enthusiasts. Incidentally, he later came under investigation for receiving bribes from corporations, which, in particular, carried out costly repairs to him for free. Stevens was threatened with five years in prison, but in 2010 he died in a plane crash.

So, the dubious company, encouraged by promises of even larger investments from the Pentagon, in a short time created a secret office that took up secrets inaccessible to human cognition.


From the “researchers” was only required to submit peppy reports on the progress of research monthly.

Then Senator Reid will say that he is proud of the achievements of the program and its 38 theoretical studies. The final report fit into 490 pages full of discussions from sci-fi action films about UFOs, dark negative energy, stargates and transitions to other dimensions. It seems that company employees simply rewrote paragraphs from the works of science fiction writers, passing them off as the fruit of their efforts. Initially, it was clear that a group of retired employees of various agencies and scientific institutions were not able to deal with complex and yet inexplicable phenomena.

Officially, the office’s work ceased in 2012, but in reality, research continued with even more covert funding. In recent years, the UFO research program was led by former counterintelligence officer Luis Elizondo, who in 2017 left the Pentagon with scandal.

Financial crime and contract fraud experts say they are trying to keep their deals and programs secret in the United States to avoid disclosure and liability for forgery. The law on countering economic espionage is very suitable for this. No transparency or disclosure of obligations is permitted.

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