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Researchers’ Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 1

A couple of researchers have seriously taken up the study of cyclical catastrophes that occur on Earth every 676 years. This is how the hypothesis of a reset of civilization appeared.

It turns out that these reboots are hidden from society, and everything we know is not entirely true.

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 2

Events before the end

Any event has a beginning and an end. Sometimes the next stage of history ends with the disappearance of entire civilizations. The last reset was associated with such a phenomenon as the Black Death in 1348, which claimed the lives of up to 80% of civilization.

Researcher Francis Aidan Gasquet studied eyewitness accounts for 15 years, which he described in his publication in 1908. Analyzing the history of those years, a very strange pattern emerges – before the beginning of the end, mysterious events began to occur.

· First, there were sharp climatic changes (for example, the Baltic Sea froze over in 1323-1324);

· Secondly, there was a great famine (1315-1317 and 1346-1347);

· Thirdly, protracted wars began.

Researchers Arthur Lalak and Grzegorz Skwarek believe that the latest destruction could be due to radiation.

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 3

The Earth’s magnetic field, which protects us from cosmic rays, is weakening much faster than previously thought. Thus, people began to experience radiation sickness. At least the symptoms described speak in favor of this particular one. The only question is, where did it come from in such ancient times?

Some researchers associate its occurrence with the cyclic polarity of the Earth, in which there is a temporary disruption in the work of the electromagnetic field around our planet. As a result, cosmic radiation reaches the surface of the Earth, and people are not adapted to it.

This theory could explain the phenomenon of the construction of underground cities by ancient civilizations, the places of which are found today all over the world. The loop of time, what it is and where you can go.

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Another reset in 2024

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 4

Underground fortifications are also being built today, which means that in the modern world, initiates have knowledge that they are not going to share with us.

According to the authors of the civilizational reset hypothesis, the next cyclical catastrophe will occur in 2024 (1348 + 676 = 2024).

There is a passage in the Bible that tells about the end times:

… For as in the time before the flood they ate, drank, married and got in marriage until the day when Noah entered the ark, “they missed” the notice until the flood came and swallowed them all up.

The key phrase “they missed” is deliberately highlighted, which suggests that signs were given, but people ignored them. It’s the same now – people live in abundance, feed on media lies and ignore warning signs.

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 5

Aztec Sun Stone

The Mexican Sun Stone or the Stone of the Five Ers also shows the cyclicality of disasters every 676 years. The stone disc discovered in the 18th century in the Templo Mayor area of ​​Mexico. It measures 358 cm in diameter, 98 cm in thickness and weighs 24 tons, according to Wikipedia.

Someone made a huge effort to carve such a huge stone and then hide it from the Spanish conquest. But if it did allow to prepare for another reset date, that stone was strategically important for the Aztecs. Let’s just think, if the Spaniards did not discover its importance and the Aztecs themselves could prepare, wouldn’t it be a win by getting rid of the enemy even without a fight?

Researchers' Hypothesis: A civilization reset happens every 676 years. The next would come in 2024 6

Well, in one of the later broadcasts, Artur Lalak discovered an old history book in which Ryszard Tomicki describes the Mexican Indian calendar in which the cycle lasts 52 years (676 years = 13 * 52 years).

It describes the four Ages of Mankind, each ending with a catastrophe and destruction of the world and humanity. In the new Era, humanity is reborn. They are the Era of Jaguar, Wind, Rain and Water. An interesting fact is that two of the following Ers have a different length = 364 and 312. This is an interesting matter, because:

364 + 312 = 676

that is, one cycle of 676 years. This points to the possibility of a half-cycle. They are not the same halves:

364 – 312 = 52

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Which is a multiple of both numbers: 364/52 = 7 and 312/52 = 6

This may mean that we face a catastrophe every 52 years and it happens every 13th, but sometimes more often – in an unequal half of the period. Unfortunately, a comet that is 52 years old would be so close to a comet that it would probably be well known to astronomers. 

666 or 676?

Here is how this number of beasts is mentioned in the Bible (Rev 13:18):

“Here is [needed] wisdom. Let anyone who has understanding calculate the number of the beast: for it is a human number, and his number: 666″

Artur Lalak notes that there is another version of the Apocalypse released simultaneously, in which this number is mentioned as 616. Could 616 and 666 be the way of coding 676? We already know that 666, and even more so 616, are too small numbers because those years are over (1954 and 2014). 

What is a “beast”? Certainly not the number 676, as this is mentioned as the number of man (humanity), which means that this is how much was given to man to live in peace and then “the beast that will do the Great Reset of the World” will come. 

Maybe not complete, but severely flawed. The number of the beast must be recalculated, i.e. the time of the man (comet cycle) should be added to the year of the last catastrophe (1347/1348) and the year of the next catastrophe, i.e. the return of the comet – the beast, will come out. And it will be 2023/2024. It’s good to be prepared a year earlier, in 2022. There can always be a mistake in calculating the calendar itself.

But what if you think about why underground bunkers are being built in the world? And on November 12, 2014, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that the Rosetta probe had successfully launched a descent vehicle to comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. And this was the first attempt to place a research device on the surface of a comet. Could Rosetta be related to reboot?

Isn’t the pursuit of vaccinating people and the massive introduction of 5G technology, together with the emerging “pan ** mics” of unknown viruses, a warning, a signal for the next reboot of civilization?

Perhaps there is something to think about here. And you?

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