Rebellion in China and killer robots: Images of our future, envisioned by New Order ‘Gurus’

Anyone who observes the current issues of world developments can only conclude that the horrifying scenes of the sanitary pogrom that the citizens of China are undergoing are images of the future. A harbinger of the dystopian hell reality heralded by the New Order of Things.

And in no way can this be characterized as conspiracy, since Klaus Schwab, the biggest internationalist “influencer”, clearly stated that we must immediately proceed with a systemic transformation of the world and that the Chinese government system is a model for other countries.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in an earlier statement has expressed his admiration for China’s dictatorship (he had used the word “dictatorship”) for its “flexibility” to be able to turn its economy around very easily and switch to “green” growth, by a ruler who “can do whatever he wants”.

Healthcare racism – History repeats itself

It has long been evident that they are gradually imposing a “Chineseization” of states, which extends to many areas. As at the beginning of the 20th century, so today we have a rapid industrialization and urbanization accompanied by a geometric increase in the world population.

The conditions of impoverishment and widespread crime that prevailed in Germany defeated by the First World War, together with the rapid spread of infectious diseases (tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.) created the ideal conditions for the flourishing of health racism that went hand in hand with racial racism, which like poison penetrated the mentality of the Germans.

Today, we see history repeating itself with exactly the same factors, but on a global scale. People are being impoverished through an artificial energy crisis, crime phenomena are intensifying, and a scientific frenzy is constantly on “red alert” for pandemics, natural or man-made. The poison of health racism was inoculated into societies and the division it caused created fertile ground for the imposition of control by the ruling ‘elites’.

This spirit is still very much alive in our time and it simply hid behind ties, suits, scientific “authorities”, think tanks and international organizations. The devotees of the “Great Reset” the expansion of the “powerful” and the capture of freedom began to work first within borders and then transferred abroad.

Compared to the early 20th century, the means of control today are incomparably superior and more effective. Projecting the tripartite “health – environment – security” the would-be dictators of the planet use technology and (manipulated) science to impose their health, digital and “ecological” dictatorship.

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China in the footsteps of the Nazis

In this effort to prevail a multi-layered fascism, China is indeed several years “ahead” of the West. It is an image of a candidate “tomorrow” for our societies. It is no surprise that Schwab considers it a “model” country. China is an ideal country for a New Order mass experiment because of its culture, because of its tolerant culture, because of its technological boom, and because of an overpopulation that has been “robotized” for decades and has greatly devalued human life.

China’s zero-tolerance policy is a completely irrational approach that has nothing to do with the nature of epidemiology and the structure of a civilized society. On the other hand, zero case tolerance is absolutely related  to eugenics and the horrific practices implemented in the past. The attempt to violently confine and eliminate every “sick” section of society is the most perverse thing that the human mind can produce, and mankind has bitter experience of the crimes to which this reasoning leads.

In Nazi Germany, so-called “racial hygiene” took absolute priority over individual health care, and to impose it on the population, the pseudo-authority of a manipulated science was used that constantly presented studies that confirmed the racist narrative. Do these remind us of anything?

The mass eradication of any “biological threat”, was the political belief that gave birth to Auschwitz, Dachau and the mass extermination of disabled and mentally ill Germans (T-4 euthanasia program), in the name of maintaining the racial purity of the German nation. China is on a similar path.

While several countries have used the ordeal of the pandemic as an excuse to increase their availability of ICUs, China has mainly invested in control and suppression, as recent figures show that there are just five ICU beds for every 100,000 patients in China.

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In the health cabal implemented by China’s “red” capitalist government, we see the “sanitary order” being imposed by the assault squads in white “Hazmat” protective suits, lined up and acting as health repressive troops. The practices applied to deal with the insurgents and the Chinese population as a whole have all the characteristics of the “racial hygiene” ideology that the Nazis applied to their fellow human beings.

Horror images not far from Europe and the US

The images from the future arriving from China show the hell into which the Orwellians of the New Age wish to plunge us. Horrible images that the mind cannot contain.

We’ve seen military tanks take to the streets, we’ve seen barricades and ghettos being created, we’ve seen repression forces locking residents in their homes, we’ve seen women giving birth in the street because they haven’t been tested for the coronavirus, we’ve seen sex bots being deployed on social media platforms to prevent the protesting public from communicating online, we have seen people commit suicide or die in fires due to the confinement conditions.

Beyond the admiration that the “elite” has for China’s atrocities, let’s not forget that there scientists and journalists who during the pandemic expressed that “the measures were harsh  but necessary” and that “the Chinese do not tyrannize their citizens, but protect them.” 

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Healthcare racism is extremely widespread and was not expressed “out of necessity”, as some claim. Even now that the pandemic is a thing of the past, health racism continues to exist in government policies around the world, in shapers of public opinion and in a portion of the world that has been brainwashed. The pandemic may be over, but the demise of democracies continues as normal . After all, this is the “systemic transformation” that Klaus Schwab talks about.

And if the states of Europe with a very low mortality virus, adopted the most authoritarian measures in their post-war history, it boggles the mind what can be done in the face of a serious health threat.

San Francisco has paved the way for armed killer police robots

Lately, the San Francisco Police Department is seeking permission to deploy lethal robots against human suspects, according to a proposal sent to city officials. While SFPD’s robots are primarily designed for bomb disposal and surveillance, police say they can be used as a last resort as “lethal force.”

In a document outlining how the SFPD plans to use all of its military-style equipment, the department wrote that “robots will be used as a lethal force option only when the risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and supersedes any other force options available to the SFPD.”

The federal government has long provided military-grade equipment, camouflage uniforms, armored vehicles, etc. to bolster local police forces. But a California state law passed this year now requires city police forces to take inventory of military-grade equipment and seek approval for their use. However, according to Mission Local, new policies on the use of military weapons by local police forces are currently being drafted and expected to be adopted across California thanks to a state law called AB 48, which was passed last year.

Once passed, each county will be free to decide for itself whether and how to implement the law.

It is certain that such choices will lead to a further militarization of the police force. A police state is characterized by, among other things, bureaucracy, militarization, surveillance and a widespread police presence. With constitutional freedoms dwindling and being undermined, it is clear that the US government is working to turn the country into a vast arsenal and bring its citizens one step closer to dystopia. Americans now have no protection against police arbitrariness, all rubber-stamped by Congress, the White House, and the courts, all in the service of peace and order and security.

“We’re living in a dystopian future where we’re debating whether police can use robots to execute citizens without trial, jury or judge,” said Tiffany Moyer, an attorney for the San Francisco and Bay Area Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

“This is not normal,” he told KRON4 television. “No lawyer, politician, policeman or ordinary resident of the area should accept this as if it were something normal”, he adds.

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