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Report from the year 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better

Report from the year 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better 1

Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.

It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product, has now become a service. We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

First communication became digitized and free to everyone. Then, when clean energy became free, things started to move quickly. Transportation dropped dramatically in price. It made no sense for us to own cars anymore, because we could call a driverless vehicle or a flying car for longer journeys within minutes. We started transporting ourselves in a much more organized and coordinated way when public transport became easier, quicker and more convenient than the car. Now I can hardly believe that we accepted congestion and traffic jams, not to mention the air pollution from combustion engines. What were we thinking?

Sometimes I use my bike when I go to see some of my friends. I enjoy the exercise and the ride. It kind of gets the soul to come along on the journey. Funny how some things seem never seem to lose their excitement: walking, biking, cooking, drawing and growing plants. It makes perfect sense and reminds us of how our culture emerged out of a close relationship with nature.

“Environmental problems seem far away”

In our city we don’t pay any rent, because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there.

Once in awhile, I will choose to cook for myself. It is easy – the necessary kitchen equipment is delivered at my door within minutes. Since transport became free, we stopped having all those things stuffed into our home. Why keep a pasta-maker and a crepe cooker crammed into our cupboards? We can just order them when we need them.

This also made the breakthrough of the circular economy easier. When products are turned into services, no one has an interest in things with a short life span. Everything is designed for durability, repairability and recyclability. The materials are flowing more quickly in our economy and can be transformed to new products pretty easily. Environmental problems seem far away, since we only use clean energy and clean production methods. The air is clean, the water is clean and nobody would dare to touch the protected areas of nature because they constitute such value to our well being. In the cities we have plenty of green space and plants and trees all over. I still do not understand why in the past we filled all free spots in the city with concrete.

The death of shopping

Shopping? I can’t really remember what that is. For most of us, it has been turned into choosing things to use. Sometimes I find this fun, and sometimes I just want the algorithm to do it for me. It knows my taste better than I do by now.

When AI and robots took over so much of our work, we suddenly had time to eat well, sleep well and spend time with other people. The concept of rush hour makes no sense anymore, since the work that we do can be done at any time. I don’t really know if I would call it work anymore. It is more like thinking-time, creation-time and development-time.

For a while, everything was turned into entertainment and people did not want to bother themselves with difficult issues. It was only at the last minute that we found out how to use all these new technologies for better purposes than just killing time.

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“They live different kinds of lives outside of the city”

My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages.

Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

All in all, it is a good life. Much better than the path we were on, where it became so clear that we could not continue with the same model of growth. We had all these terrible things happening: lifestyle diseases, climate change, the refugee crisis, environmental degradation, completely congested cities, water pollution, air pollution, social unrest and unemployment. We lost way too many people before we realised that we could do things differently.

From time to time, there are testimonies on the Internet of people who, in one way or another, have visioned the future, after which they returned and told how everything may be there. Sometimes these testimonies are credible, sometimes not, nevertheless, this material is absolutely not what you thought about. That is a person who wrote a report on the future on behalf of …. very, very serious people. What kind of people? 

These people are called the World Economic Forum, a Swiss non-governmental organization best known for organizing annual meetings in Davos. Leading business leaders, political leaders, prominent thinkers and journalists are invited to the meetings. The subject of discussion is the most acute global problems, including health and environmental protection.

In the distant now 2016 year, they posted an article on their website called Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.

In 2016, when the material was published, for many, this all seemed to be some kind of Greta’s opium nonsense – about how everything needs to be arranged so that the birds sing and the grass turns green. Although in reality it was their plan for arranging the World of the New Order. And now, with the beginning of “quarantine” for Covid-19, this miracle plan is clearly being implemented. 

Look around – everyone is running around in hysterics, lamenting “Oh, what will it be, what will it be, the economy has collapsed!” But, as follows from this article – there will be nothing. More precisely – there will be Artificial Intelligence, which will be occupied by production. The economy in the form in which we know, has ended forever.

Transport is another observation. In Europe, metamorphoses has already began with transportation – rights have began to be taken away for the slightest violation, and the procedure for obtaining them was complicated by an order of magnitude. It comes to the fact that people are afraid to get into a wheelbarrow, so as not to disturb something there, and roam on foot through half the city or take a bike – which is immediately registered. Cyclists are encouraged anyway by the state, in one way or another. That is, there is a quiet displacement of cars from the streets. People attributed this inconvenience to quarantine, but the problem, as we see, is much deeper and soon no one will drive a car. 

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Distribution of money and products continues. People are scared because they are afraid that all this will end soon. But, apparently, it will not end, because this is the plan. People will continue to be fed while they are part of the plan and are ready to implement it. 

And the next part of the plan will be chips, after which there will be no personal life. Those who refuse to accept them will be taken out of the city and thrown to the wolves.  Those who remain in the city will think and worry about them all the time.

Naturally, this whole plan is official – without sharp corners, although these corners are already read between the lines. In fact, those who do not want chips, will be taken to the countryside. But, life outside the city will be quite tough, because industry will be canceled, oil will be canceled, that is, there will be no tractors and combines. The air will be full of drones, which will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

By the way, many elders spoke about this. They advised to stock up with various tools such as an axe and a hammer. This is how their prophecy will come true: the microbial biomass sitting in futuristic cities will be fed by AI, and the rest will feed themselves as they can. This can also be traced in many, many science fiction films. 

It seems that the world government has openly published its plans – but no one saw them. Then, the world government ordered the plans to be brought to the biomass with fascinating films – but the masses again saw nothing. And only now, when these plans have already begun to be implemented on the biomass, people will see something.


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