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Reptile Abduction: the terrifying case lived by a witness

Reptile Abduction: the terrifying case lived by a witness 86

There are many testimonies of people who claim to have encountered the impossible. Stories of terrified witnesses who tell amazing stories of encounters with the most varied beings but … What is the truth of this phenomenon? Here is a well-documented case of Reptile Abduction.

Different types of aliens

From a large number of reported encounters and abductions that have been studied by doctors and researchers, a wide catalog of typologies that include strange creatures seen around, inside or outside the already more than known flying saucers is derived.

The most iconographic image of an alien would be that of the typical gray Reptile Abduction
The most iconographic image of an alien would be that of the typical gray. Public Domain

And perhaps some of the darkest beings are those that have been described countlessly with reptilian characteristics and, of course, widely known under the suggestive name of ” reptilians “

We present below a terrifying case of meeting with creatures that could well be framed in this unique group according to the witness’s descriptions.

The witness

The man who was about to have the most frightening experience of his life was none other than Fortunato Zanfretta, of Italian nationality who on the night of December 6 was performing the job of a security guard in the town of Torriglia.

A night watchman patrolling a residential housing development that, in the middle of winter, was deserted.

Witness Portrait Reptile Abduction
Witness portrait. Credit: Rinodistefano

Fortunato made his patrol by car following a routine tour but that night would have to be different and that is that something caught his attention, four white lights moved to make impossible drawings in the dark.

The guard felt the impulse of duty and went to the place thinking that it could be thieves and as he approached, the phenomenon began to show off his presence: the radio of the vehicle stopped working.

A scary encounter

When he arrived, he quickly got out of his car and approached one of the houses where he noticed movement. More than one person could be found if he acted cautiously, moved silently and did not light his flashlight.

What was his surprise when he felt something push him in the back! Fortunato fell to the ground but quickly rose again, lighting his flashlight to see who had shot him down and … the way the light allowed him to contemplate was totally disconcerting.

Interpretation of the appearance of beings Reptile Abduction
Interpretation of the appearance of beings. Credit: Rinodistefano.

Before him he had a humanoid-looking being, of great stature and corpulent looking at him with three triangular-shaped yellow eyes framed in a greenish face surrounded by horns and spikes.

And to the guard’s greatest surprise, the being disappeared before his eyes without further ado. So he didn’t think twice, he ran to his car and never in his life ran so fast, because a large flying object was chasing him in the sky, flying low.

They are not men!

When he got to his vehicle he tried to use the radio, it worked! And his companions later reported that Fortunato, in that moment of panic, kept repeating again and again:

They are not men! ”

But they stopped listening to him, the watchman would eventually faint. However, he woke up about 100 meters from where he had lost consciousness (which could be indicative that an abduction took place) just when his teammates came looking for him and everyone could see that there were strange circular marks on the ground.

The researchers found possible marks on the ground of the ship of these beings
The researchers found possible marks on the ground of the ship of these beings. Public Domain

They came back for him

The unfortunate vigilante thought that this had been the end of his terrifying experience but, as usual with the phenomenon, it seems that he continued to harass him and Fortunato experienced several abductions by these beings.(Reptile Abduction)

He obtained very significant information thanks to the sessions of regressive hypnosis that he conducted and in which he described some horrible experiences expressing a deep fear every time he was in the presence of these beings who subjected him to several studies and medical procedures in which they had placed an indescribably painful apparatus in the head.

Zanfretta went through several painful procedures
Zanfretta went through several painful procedures. Credit: Rinodistefano.

What did they want?

These greenish-skinned beings communicated with the horrified Fortunato on some occasions and, among other things, informed him that they intended to come to Earth in greater numbers. Do you believe that this Reptile Abduction is a true incident?

Disturbing experiences caused by beings that the witness caused disgust and fear in equal parts and left him frightened for life. What did they want from Fortunato? Why were you abducted repeatedly? And, perhaps most disturbing … had they previously selected him preparing the first meeting or was it an unfortunate coincidence?

Source: Rinodistefano


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Indians and aliens – “I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them.”

Indians and aliens - "I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them." 99

Dr. Ardi Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, who is a native of the Cherokee tribe, has studied Indian stories about the “Star People” and collected stories of encounters between aliens and native Indians over the years.

Here is one of the stories she recorded, which she recorded from the words of a female elder named Tali:

I have seen star creatures all my life. The first time I was about 8 years old. I picked berries by the river. I watched the ship descend and land across the river. I crossed the river, stepping carefully over the rocks so as not to get my feet wet. I was curious; I’ve never seen anything like it.

As I approached, the door opened and I went inside. I remember that the star beings greeted me. There were two women. One combed my hair and said that I was beautiful. After that, I often met with them.

Sometimes I brought them flowers, sometimes stones. My grandmother told me that stones have a soul, and I tried to explain it to them. I don’t think they understood. But they taught me to heal with my hands. Star doctors taught me how to treat diseases with my hands. They taught my grandmother how to heal.

When my grandmother died, the star beings were very saddened and I was tasked with continuing her work and learning about herbs and healing people naturally and metaphysically.

They are light, tall and thin. They are much smarter than us, but they are interested in our development. They travel the stars and learn from others throughout the star system. They collect information about the aging process of earthlings. They are trying to understand why we die so young.

Star people live much longer than we do. The normal age for them is 1000 Earth years. They do not have such diseases as we do. Their civilization does not consume alcohol and tobacco.

They choose who they will be, their job and stay on it forever. They become experts in their field, which leads to many discoveries that improve their lives. Star physicians visit Earth constantly. They mostly watch, but all over the world there are “helpers” who serve them. Both my grandmother and I were their assistants.

