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Remember – you only have you. Everything else is temporary, people are no exception

Remember - you only have you. Everything else is temporary, people are no exception 1

Siblings move, parents pass away, children grow up, teachers take on new students, colleagues change jobs, friends change interests, even the person living next door or house may move many miles away.

All the other people around you are temporary and may become increasingly less available or permanently absent. People with whom you don’t feel lonely won’t always be there because they are not your salvation, they have their own lives. You can’t be happy with anyone if you feel bad alone.

You are the only person you have

When you hug your loved ones, stroke your child’s hair, or laugh with your partner, don’t make them a part of you. Because if you merge with them, then most of you will fall apart when one of them leaves. How can you, a wounded person, pull yourself out of the grief of loss? You only have you.

From birth, the entire universe is inherent in you – your immeasurable soul, going far beyond the boundaries of the human body, covered with precious knowledge from the inside. In it you can convey different moods and be surprised by a wide variety of character traits. You can inspire, comfort and uplift.

God has a storehouse within you. There are piles of unclaimed courage and unclaimed strength of character stored there.

Boredom and loneliness appear when you try to shift responsibility for your life to others. Meanwhile, endless love, like a stream of life, flows into your universe, filling all the treasures of your soul with life-giving moisture.

There is no one for you except yourself

You have everything you need to live within your personal universe. You can let go of yourself, let go of your children, let go of your parents, your loved one, let go of your friends. And at the same time you can remain completely happy. But if you deny yourself, you will be left with nothing.

There is only you

Whatever happens, love yourself. Treat yourself as your highest value. Keep your mind pure. Ignore the media so you can make good decisions even when your friends aren’t around. Keep your conscience clear, even when no one is looking, so that when you are not alone, but alone with God, you can make your own decision.

You only have yourself. Take care of yourself

Moreover, even our body is temporary, it is given to us while we are in this world, then it will no longer be and there will never be loneliness when a person is connected, truly connected, with both his Soul and his Spirit.

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