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Reincarnation in 6 worlds after death. Based on materials from ancient sources

Reincarnation in 6 worlds after death. Based on materials from ancient sources 1

Is it possible to transfer consciousness after death to other media in other worlds or to free it from the captivity of the brain neurons and merge with the unified information field of the Universe?

The experience of Tibetan yoga and the Book of the Dead “Bardo Thodol” describes such transformations.

An ancient source says that the light of the Six Lokas of Samsara will appear before the deceased, the worlds in which reincarnation will occur. A world that burns brighter than others and is destined for a new birth. A description of these six lights is given: white light corresponds to the world of devas, green to the world of asuras, yellow to the world of people, blue to the world of animals, red to the world of pret and gray to hell. At this time, under the influence of karma, the body takes on the color of the world in which birth is to occur. It is necessary to reflect on the fact that these worlds are only an appearance, a kind of illusory image, which will help prevent a new birth. And, having seen the Radiance of Pure Light, understand that your mind is empty, but this is not the emptiness of Nothingness, but consciousness, shining and free, inseparable from this Light, and then you will merge with it and comprehend the state of the Divine Mind.

If the deceased cannot accept the illusory nature of what is happening, then he will approach the gates of the mother’s womb. Winds, ice squalls and hail will blow in, darkness and crowds of people will surround you, and yet, no matter where you are to be born, signs of these places will appear.

Wandering in Sidpa Bardo is characterized by the absence of one’s image in a mirror or in water; the body does not cast a shadow, which indicates the loss of the material principle, consisting of flesh and blood. Visions of men and women uniting will appear, and if at this moment you enter the womb, obeying your instincts, you can be born as a horse, bird, dog or man.

If all of the listed phenomena are recognized as illusory, unreal, representing hallucinatory forms of the mind, then everything can be reversed. Visions of the preliminary places of new birth will arise, and the opportunity will open to carry out the transfer of consciousness to these worlds.

If you are destined to be born among the gods, then a world of pleasure will open before you in a dull white radiance – the world of devas , born in purity, thanks to their merits. You will see beautiful temples and palaces created from precious stones. Enter there if this world will accept you.

Devas live much longer than humans, but are still mortal and doomed to return to the lower worlds. Fear of the inevitability of this, the impossibility of volitional choice, as well as a feeling of satiety will not make your stay in this world happy.

Beautiful groves or circles of fire rotating in opposite directions in a dim green glow are the world of asuras, demigods-demons. This is a world of power and wealth, but also of frantic envy and jealousy, which will reach out to meet you. Once there, you will endure unbearable torments of hostility and struggle.

Caves in the rocks, deep holes in the ground and hanging dull blue mist belong to the animal world, the world of ignorance. The suffering of slavery, ignorance and dumbness, constant living with immediate needs and hunger await you there. The meaning of existence will be limited only to the search for food, shelter and procreation.

A dull red light illuminates the desert plains with shallow pits, the dried forest and swamps  this is the world of pretas (hungry ghosts). A world of passionate and unsatisfied desires. Greed and attachment reign here, and whoever enters it will suffer from the pangs of hunger and thirst.

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When you hear songs similar to lamentations, a gloomy area will open before you with black and red houses, holes in the ground and roads along which you will want to go. The desire to enter this world will be enormous, but anger, jealousy, envy and aggression reign here. If you enter this dull gray radiance, you will suffer from unbearable torments of heat and cold, and a very long time will pass before you can leave this world, the world of hellish creatures.

You shouldn’t go to all these worlds, if you have the strength, you can change your destiny. You should not be tempted by the dim yellow light of the human world. This is an obstacle on the path of Liberation. You should accept their illusory nature, dissolve your mind in emptiness and merge with the Primordial Radiant Light, gaining Enlightenment.

We can put forward a hypothesis that can at least somehow explain the presence of such phenomena from a scientific point of view. Since information is invariant with respect to the carrier, there is a certain essential basis that permeates part of the worlds in the Universe closest to us, in which we exist.

This basis manifests itself, as indicated in the treatise, at the first moment of death, when everyone feels the pure light that permeates existence. Next come visualizations in our earthly (non-cosmic consciousness) of this foundation, which can also appear to yoga practitioners. But this does not mean that they are really what they seem. It is our earthly consciousness that perceives them this way. Probably at the moment portals are opening to parallel worlds into which consciousness can make a transition.

But the ancient treatise does not recommend doing this, directing one to comprehend the highest essence  dissolution in the single information field of the Universe, which is described as the True Shining Light. But only the development of science and the improvement of our consciousness will make it possible to understand what is actually happening: the transfer of consciousness to other media in other worlds and merging with the very essence of the universe, or is it just a hallucinosis of a dying brain.


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