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Researcher Phil Smith decided to test the Sherpa legends about the wandering spirits of the Himalayas. How did the expedition end?

Researcher Phil Smith decided to test the Sherpa legends about the wandering spirits of the Himalayas. How did the expedition end? 1

The Himalayas are an incredibly beautiful mountain complex. However, the opportunity to take a look at this splendor is given with great difficulty. Many have not been able to conquer the summit of Everest. 

The sad statistics say that one in four who tried to do this failed. Even worse is that dozens of attempts ended in tragedy. Due to the inaccessibility and the large number of gorges, there is a great risk of falling into the abyss and remaining forever in the Himalayas.


Local residents, most often monks, report that because of the restless souls of dead extreme sportsmen and travelers, the atmosphere in the mountains sometimes becomes oppressive. A representative of the Sherpa people (a local community living in the Himalayas) believes that restless spirits are a threat to his people. Since 2000, nearly 20 monks have gone mad after walking their trails at night. This was not the case before. Local residents attribute this problem to the appearance of a large number of tragically dead strangers.

US folklorist and ethnographer Phil Smith came to the largest Sherpa settlement to find out whether rumors about mysterious entities that are trying to drag living people into their world are just stories or reality.

After interviewing nearly 120 people, he documented the main details of their stories. Most often, they featured gray or black silhouettes of people, whistling or whispering, as well as the smell of burnt parchment. After collecting enough data and specifying the most frequent place where entities appear, the American with his two colleagues went to the mountains.

The Sherpas.
The Sherpas.

The indicated point turned out to be two kilometers from the Sherpa settlement. The road here was trodden, it is clear that it was frequently used. Surprisingly, there were bowls along it, protected from the wind, inside of which candles were burning. This is done specifically to navigate when looking for a place of settlement.

When they reached their destination, the American group was very surprised. In front of them was a perfectly flat area with several sculptures. Sherpas pointed out that it is here that accidents with local residents most often occur, since here the greatest activity of restless souls is observed. Having pitched a tent, the researchers began to wait for dusk. About two hours before midnight, they heard a strange sound. It was something between a growl and a meow. The surprised crew looked out of the tent, but there was no one around. Everything was written off to the wind.

A strong wind arose during the night, but the tent withstood this ordeal. At about one o’clock in the morning, two monks passed by the travelers, they lit bowls and said some prayers. After 30-40 minutes, something crashed down next to the tent, the men quickly came out but again did not notice any traces. The mysterious sounds could no longer be made by the wind. However, signs of otherworldly forces could not be found.

At about 3 o’clock in the morning, the EMF sensor went off. This device often indicates electromagnetic disturbances that characterize the presence of ghosts. It is definitely impossible to say with certainty that this method of tracking otherworldly activity is one hundred percent accurate. Moreover, 99% of academic scientists consider it unscientific. But even the existence of ghosts is anti-scientific. Therefore, when these methods are powerless, one has to trust similar ones.

One of the folklorist’s colleagues was the first to get out of the tent and, with a wild scream, rushed to run away from this clearing. When the other two researchers jumped out of it, their colleague and the trail disappeared. No matter how hard they tried to find him, they failed to do so. By the way, all the bowls were extinguished. Coincidence? In the morning, the crew returned to the Sherpas and began to ask about their team member but no one saw him since. The community spokesman said he was taken by spirits.

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Can monks see spirits?  Source:
Can monks see spirits?

Alas, all attempts to find the childhood friend and colleague were unsuccessful. He simply disappeared. Phil believes that his friend saw ghosts and this clouded his mind. Disoriented, he tried to escape as soon as possible and apparently became another victim, falling off the mountain into the gorge. 

How confident can you be that researchers have witnessed paranormal activity and proven the phenomenon of wandering ghosts in the Himalayas that the locals were talking about?


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