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Research: Mythical creatures of different countries

You can not run away from the paranormal to other countries.

Every country has unique beliefs, customs and traditions. Every country also has unique creatures, and you can tell a lot about a culture just by looking at these mythical creatures.

There are good and bad creatures in every culture. Mythological breadth often reflects the realities of the real world. These are the most epic creatures of some European nations. Every person has at least once heard about them. Little who knows though what they look like or what they are all about.

Russian and CIS countries

Leshy – a mythical creature of the woods. It protects the forest and all its inhabitants. If the person going to the woods respects its laws and has good intentions, Leshy will not touch that person. Slavic nations believe that Leshy can make a person get absolutely lost. The only way to get out then, is to turn your clothes inside out. Leshy can take a human form. Usually, it presents itself as a peasant. There is a belief that if you are taking something from the forest, like mushrooms or berries, you should leave somewhere a treat for Leshy, so that he doesn’t touch you. Leshy’s original form is a human-like. He is usually depicted as a living tree with a grass beard and vine body.

Germany and Austria

Kobolds – little people who are essentially house spirits. Kobolds are invisible but they can materialize in a form of an animal, a candle or a human being. Kobolds usually wear peasant-like clothes and sometimes live in mines. Kobolds are predominantly good, and if they are respected, won’t do any harm. If not, they can turn a house into a mess.

Scotland and Ireland

Bean Nighe – a creature that is a messenger of death. She is usually depicted as sitting by the stream and washing clothes of those who are soon to die. Bean Nighes are believed to be spirits of those women who died giving birth. They have large hanging breasts, long hair, one tooth, one nostril and webbed feet.

Norway and Sweden

Berserkers – warriors were able to transform into wild animal-like creatures. Sometimes they can turn into a bear or a wolf. They have red eyes and are virtually uncontrollable. Norwegian kings would use berserkers for their personal protection and in armies.

Trolls – Scandinavian mythology creatures that live among rocks, tress, mountains and low-lying grasses. Depending on the region, trolls may look different and sometimes can even look and act human-like.


Nymphs – nature spirits that can live in trees, lakes, mountains and rivers. They are usually depicted as young and beautiful young females who love to sing and dance. They are not immortal but if they mate with gods, their children are. Nymphs often accompany gods in their travels and were sometimes kept in their natural form till death.

Gorgon – terrifying creatures that are essentially female beings with snakes growing out of their heads. A single look at a gorgon could kill a person. Perseus once killed a gorgon by polishing his shield and using it as a mirror to make a gorgon look at herself.

Hungary and Czech Republic

Ordog – a faun-like creature with a ponytail, hooves and horns. Ordog is black. He lives in hell and stirs human souls in a huge pot. Ordog often ventures into the outside world taking form of a flame, a fox or a shepherd with black eyes.

Author Bio: Steve Davids is a freelance writer and traveler. “I lived in many different countries and heard a lot of different legends and myths. For the last years I’ve been cooperating with different writing services and traveling all over the Europe. I am really inspired with the idea of writing for different sites and blogs. I think this is awesome way to share your ideas and thoughts with targeted audience.”



Camera recorded an extraneous movement in Massachusetts. And this sight is not for the faint-hearted

A Redditt user with the nickname grandslammer0891 from Mansfield, Massachusetts, posted a video from security cameras at a friend’s house, which scared him and left users in disbelief.

The author of the video explained that his friend left home by the end of August, leaving four huskies in the care of a friend. He usually visited them during the daytime.

One day the owner of the apartment received a notification in the middle of the night that the camera recorded some kind of extraneous movement. At that time there were only dogs in the house.

The video captured the kitchen and part of the living room. A dog is lying on the sofa in the right corner, and you can trace the turns of the head by its ears. When her ears turn to the left, then in the dark you can see the transparent figure of a moving person.

The video puzzled users and caused a mixed reaction from them. Some could not find an explanation for what they saw and panicked slightly. The dog’s head turns towards the ghost, which suggests that it also noticed the apparition.

“What is it, I saw it … with my own eyes. Does anyone else see this? Because it seems to me that I definitely saw something wrong. No no”.

Others decided that a man had walked past the window on the right, and his shadow flashed on the left in the headlights. Some users even believe that a live person got into the frame.

“I hope your buddy has a gun. There was a real intruder. “

Some readers agreed that the ghost video is quite plausible, since Massachusetts is full of ghosts.

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Paranormal researcher warns that Ouija boards can summon dangerous demons

Paranormal researcher Paul Marsters criticized British retailer Poundland for selling Ouija boards as part of Halloween decor. He warned that only professional mediums should use the boards, and ordinary people can summon deadly demons. 

Paul, who is a member of True Paranormal Events UK, was stunned when he saw a £ 1 ($ 1.29) Ouija board in a local budget store.

