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Redditor’s 2015 photo shows a stranger from another century

A Reddit user took a picture of his friends, but upon re-viewing the photo, he saw the silhouette of what appears to be a deceased soldier. It turned out that there was a guest at the street gatherings, whom no one invited.

A Reddit user with the nickname Europe_Is_My_Nation was shocked when he took a closer look at the photo of his friends.

According to the guy, in 2015, he and his friends decided to celebrate US Independence Day. The friends threw a party in nature, took pictures and just had a great free time. They did not know that they were not alone at their celebration day.

One of my friends took a photo a couple of years ago. In the picture, a stranger who looks like a soldier can be seen right in the background. He is holding a musket, Europe_Is_My_Nation wrote.

if you look closely at the picture, you can see a silhouette that, like a chameleon, merges with the trees in the background. At the same time, the friends of the redditor are sitting in the foreground, who, it seems, are not even aware of what is happening behind their backs.

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A soldier and even on Independence Day – a coincidence? Probably not.

As Europe_Is_My_Nation recalls, it took place in eastern Kentucky, near the house of his friends. There were rumors that the grave of soldiers from the Civil War was located at the same place. But, according to the redditor, he still could not find the cemetery.

Previously, there were stables on this land, then in the 40s the territory passed into the hands of my friend’s great-grandfather. The stables became a tobacco farm and then a cow farm. They said that somewhere there is a Confederate cemetery. But we didn’t find anything, – the redditor said.

The chilling snapshot, attracted many users on Reddit platform, but still there were those who considered it a fake, which was reported in numerous comments under the post.

Although Europe_Is_My_Nation insists that the soldier really exists, to believe the guy or not is a decision that everyone chooses for himself.

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