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Research Shows That Listening To Music Prolongs Life

Research Shows That Listening To Music Prolongs Life 1

If you love listening to music while getting positive emotions, you have a chance to live a long life.

Most people want to know the secrets of prolonging life, but scientists, who have been studying this problem for several years, just want to reveal the mechanisms that ensure longevity. One of the ways to assess the effect of life-prolonging factors is to study the characteristics of people in the regions with the longest life expectancy.

According to a study by Bequests (UK), Hong Kong has the highest life expectancy, with an average of 84.7 years. Analyzing the habits of the region’s population, the researchers analyzed Google searches by region. It turned out that the world’s longevity leaders are partial to listening to music.


British scientist Patrick Fagan of Goldsmiths University argues that listening to music regularly is one of the life-prolonging habits. We are talking about those cases when it is associated with pleasant sensations.

As part of the study, which Fagan led, participants attending the concerts underwent psychometric and heart rate tests.

“Our research demonstrates the profound effects of listening to music on feelings of health, happiness and well-being. We found that 20 minutes of listening to pleasant music a day can improve a person’s sense of their own well-being by 21 percent, which has an extremely positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system,” the scientist said.


Yoga, which includes breathing exercises, meditation and postures designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress, is also one of the life-prolonging practices. The Express writes about a study that showed that people over 40 years old who did it for five years had lower blood pressure and heart rate than peers who were indifferent to it.

The researchers concluded that the habit of doing yoga helps prevent the development of hypertension and slows the progression of heart disease.

In addition, according to various studies, life-prolonging habits are

  • Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • The inclusion of whole grains in the diet.
  • Eating natural and seasonal foods.
  • Avoid artificial food additives.
  • Preference for home-cooked food.

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