 “Ouija boards are definitely not toys and should not be available to children to buy in stores on Halloween, let alone adults who are not trained in how to use them. It doesn’t matter if they are plastic or wooden ”, – quotes the words of the ghost hunter Hull Live. 

Paul Marsters explained that people can accidentally summon dangerous spirits that will torment their victim in the future and may even lead to suicide. 

“On Halloween night, the veil on the spirit world is very thin, and people only buy these boards for Ouija sessions on Halloween, so I’m afraid to imagine what will happen when these boards are in the wrong hands,” the expert said. 

Poundland noted that Ouija boards can only be purchased by persons over 18 years of age. This item sold out quickly before Halloween due to its popularity.

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Paranormal activity at the Pit Pretoria mine

In the 80 years since the biggest disaster in the UK mines, no one has thought of erecting a normal monument to the dead miners. And the ghosts didn’t like it very much.

One of the most impressive types of ghosts, these are the ones that cannot rest until there is justice for the circumstances of their death. For example, murder victims may visit places where they were killed or buried in the hope of bringing the perpetrator to justice.

These ghosts in the West are called “ghosts with a purpose” and the incident in the English city of Bolton is one of the clearest examples of this manifestation. Bolton is a working-class town in the north of England. It began to develop actively in the Victorian era, when there was an industrial rise in Great Britain and coal mining became its main industry.

There were so many coal mines here that Bolton was one of the centers of coal mining in Britain during that era. However, by the early twentieth century, Bolton’s coal mines were suddenly depleted as rich surface seams ran out. In search of coal, miners now had to “bite” into the ground deeper and deeper.

The Pretoria Pit mine quickly became one of the deepest and most dangerous miners to work with. Moreover, many of these miners were children or adolescents, because in those years only the poor went to such harmful work, among whom it was considered normal to earn their living from the age of 7-8. They simply could not quit, because they simply would not find another job in a mining town and would face the risk of poverty and starvation. Therefore, they humbly continued every day to descend underground, praying that they would return in the evening.

Even the strange supernatural omens, though frightening them, did not become a reason for not going to work. These omens included the corpses of black crows that somehow ended up in even the deepest levels of the mine, as well as an incomprehensible noise that greatly frightened the horses driving the minecarts. And in 1910, a disaster struck at the Pit Pretoria mine. There are several theories about it, but the main one is considered to be a small deep collapse, which released natural gas into the lower mines and exploded.

The explosion killed almost all the miners who went underground on that ill-fated day – 344 people. Only three were able to reach the surface, of which two soon died of their wounds. It was the worst industrial disaster in the UK and left a deep psychological scar on the locals. Eighty years later, in the early 1990s, memories of the catastrophe faded away, even the children of the miners who died were no longer alive. Bolton no longer held an annual memorial service for the dead miners, and many locals heard of the Pretoria Pit explosion only briefly in class.

However, the spirits of the dead were not ready to sink into oblivion. And suddenly, a series of intense paranormal activity erupted in Bolton County, witnessed by hundreds of people. It began in 1993, when local resident Brian Lowe was driving along Platt Lane, an old dirt road that ran very close to the place where the heaped Pit Pretoria mine was. And suddenly Lowe saw dozens and dozens of brilliant human eyes that looked at him from the darkness of an abandoned mining warehouse, which was on the side of the road.

Frightened, Lowe added speed to get past this place, but then he heard a strange pop. It was loud enough and Lowe thought that his tire had burst, but the car continued to drive smoothly. However, when Lowe reached the city, there he was met by a frightened friend who said that there had recently been an explosion near Platt Lane, which was seen by many local residents. In the darkness of the night, a large flash of light was very noticeable.

The police were called to the old warehouse, the road was blocked, but nothing unusual was found. No traces of the explosion and the destruction it created. But then, over the course of 17 years, many of those who approached the Pretoria Pit saw unusual things – the bodies of many dead people lying by the road, limping and waddling figures that walked somewhere through the bushes and the darkness of the night. AND SMELL. The smell of burnt meat.

Many also reported hearing the sounds of an explosion, but again they found no evidence that something exploded there. As well as signs that some pranksters are working here who wander near the mine at night and scare passers-by and drivers. No sign of any people at all near the Pretoria Pit. This is understandable, the locals usually avoided this place as best they could. One day a policeman arrived at another call about an explosion or about observing corpses near the road and saw with his own eyes a severed human hand hanging from a tree branch. And right before his eyes, this hand disappeared, disappeared into thin air.

After that, a whole group of local residents gathered, who finally realized that this was not a joke or a practical joke. They decided that the ghosts of the dead miners wanted something and that it should be done to calm them down. It was decided to erect a monument to them, which for some reason none of the local authorities did for 80 years. When the memorial was built and the names of all the dead miners were indicated on it, a special memorial service was held and the priest consecrated the memorial. Since that day, there have been NO other reports of paranormal activity near the Pretoria Pit.

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