Star people call themselves observers.

They weren’t cruel. I was told that there are four aggressive species in our universe. People are one of them.”

Dr. Clarke ends the story like this:

“For the next five plus years, I frequently visited the reservation to meet Tali. She remained strong and mobile until her death at 95. On the day of her funeral, several people saw a UFO appear and hover in the sky. I was one of them.”


In the stories of many people who have come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, there are references to the fact that they are just observers. It seems that some of these creatures are just curious observers of planet Earth, collecting data, as if some of them are carrying out scientific missions to bring information about other planets and civilizations back to their planet.

We are not alone in the universe. Perhaps one day we ourselves will become aliens for someone exploring another planet.

Can we change?

As for the fact that humans are one of the most violent species in the universe … We are empathetic beings with tremendous potential for good. We really can, but we do not change, and if you were an alien watching what is happening on our planet, you would probably be intimidated by how aggressive and cruel we are …

It is a pity that we are in a group of worlds characterized as aggressive, but I really hope that we will change. People can change, but only by standing at the edge of the abyss and realizing that if they do not change, human civilization will simply disappear. We are already on the edge of the abyss. We have actually destroyed the house we live in and the name of this house is Earth.

Humanity has only two ways – to change or die out.

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The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO’s in the public domain

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 100

The Black Vault, which publishes declassified data, has posted on its website an impressive archive of CIA documents related to UFOs. The founder of the project, John Greenwald, says that he received all the documents by official means from the hands of the organization’s employees.

And suddenly, the CIA declassified its entire database of UFOs. That is, the secret service has documents from the 1980s and everything shows that conspiracy theories are becoming a reality. Already, the “Black Vault” website contains several relevant documents, which can be downloaded by anyone.

The term “Unidentified Flying Objects” is commonly used in the documents.
Some of these may be due to light reflections or errors in the pilot instruments. However, some are objects of inquiry by the Pentagon.

The CIA claims that they have nothing else, but it is not possible to verify this statement.

It was possible to obtain information thanks to the Law on Freedom of Information, and the process itself was launched at the turn of the 70-80s of last century. 

The representatives of the special services had to admit that the public ultimately has the right to find out the secrets of the government, but the process of transferring information is not really regulated. According to Greenwald, he spent 25 years in endless meetings, disputes and bickering with the CIA, until he finally got what he wanted.

But not everything is so simple – the researcher was handed a box with about 10,000 printed sheets of very low quality. He had to scan them manually, some things could not be disassembled at all, many documents were scattered. 

“Starting about 20 years ago, I struggled for years to get additional UFO records from the CIA,” Greenwald said in an email to Motherboard. “It was like pulling teeth! I went around with them to try and do it, finally achieving it. I received a large box with a couple of thousand pages, and I had to scan them one page at a time.”

The CIA used the rather outdated .tif format, so software processing is also difficult. Ufologists don’t have to talk about a gift, it’s more like trying to get rid of garbage in order to get rid of annoying researchers. 

“Researchers and curious minds alike prefer simplicity and accessibility when they look at such data dumps,” says Greenwald. “The CIA made it INCREDIBLY difficult to use its archives in a sensible way. They offer a very outdated format (multi-page .tif) and offer largely unusable text output, which I think they intend to use as a “search” tool. In my opinion, this outdated format makes it very difficult for people to view documents and use them for any research purposes.”

However, there are also enough mysterious stories there.

Thousands of files were uploaded in the first 24 hours after release, Greenwald said. Some documents are crisp and clear, while others are almost impossible to decipher.

According to Greenwald, one of the most interesting documents in this article relates to the fact that the Assistant Deputy Director of Science and Technology passed on some serious information about UFOs to the CIA back in the 1970s. After that, it became extremely difficult to obtain information from the government about extraterrestrial phenomena.

The release of the documents comes six months before the UFO report to be released by the US government. This means that the revelations are not made at this time randomly.

In particular, intelligence experts have 180 days to formulate an official report on signs or secret aircraft near US military bases, which will be released later.

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 101

Greenwald posts the files in the Black Vault, as he claims that publishing the files is a matter of public interest and notes that citizens have a right to know.

“The public has a right to know!” Greenwald says. “When I started my research almost 25 years ago, at the age of 15, I knew there was something about this topic. Not from viral online pranks, not from secret meetings with insiders that no one has ever seen. No, this is all UFO evidence straight from the CIA and NSA. I feel like I’ve almost achieved what I set out to do – give people easy access to important material so that people can form their own opinion about what’s going on.”

The aliens are already among us.

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Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data

Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data 102

The incumbent president of the United States signed the government spending bill this Sunday. The bill signed by Trump, among other things, obliges the US federal services to publish data on contacts with UFOs. American magazine Newsweek told about it in its publication. This provision appears in the report of the Special Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Mark Rubio. 

The document is an annex to the new Exploration Permit Act. It says that the US Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence and other officials must report on the facts of observation of aerial objects that could not be identified. They are also called “anomalous flying vehicles”. Of course, this is not only about “alien ships”.

Reports must be submitted no later than 180 days from the date of entry into force of the law. The special committee demands to include in them a detailed analysis of investigations of UFO “intrusions” into American airspace, which were conducted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The publication calls all these requirements a “request”, stating that they are not binding, since they have no legislative force.

If the executive branch fulfills this important request, the nation will finally have an objective basis for assessing the validity of this issue and its implications for national security.
– said the former director of human resources of the Senate Intelligence Committee Christopher Mellon.

The request from the special committee came after the appearance of the footage of flights of mysterious aerial objects, which were filmed by the pilots of the naval aviation in 2004 and 2015, published by the US Department of Defense.

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