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Researchers Find One Million Year Old Man-Made Underground Complex

Researchers Find One Million Year Old Man-Made Underground Complex 1

Archaeologists exploring antique sites in Israel discovered what seems to be an ancient underground complex which could be incredibly as old as one million years.

The mainstream scholars came to an agreement that the humankind developed about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. This conclusion was based on the countless monuments they found dating that period of time.

However, what they didn’t take in regard are some particular findings that don’t exactly match the accepted viewpoint of our history books.

One example of these findings is a huge underground complex in Israel. The researchers believe this discovery is only a part of a bigger complex expanding for over one thousand miles.

The site at issue locates in the Hurvat Burgin wrecks in Adullam Grove Nature Reserve, central Israel.

According to many, this place serves as proof that there was human activity in an era mainstream science tells us we didn’t know fire.

Dr. Alexander Koltypin is a geologist and the head of the Natural Science Research Center at Moscow’s International Independent University of Ecology and Politology.

Undoubtedly, he has a lot of experience on this subject. Therefore, when he speaks about humanity, many people turn into ears and listen to him carefully.

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Koltypin investigated numerous antique archaeological sites around the Mediterranean, Turkey and the Middle East.

He concluded that all these localities have a rather striking resemblance. He further suggested that once, all these ancient civilizations were somehow linked.

Watch the video beneath.


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