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Reason for people become hermits today and where do they run from the benefits of civilization

Reason for people become hermits today and where do they run from the benefits of civilization 1

Millions of people cannot imagine their lives without the benefits of civilization, social networks and public communications. But there are people who are not interested in all this and do not need it. They enjoy solitude, and some of them may even become hermits or minimize contact with people and not follow the generally accepted rules of life. 

The history of famous people as well as ordinary people, makes you think about life values. Perhaps happiness and harmony are not at all in abundance and glory.

Why can people drop everything and go to nowhere?

If someone thinks that he will decide to radically change his life and choose a hermitage so simply, then this is a delusion. Psychologists say that for such an uneasy step, weighty reasons are needed.

A person is faced with the reality of life for which he is not ready or it is at odds with his habits or attitude. Against this background, he experiences stress. A person tries to find a way out and adapt, but only drives himself into a dead end even more. His surrounding assure that there are fantastic prospects and a great future ahead. However, in reality, everything goes wrong. Therefore, such a person throws everything and goes to nowhere. He becomes a hermit. 

In this case, one speaks of downshifting. This is when people get tired of the hustle and bustle, problems and noise. Despite the prestigious profession, prosperity, people leave everything and escape, changing their lifestyle. The main goal of downshifters is to find harmony with yourself. These people live by their own rules, not by the laws of society.

Psychologists also name other reasons for hermitism. This is the strongest shock due to the loss of a loved one, an illness, some resonant event or betrayal. Such people do not see the point in living as before. They just go away from everyone, trying to start everything from scratch. 

In addition, hermits are free people who live only by their own rules, bypassing society. Hermits are different. Someone goes into the forest and stops all communication with civilization. And someone moves away from the city, but does not completely deprive himself of communication or some benefits.

Psychologists are not entirely accurate, forgetting to mention one more important circumstance. The more you know people, the more you study life, the more you love animals. You can’t be happy without loving life.


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