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The mystery of the Merkaba crystal: the artifact that gives power, strength and glory 5


In the ancient Egyptian language, the word Mer-Ka-Ba consists of three words: Mer, Ka and Ba. In other cultures, it can be found as merkabah and merkavah....

Highly developed beings of the Universe. Life principles worth learning 6


For highly developed beings, cooperation, harmony and love are characteristic, rather than rivalry, conflict and fear. As a result, their lives are full of freedom,...

A Quantum Tide Lifts All Boats 7 A Quantum Tide Lifts All Boats 8


Zen Gardner, Contributor Waking Times  What strange times. We’re in a tight place right now, but it is what it is. The information field...

Holy Relics: Miraculous Powers Of Icons 14 Holy Relics: Miraculous Powers Of Icons 15


Orthodox Christianity provides the faithful with many sacred objects of worship, especially icons – artistic depiction of holy figures. It is commonly believed these...

Taoism In Modern China 37 Taoism In Modern China 38


Last month, Shanghai’s City God Temple played host to a solemn congregation assembled in celebration of the birth of Laozi, an ancient philosopher broadly...

The Shamanic View of Mental Health 39 The Shamanic View of Mental Health 40


Jonathan Davis, Uplift Waking Times In November 2014 the peak psychology body in the UK, the British Psychological Association, released their new flagship report Understanding...