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Pleroma and Kenoma. How were heaven and hell described by the ancient Greeks and Gnostics? 5


The narrative of the Fall and the banishment of the first humans from paradise has fascinated minds for ages, inspiring extensive contemplation and debate....

Our Civilization Is Vanishing – Kali Yuga is over. What Lies Ahead? 6


The desire to know what the future holds is perhaps why there are so many prophets, seers, and fortune-tellers. This demand has created a...

The Coming Global Revolution 9 The Coming Global Revolution 10


An amazing speech by Rainn Wilson on the coming global revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human...

Did Zeus Exist? 18 Did Zeus Exist? 19


When my children were little, they liked to play “Mother, May I?” At one point, I combined the game with an early introduction to...

The Six Types Of Nonbelievers 32 The Six Types Of Nonbelievers 33


(If you happen to be a nonbeliever, that is.) Via CNN, researchers Christopher Silver and Thomas Coleman interviewed atheists and formed a Cosmo-quiz-style typology...